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The Seer  by jermccloud

The thrusting pain and pounding of his head made him come to.  He opened his eyes slowly and was greeted by the flickering of a flame.  He was no longer in the same place he was before.

An older man sat across from him with a long grey beard and balding head.  He threw a large chunk of wood into the fire to keep it from dying.  Before Quan had a chance to ask any questions the man spoke.

"Your still weak." the old man said.  "You would have died if I hadn't come to rescue you.  The guards would have found you."

"Rescue me?!" Quan said, surprised.

"You have to learn to channel your powers more effienctly... use your mind..." he said, pointing a finger to his head.  "You strain your body too much, it weakens the soul and becomes too much for the body to bare."

"What?  Who are you?  What are you talking about?"  Quan scratched his head trying to determine if he were dreaming or not.

"Your not dreaming."  The old man said as if reading his mind.

"We are seers, we have the ability to see paths into the future, but there is a great darkness blocking us from seeing too far ahead."  the old man explained.

Quan just remembered, he had wanted to rescue one of his friends, one of the others.  "My friend.. did he..."

"He's dead.  I'm sorry but, you would not have been able to save him."

There was a moment of silence as Quan took in the information.  Quan took a look around to get his barings only to find that he was mostly surround by trees and beyond that, the darkness of the night.  They sat by the fire in a small clearing in the woods.

"Quan.  The reason you're here, the reason I came to find you..."  the man poked at the fire a bit to keep it alive and the flames grew big for a short moment, followed by a think black smoke.

"The man you call Jack...  you are to deliver this to him."

The old man revealed a small wooden box and held it out for Quan to take.

Quan walked over to retreive it and to his surprise, found that the old man was blind.

"Wha...  You're blind!  How could you have found me!"

"We are seerers...  one does not need eyes to see Quan." 

The old man cracked a smile and Quan took the small wooden box.  

"It's important that only he opens the box, it's only meant for him."

Quan sat down next to him and turned his head sharply to him.

"How do I know I can trust you?"

"You don't... but... you will."

Quan opened his mouth to say something but the old man cut him off.

"You have many questions, questions that are better left unanswered for now.  These meetings have a bigger meaning than you could ever imagine.  There are secrets everywhere, secrets that run deep through the ages of time.  All you need to know is this.... listen very closly Quan."

 Quan leaned in toward the old man to absorb every word that the old man was about to say.  

 "There are two paths in your future...  One where you decide to live, and one where you decide to die.  The darkness that blocks our path, allows us to see no futher, when the time comes, it will be up to you to make the right decision."  

Before Quan's very eyes, the man slowly disappeared, leaving Quan with many unanswered questions and a task that will be most difficult to complete. 

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Date created: May 13, 2008
Date published: May 13, 2008
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Word Count: 741
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