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Chapter 10: Understanding what happened.  by jermccloud

Henry looked down as they traveled to their next destination.  He watched as the trees beneath them rapidly grow and sprout leaves, then die just to restart the cycle again.  It was beautiful but yet something sad about it, almost as if showing Henry, that life is a never ending process.  His heart began to fill with sadness, remembering how much he had wanted to be loved by his mother. 

Looking back and the ground beneath them, traveling forward in time, he watched as the trees disappeared and became cities and homes for people to live.  Everything started to slow down, as they were close to reaching their destination.

Henry looked over to his companion, the little girl that had guided him on his journey. 

"You know, I don't even know your name."

The little girl looked at him, a sadden look, almost as if her heart was broken.  "Names aren't important here." She finially said.

They were moving down into the city, to an apartment building, and the sun had begun setting.  They went through the window of one of the rooms, down to where a baby girl lay in a crib.  The little baby girl was sleeping peacfully.  Henry knew what it was, and what was going to happen.

"Take me away from here!  I can't!  I can't go through this again."  Henry was in tears.

"This is important Henry."  The little girl said.

Henry couldn't help but watch.  The little baby girl woke as if from a nightmare, screaming and crying uncontrollably.

Henry and his wife lay in bed, down the hall from the baby.  "God.  I've only had 2 hours sleep." his wife said to Henry's past self.  "Got that big presentation tomorrow.  Will you get her this time baby?"  Henry sighed, and slowly got up, rubbing his eyes as he set on the edge of the bed.  He slowly got up and stumbled around to the bedroom door. 

"Henry?" his wife said.  "I love you."  Henry smiled to himself.

"I love you too darling."  The screaming was growing louder.  I stab of fear his Henry, something seemed really wrong. 

"I'm comming sweetie." he called out to the baby girl.  Then the screaming, and the crying suddenly stopped. "Laura?" he called out to the baby.  But there was nothing.

Henry turned the light on and hurried over to the crib.  There little Laura lay, her little body, lifeless. 

"Oh god no!" Henry said under his breath.  He touched her face, but she didn't move.

Henry's guide looked over at him, watching as he relived the horrible event again.  She reached out her little hand and grabbed Henry's to comfort him as they continued to watch.

"Samantha!"  Henry's past self screamed in a raspy harsh voice.  His wife came running in, Henry holding the lifeless baby in his arms.  They both fell to their knees as the unbearable pain hit them, that they had lost their only child.

"WHY!" Henry screamed to his guide.  "WHY HAVE YOU SHOWN ME THIS!"

The little girl said nothing.

"Can I save her!  Can I save this one?" he screamed.

The little girl shook her head no.  Henry looked over to his guide.  The little girl looked geniunely sorry for Henry, but why.  She had not seemed to show any emotion up until this point.

"This is when you stopped caring Henry.  You never let go."

"You're right." Henry said, almost whispering.  "She tried to help me, but I was angry, I was hurt!  It's why she left me wasn't it?"

There was something else to this, and Henry could feel it.  He looked up at his guide again. 

"Laura?"  He said with a bit of excitement in his voice. "It was you wasn't it." he finially managed to say.  But the little girl was silent.  A tear rolled down the little girls face, reflecting the blue light that surrounded their spirit forms.  "Tell me!" he demanded.

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