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"POEM-MASH: All Poets Welcome!"

Together, Not Paired, from Feb and September  by inuitennui

UNTITLED, 022908 

AWOL in the dark hall, an olive chartreuse

My lighthouse mistress's fishnetted song

Gripping the brass rail, sweat-waxen and wet

Paid for the night but she don't keep me long.


Sex and a smoke, candles burn down

My soft crimson nothing a lustful braindead

Once more for the road, then strangers again

My unnatural blonde, sweet guilty and wrong.


Not like your aunt, all trussed in silk rags

Named Cheyenne Bianca, at home three floors up.

With torn wads of cash in a naugahyde pouch,

Mustachioed pushers two doors down the hall.


Sweet guilty and wrong, sweet guilty and wrong!

I'm numb in your home with hashish and rum.

Your bible-belt pet, your marionette.

I'm haunted by this, by your fishnetted song.



Blue fuzz does grip the grub of lunches past

Whose masters shrug and claim naiveté.

Though precedent renders this process fast,

An hour I'll spend come five o'clock Friday.

Do they who balk at food so cast away

Upon their sacks place monograms composed?

No, they ignore this plea I oft convey

And thusly find their leftovers disposed.

Am I so stern, so normally hardnosed?

In none but this pursuit of our hygiene.

S'ironic that this case is never closed,

But I insist- three fridges must be clean!

At this week's end these boxes will be hollow;

Take care for merely one email will follow.

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Date created: July 19, 2008
Date published: July 19, 2008
Comments: 1
Word Count: 728
Times Read: 597
Story Length: 1