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Um..a journal of a 10 year old...I guess.  by insert_username_here
Okaay, this is my first journal! My name is Daney and i'm ten. People are always writing what theydo in journals, soooo...I will too! Today, after my schools first tennis match, (we won of cours!) this guy came up to me and told me he knew who i was and i thot was really weird. I askd him how and he said the place he works for has been watching me. I asked him why but he wouldn't tell me. Anyway, he gave me this peece of paper and said he'd call me if 'they' needed me. It said something like "this is your phone. Always have it with you, in case of emergencies." And there was this flat little black thing with it, and when i turned it on there were a lot of things on it, like a GPS and stuff. So then i went home, and my little sis Julie wouldn't let me in the house till i said i'd tell on her then she let me in. I said "Why don't you play paper mario til mom come home and i'll help you beat the hard parts." and she started playing. Then, i heard my mom and her boyfriend yelling. from outside since they just got home from ther date they have every wensday. They sounded really mad. My mom's boyfriend, Kevin, came in really mad, like he was stomping and everything. Mom was crying. She said "I couldn't help it, they're too young to be by themselvs!" and i knew she was talking about me and Julie. "I cant deal with you and those stupid kids anymore! Whenever we have a chance, wenever we havea nite to ourselves, you ALWAYS have an excues!" This was Kevin yelling. Mom was really quiet wile Kevin was stomping around everywhere and went to the room he usualy stays in and came out with a suitcase. He started stomping out the door but mom stopped him. "Is this really all our relationship is?" Kevin didn't turn around, but he still said "Was." I don't know what they were talking about but mom was really sad. She told me and julie that it was okay, and i asked her if she wanted to play she said "no i have to make dinner but thanks" That was all that happened today. I'll write again tomorow and maybe i'l find out what Kevin was so mad about.
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  'Um..a journal of a 10 year old...I guess.' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Sept. 17, 2009
Date published: Sept. 17, 2009
Comments: 2
Tags: action, arts, class, daney, dini, fantasy, fiction, hoo, journal, language, life, mrhylant, young
Word Count: 431
Times Read: 447
Story Length: 5
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