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LIFE  by holygost999

Life a comphiate path of tic tac toe lost between the squares knocking on the door of simple minds knowing nobody’s their looking directly is to the soul of the lost. A payment for future’s sins for which you will forever pay the cost games and lies are what they spot most are lame and then again some are pretty good I must admit. But than again there are others who know the same sheer matter of another level of the phsch-analizing the weak devouring all other watching then as they fall laughing as you suffer embacing their sadietic manner until all hope is gone a new reality to the truth a madness of my own I scrape and climb and even fell into a dark depression deeper then the lowest level of hell yet here I am alone still standing on a shelf made patistate still demanding that you people respect me for who I am and if you cant be like the rest of the lost why should I give a damned.

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Date created: March 17, 2011
Date published: March 17, 2011
Comments: 1
Tags: games, lifes
Word Count: 208
Times Read: 878
Story Length: 5
Children Rank: 2.7/5.0 (3 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (10 votes)