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Chapter 7 The wolf  by jadw13
I was in a clearing surrounded by other wolves. All the other wolves were scared. There were several other wolves around us. Those wolves looked mean and vicious. I was scared yet confident. Then a white wolf walked up and said . . . snap.

I woke up. There were humans near by. The took everything they could squirrel from to bird to predator. I edged away. The only good thing about humans is that they are noisy. I ran to the edge of the boundary. This was the third day in a row that I had been here and it was close to ending summer. The only reason I had stayed was so if Moge came back he could find me.

It was very close to the end though and I doughted Moge was going to come back for me. I had to leave. At lease I could try to find a new pack or something. Two weeks later I left. I ran and ran and ran. I hunted while I ran and I just kept on running. I ran through two mountain ranges before I stopped at a creek to drink.

I heard a growl behind me. I froze. I hadn't smelt a boundary marking but there was still growling. I turned my head. There in front of me was a large gray wolf.

"Hello my name is Hark" said the figure with a horrible smile.

"Hi I'm Tuff. Nice to meet you" I said as my voice cracked from not using it.

"You need to come with me Tuff"

"Why" I said uneasy, "I don't need to come with you I don't need help or anything"

"You better come with me" he said with a growl.

I got a instinct and it told me to run.

I turned and ran. Hark was hot at my heels. He tackled and bowled me over. I stood up and ran again and yelled "Leave me alone!"

"Never I need to bring you too the leader"

He bowled me over again and pinned me. I bit his leg and got up. "Who is you leader"

"You'll find out" then to something else "The rest of you help me"

All of a sudden there were twenty or more wolves on me.

"Stop before you kill him we need him alive!"

They stopped attacking me but one had his mouth over my throat. I was paralyzed with fear.

"Everyone form a circle so we can take him back and not let him get away"

They formed a circle and I was trapped.
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Date created: Nov. 13, 2008
Date published: Nov. 13, 2008
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Tags: adventure, evil, forest, good, nost, wolf, wolves
Word Count: 548
Times Read: 452
Story Length: 1