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"The Perfect Fit"  by jelly123
   It was a cold hard world in Brooklyn, New York. It was very hard for Kimberley Jackson but she always knew she would make it in this world. She cherished Brooklyn. Kimberly grew up on 125 Street of Lakeville with her five brothers and two sisters. She was the second oldest. It was Robert, Kimberley, Gary, Mark, Markell, Steve, Nicky, and Brooks. Brooks was the youngest, so she looks up to Kimberley. But Kimberley is now twenty-three with two kids, Jamie and Kim. Jamie is three and his sister is one year old. Kimberley is living in a small apartment and is doing kind of good. Like I said Kimberley cherishes Brooklyn so she grew up knowing a lot of people. She knew her first baby father for six years. He was her high school sweetheart at Lakeville High School. Kimberley was like the most popular person in school, everybody knew her and she knew everybody else. And, she especially knew the cutest boy in school her boyfriend Byron. Byron was built, it look like he go to the gym every day after school. He was eighteen when they were first going out; she was sixteen. They got the talking and bam they together. They was going out until he graduated, they won a lot of things together they even won prom king and queen for her two years. She found out she was pregnant at seventeen. That’s when she had Jamie. After he was born they lost in touch wit one another. Then she met David. She met David at this party she attended one night. He was cute and had the whole package. They got the talking and spent some time together. A year later she was pregnant again wit Kim, but she’s still was in touch wit David. At first she thought he was the perfect man, until he caught him having sex on the living room floor wit her roommate.  After that, they lost touch and she got her own apartment. And her life began all over again.
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Date created: Feb. 2, 2008
Date published: Feb. 2, 2008
Comments: 0
Word Count: 426
Times Read: 412
Story Length: 1