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"Um..a journal of a 10 year old...I guess." -> "wait till you see what hapened thursday!"

This is getting wierder and wierder...  by insert_username_here

My life's been gitting a lot more crazy ever since that guy gave me my phone. (i still don't know his name) I was riding my bike home from school on tuesday, and i was rilly hungry cuz some punk stole my penut butter samwich. I wanted to get home faster so i took a shortcut through an alley and i heard these guys talking, and they sounded really mean, so i hid.

"I'm telling you, i can't learn anything from her! She's to protective of those damn kids." Was what one was saying.

"So i stole confidential F.B.I information, AND got my **** stuck in a tree trying to get away from the police dogs for NOTHING?!" The other said.

"SHH!!! It's broad daylight! You want someone to hear you?"


"Anyway, that document isn't so useless after all. I tapped into the F.B.I mainframe, and i found out where he is. The problem is, that woman with the kids knows where i live, and she might come snooping around for an apology or something."

"Which means?"

"Which means, i might have to take care of some business before some infor...sh, i think i hear something."

I got super scared then, and rode as fast as i could all the way home. When i got ther my heart was beating so fast i thot it would explode! I couldn't get just one thought out of my brain...the one who stole the document works for Kevin. And now i don't know what to do! I know i have to report it, and i will...but i'm afraid...i'm afraid that he'll find out i know about his plan, and-and he'll kill me. Or worse, maybe he would kill mom...!  God help me...before its too late...

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Date created: Sept. 23, 2009
Date published: Sept. 23, 2009
Comments: 1
Tags: action, arts, class, daney, dini, fantasy, fiction, hoo, journal, language, life, mrhylant, young
Word Count: 338
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Story Length: 3
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