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The Face in the Mirror  by jermccloud

Jack stumbled inside hold broken shack in the back of the woods behind Henry's home where the meeting was usually held.

"Where are the other's?" Jack managed to say still feeling the side effects of the drug.

"I honestly don't know Jack.  I honestly don't know Jack."  Henry had a type of immunity to the drug as well, but it had seemed that the side effects varied from person to person.  In Henry's case, it was permanent, some times he talked non-sense, a bunch of jabber, stutters and on occasion repeated himself, over and over.

Something was bothering Henry and Jack could tell.

"What is it Henry?" Jack sat down at the corner of a wooden table, that lay in the center of the shack, old and withered, aged and cracked, full of scraps of metal, gadgets and do-hinkies that Henry spent his time working on.  There was one thing that seemed out of place this time however, right in the center of the table, appered to be something long and jagged, covered by a sheet.

"I..I..I..I...think..." Henry stuttered rappidly.  "I think I found something...  It's..It'sssss....."  Henry was shaking.

"Henry." Jack put a hand on his shoulder. "It's ok.  Just take a deep breath, take your time."

Henry did just that, and then in one sentence managed to speak his words clearly and fluently.

"I'll show you Jack."

Henry slowly pulled away the sheet that covered the long jagged object, as if he were afriad something were to jump out and get him.

Once revealed, Jack chuckled a bit, and felt releaved.

"Henry.... it's just a mirror."

"Na, na, no.... it's not!"  Henry's face seemed to fill of anger.  "NO IT'S NOT!  JUST LOOK!  JUST LOOK! JUST LOOK!"

Jack didn't understand, he knew what he saw, it was a mirror, but a shoot of fear shot through him.  He pulled himself closer and looked into the mirrow only to see his own reflection.

"It's just me, it's my relection."

Henry seemed to be getting out of control and pushed Jack's face right up to the broken mirror.

"LOOK!!!" He screamed.  "THE EYES!  LOOK AT THE EYES!"

"HENRY! You have to stop this, you have to..."

"THE EYES JACK!" He cried.  Henry thought that perhaps the drugs had finially gotten to him, but he looked anyway.  Straight into the reflection of his own eyes and then he saw it!

It lasted only for a moment, he would have been missed it if he hadn't focused on the eyes... he say a face, it was his own face but different.  It was dirty, rough and wrinkly, not of old age, but of something else, he had a beard and a mustash, long tangly hair.  It wasn't how he normally saw himself in a mirror, he was always clean shaven, hair short with smooth skin, but he could tell it was him, it was the eyes, the only thing that seemed to have remained the same and in the instant of a heartbeat, it was gone, and he saw, what he thought, was his normal self again.

Jack drew back suddenly, eyes wide of shock and surprise and turn to face Henry.

"What the hell is going on Henry!  What was that?!"

"We... we are not just b..b.. being Re-Educated...." Henry said, all out of breath from the current situation.   "I'm, I'm sorry if, if I hurt you." Henry said.

"It's ok Henry.  It's ok...."  Henry was lost in thought.  Trying to understand.  He began to dought he saw, but just couldn't shake it.  Things had already started filling different.  Perhaps, some of the drug was working, just not all of it.

"You think it's a side affect of the drug?"

"I don't know, I don't know. I don't know.  I don't know."  It seem to be all Henry could say at the moment.

Jack went up to him and put his arm around him.  "It's ok Henry, we're going to figure this out." 



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Date created: May 3, 2008
Date published: May 3, 2008
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Word Count: 838
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