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The Meeting - Finding the Others - Page 7  by jermccloud

"No J...Jack!  W.. We can s... save her!"

Henry managed to break free of Jack and headed toward Donna.

"Damn it Henry!" Jack called out.  "Why doesn't anyone listen to me!?"

Jack got up to help aid Henry in saving Donna.  The Orbs had already begun spinning around the house just as they did with the shack.  Henry had reached Donna just as she had put her hand on the handle to the back door. The Orbs have already reached their maximum speed, generating a massive amount of wind and sound that Jack and the others could hardly withstand.  Both Henry and Jack managed to push Donna back away from the house.

They all fell about 6 feet from the house and landed on the ground.  They watched in amazement as the Orbs, nearly above them circled the house, and then saw the beams emitted from the Orbs and onto the house. 

Before their very eyes, the house was gone, had vanished.  The Orbs came to a stop and stood still.

"Don't they see us?" Donna cried in fear, but they still remained still.

"What the hell is going on Henry!?"

"W..w...we have t..to move NOW!" Henry screamed.  "I...It m...must be d..d..delayed."

"What does that even mean?" but Henry was already up and running before Jack could get his answer.

They went out deep into the woods, trying to keep up with Henry. 

"Damn it!  Will you just wait a second.  What about the others?" but Henry ignored him. 

"K...Keep m...moving!  Don't s...s..stop!"

After about 15 minutes of frantic running, Henry came to a stop.  Everyone took a moment to catch their breath.

"W...we h..have maybe 10 m...m.. minutes a.at best."

"10 minutes for what?" Jack asked, feeling confused.

"B..before they c...come back.  Something is c...controlling them. Their r...reaction times m...must be delayed before carrying o.out their next instruction.” Henry took a deep breath. “I... w...wanted to wait... until I h..had more time f...for test, b...but...."  Henry reached for the bag and pulled out another one of his gadgets and a small glass bottle full of a kind of purple sluggish liquid.  "I...I don't think we have... m..much of a choice."

Jack's eyes grew wide.  "Is that the cure you've been working on!?"

"T..there's only enough f..for you... b.but it may stop them f..from tracking you, if t...the latest drug...has..s...some kind of t...tracing properties."

"But Henry, this could fix your speech, you may have a chance to be normal again." 

"I've a...always b..been m...myself Jack.  Please, t...take it."  Henry placed the bottle into his contraption, which kind of resemble I cork screw with handles.

"Ok Henry...  But is this going to h..."  Before Jack was able to finish, Henry had jammed the contraption into Henry's neck, giving him little time to think if it were going to hurt or not, because it was going to hurt like hell.

Jack was pushed back on to the ground, by an unknown force that the drugs were causing.  Jack began shaking uncontrollably.  Henry put a forceful hand on Jack's chest, holding him down.

"It will b...be easier if you just take it all in!" Henry said, but nothing was going to make this easier.

Jack was facing the sky, it was getting dark, but he saw a small light form from the sky.  The dark clouds quickly shifted away as the light expanded and grew brighter.

"I think you killed me Henry!  I think you killed me!"  Jack said, as the bright light he saw eventually filled everything. “I can't see Henry!”

In every direction Jack looked all he could see was white, but then things were starting to appear back into Jack's view again.  He looked down toward his feet as he felt the tingling sensation start there.  They appeared out from the light, there were is black shoes.  Yes, his black shoes and blue jeans.  Things were coming back to normal.  Jack's breath slowed a little.

He looked back down to his feet as he watched everything appear back into view.  The light was growing weaker, but then his shoes began melting, like plastic, and then his jeans did the same thing.

"Umm..  Huh!!!" was all Jack managed to say, as he began to breath rapidly again.  His head was bobbing back and forth now, trying to see what everything else was doing.

He looked back at his melting shoes again, but they were gone, all he saw, was he bare feet and hairy legs.

"Huh!!!  Where my pants!  Oh God!  Where my pants go!"  Henry and Donna glanced at each other for a moment trying to make since of what Jack was seeing.

"What do y..you see Jack?"  Jack looked over at Henry, and watched in shock as Henry's face morphed into this older version of himself, with straggly long hair and beard. 

"Oh God!"  Jack jumped up and moved away from Henry.  He took a glimpse at Donna, her hair wasn't short like it was before, it was all the way down to her angles.  They both wore old torn up cloths.  Henry looked up at the sky, it had turned day, it was no longer night.

Jack stopped shacking, all was quite and he saw what vaguely familiar faces, which where Henry and Donna, starring at him.  Henry's drug had worked too well.

"I can see it now, everything, as clear as day.  It's the mirror Henry, it's what we saw in the mirror."


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