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Chapter 6 Escape  by jadw13
Being trapped is the worse thing for a wolf. I just sat there all day eating whatever the humans gave me. My coat was losing its shine. I was dull and dirty. Everyday they take me out but before that they shoot me with a drug so I can't escape. Then they tie a rope around my muzzle and around my neck. It was tight enough to make sure the piece holding my muzzle shut would stay on but loose enough that it wouldn't choke me.

They would also test me. Poke me prod me stab me with needles. It went like this for a whole moon. Every night I cried to Moge but he never returned. I never expected him to. Then one night I got an idea. When they went to let me out I was going to escape. They would shoot me with the drug and I would fight it. Then when they opened the cage I would bolt for it.


I waited for the right time. Finally it came. They shoot me with the sleepy stuff and I fought it. My brain became confused. Eventually I gained control. Then they tied the rope around my muzzle. They opened the door and I bolted. I ran so fast I hurt to breath through my nose. Eventually I outran them. It was time for part two of my plan. I had to find a tree with a branch that was just the right height. I found one and I ran it across my muzzle. I pulled the rope off.

Now I had to search for Moge. I searched and searched but I never found him. He had left the area! I was sad when I came to the conclusion. I howled and howled for Moge. Soon enough I learned how to survive on my own but I had a strange feeling it was not going to be all right forever. A strange event was happening. That strange happening was going to effect all nature.

"But what could I do about it" I thought, "There is certainly nothing I can do and if I can I'll find out soon enough. That day I set up my boundaries. It was going to be hard since winter was just around the corner.
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Date created: Nov. 13, 2008
Date published: Nov. 13, 2008
Comments: 0
Tags: adventure, evil, forest, good, nost, wolf, wolves
Word Count: 399
Times Read: 462
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 3.0/5.0 (1 votes)