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Teary Eyes  by jabogy

A mist of wetness gathers in the wells of my eyes,

as I realize, how I compromised myself and my future.

I blew it...

I can't turn back the hands of time,

I can't make you change your mind.

It's my fault that these tears of mine come tumbling down my face.

One mistake, thats all it took for me to lose my life,

To do whats right, it never seemed so bright, until this very moment.

Where as now all I have is memories, their iggin me,to bring them up.

Please don't come to me,

Run from me, these thoughts of you,

They run threw me, I humbly pause waiting for the first tear.

There it goes, Apart of my soul dripping onto my clothes,for those who don't know,

I'm bout to explode!I can't handle the load, anymore

It's too much to bare for me to care anymore.

It's not fair that the stairs of despair leads to the lair closest to where I breathe air,

 That place called the heart.

The place I should've used from the start,

 Now it's starting to convict me and evict these tears out of my eyes.

No more pain, no more lies...

Just the truth, it hurts that you're gone, I was wrong....the path of salt is long as it leads to my chin,

 Eyes red like i drunk Gin,but I'm drunk off my own sin.

I'm sinking in tears, I'm drowning,

 The pounding of my heart coerces with my brain to stain this feeling and thought, so I will never be the same again,Before causing myself pain.

Tommorrow's  not promised, but after the rain comes a sunny sky,

It's always a relief after having teary eyes!

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Date created: Dec. 1, 2008
Date published: Dec. 1, 2008
Comments: 3
Tags: feelings, mistakes, tears
Word Count: 332
Times Read: 428
Story Length: 1