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1 iggypopforyou 8 years, 8 months ago Context

Don't worry, there's plenty more where that came from!

I am in the muddle, i mean middle of writing three messages simultaneously to you, "HoneyGloom" and to "Cheese killer, I mean, "Cheese liker.

It's more or less an apology of sorts regarding how i seem to have lost focus, which means energy which means also running out on time and place...this time, this place.

Preparing , finishing (I did) a request short story for "Out Of The Gutter" published by Guerrilla Convict Press

You can learn about them by visiting MySpaz Music at Still Elegant.com


I also was caught up in that last edit for the May 2cnd publication of Thuglit which ran my story, "Who Do I Have To Kill To Get some Respect Around Here"

I have floundered at this awesome place but in the process, i have decided to ask the three of you - aforementioned, to contact me through Iggypopcb3@yahoo.com where once i have all three of your email addresses, i will outline an outside project along with proposal as i have decided that the four of us can Mash marvelous, this idea for outside publication.

There is a proposal i have in mind and would privately like to run it by your small group of three.

i am fairly high at the moment and I'm finding difficulties in keeping my focus and avoiding my high ramblings but to no avail...i am hardly fit to make much sense at this moment.

I threw in a fiver vote here for you.

So whenever you have time, please drop me a line in email so i know how to contact you above and beyond this place.

Also, try and get over to MySpaz...while you're at it, maybe check out the May edition of Thuglit for my story there...it's been chosen to appear in their annual Anthology..

I would really dig hearing your opinion on the story and the narative (I've been developing this certain style and voice - 2cnd person) that's what i'd appreciate your opinion on? Yeah?

Let me get out of here before I get into any more trouble.

Thanks in advance

brian murphy

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1 iggypopforyou 8 years, 8 months ago Context

HoneyGloom...i am in the middle of writing simultaneous messages to yourself, CheeseKiller - I mean, "Liker" and hotdigity.

I would like to discuss a project not related to anything here with the three of you.

Please send me a hello at Iggypopcb3@yahoo.com when you have a moment? Yeah?

In the meantime, the simultaneous messages involve explaining why i am not here...engaged in something else... extra-curricular from "Story Mash"

I have a proposal for the three of you...meanwhile, i am on the edge of falling off the edge...on the flip-side of muddled.

I'll try and explain in a reply to your email if you can find the time to holler at me, sometime later this month.




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1 iggypopforyou 8 years, 9 months ago Context

See? I was right. You have a nice quick dash of pen and thought strokes.

There's simply enough right here to set up too many options.

I gave it 5. Now let me follow the yellow brick road here..

see ya

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1 iggypopforyou 8 years, 9 months ago Context

Cheeseliker - you are absolutely right. i fall from narrative perspective a lot in unfortunately, more than these pieces. I appreciate your having taken the time to point out to me what seemed for you hazy.

I agree totally.

The thing is, hard not to thank someone for not only reading, but having the insight that is necessary for all of us to grow as writers.

You have this insight. It is vital to continuing this or anything else i do - i always listen as passionately as I write. They are integral and family - the critique and the actual writing.

I have stayed hidden and alone for much too long. A sense of community is mucho importante.

I am blessed if i get it here or anywhere.

In fact, just to get out of my own brain seems at this point in time, the most important thing to happen to me.

I am even going to attempt part time, fiction writing at Columbia College here in Chicago. The reason - more than learning more about writing, is to get out of this state i've been in for too long - dangerously long.

I am fortunate to be able to do this and i feel it is nec. almost like a life saver.

I will come around to have a look at what you've got up here as well.

What can happen, which i hope does, is that eventually, like minds begin to congregate - meaning really me - that i start finding talented, gifted writers...

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1 iggypopforyou 8 years, 9 months ago Context

Honey - what a class act you must be...it's everywhere in your writing. This courageous journey you all have put together here, chapter for chapter tells volumes, actually about the quality of writing and creativity everyone involved exhibits..

It's mad, darlings. It's very **** good.

I hardly don't know where to start. I guess i still haven't learned the proper form here as far as voting and following all at once - each of the writers on this story...and it that exactly...a story of immense proportions.

i can recall reading the first chapter a few weeks ago when i'd first started to hang out here...i am now, more than amazed.

i just left a comment for psycho.. i mentioned that i am still learning the form here and that i realized i need to go back and vote for each individual chapter.

So i will, i must..

i have to be honest with you. i particulary find your abilities as close to a gift as i have ever seen - writing gifts.

I can't imagine though, just who you really are, so good a job you do becoming in-character on the dozens of pieces you've written.

i am proud though, to know what little i realy do about you through your writing. It is excellent.

So too, then, must you be all the way live...

By far one of the best i have come across.

You want to go on the web to Thuglit, read through several editions...you can start there at #19 actually. Ha. that's because brian murphy (me) has a story i loved writing up there and i will have another published there for the May 1st edition. Not so much a story as a memory - faction for real.

But read some of the short stories published at that rag, and then i want you to sit down and write something in the same tough voice you use in a lot of your stuff here - this last chapter of yours i've just finished reading is a representative sample of your abilities.

I would like to notify Big Daddy Thug, Todd, the editor at thuglit and warn him to be on the lookout for something from Honeygloom

talk to me, yeah?

Also, you are welcome to come join me at www.myspace.stillelegant.com (The band section)

if you have a MySpace page, then please hit me up...you can check out my lyrics there as well as listen to original music i have posted.


Once again, terrific job!!

I give this a five - actually, so far, i have tossed fives out at all the chapters for this story which i have already read...



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1 iggypopforyou 8 years, 9 months ago Context

Luke DeVille.

And I've been up most the night, listening to Willey DeVille and the Mink Deville band! And, reading piecemeal, this amazing journey all of you have so expertly taken me on..

This is beyond where a mere compliment can not adequately encapsulate the entire range of feelings and emotions as the praise has to go out to each writer - each fantastic chapter and then, i just realized that i need to go back to every chapter and vote!!

This rocks.

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2 iggypopforyou 8 years, 9 months ago Context

"No matter how hoy, rick or white she was"

you got is boss..i need to work my way back into this twisted mess to the beginning.
Because? becuase i have a feeling it's all been done with elegance and creative abandon - in other words bloody fun.

I.m enjoying myself now boys and girls, look out

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2 iggypopforyou 8 years, 9 months ago Context

Thnkyou - editing and polishing are absolute demons that haunt me..
To read it, a piece, is always best from someone elses perspective. I can only become better for your widsom..

Wait..there's more..

thank you

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1 iggypopforyou 8 years, 9 months ago Context

highly polished stuff, maynard. No problems here. Really smooth. Good beat, easy to dance to, i give it 4

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1 iggypopforyou 8 years, 9 months ago Context

This is well worked out. It's pro...ssional

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