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"Goodbye World" -> "Goodbye World 2"

Goodbye World 3  by jermccloud

Henry decide to follow her into the forest.  It was a beautiful site, almost magical.  The little girl was picking up speed, almost as though she was in a hurry.  She was fast for such a young girl but Henry managed to keep up.

Henry then noticed something off in the distance.  Something was following them, and it was big.  What ever it was, it was also graceful, hardly made a sound while it was following them.  Henry wanted to ask but knew that it would be no point.

The little girl stopped, and they came to what looked to be a type of run down log cabin.  It looked as though it was hit by a storm but managed to still be intact. 

Henry then saw from the corner of his eyes, a scattered path of leaves and bushes swaying back and forth from where the thing was slowly drawing in closer.

"Taka! Taka!  Wooooo!"  The little girl screamed facing in the direction of the thing, hidding beneath the leaves and bushes.  I loud, very low growling sound, one that almost seem to shake the earth, came from the beast and it backed away a little.

The little girl turned to Henry, her face, paniced and worried.  She held out her arm and pointed to the front door.

"You want me to go in there?" Henry asked.  The little girl shook her head yes.  "Are you comming?"  This time the little girl shook her head no and stepped back almost as if she were afraid of what was inside.

"Hurr.... Ree"  The girl struggled to say, looking back at the thing in the forest.

Henry slowly pushed the door forward.  Henry knew what was inside as the smell of death left the room.  Inside he saw an older bearded man, slumped over in the corner holding a pen and what looked like to be a journel.  Her father maybe? Henry studied the body for a moment but was not able to tell the cause of death.

A loud thud hit the brittle roof about Henry, bits of the ceiling fell it's way down in front of him.

"Hurr ree!" the girl repeated. 

Henry had to get that book, it could be an explanation to everything that was going on.  He took a few steps closer, very hesitant.  Henry then heard a loud scraping sound above him and that low deep grawl.

"Taka! Taka! Zhaw!"  The little girl screamed and the beast stopped for a moment.

Henry quickly snatched the book and noticed a shot gun in the corner behind the old man.  He took it as well.  He turned to run out the door and grabbed the box of shells sitting on the table. 

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Date created: Jan. 18, 2008
Date published: Jan. 18, 2008
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Word Count: 534
Times Read: 523
Story Length: 1