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Prologue  by hhinsch

Ever since my small hands had the ability to drag a pencil across a paper and conjure a story, I have enjoyed writing. There are many different aspects of writing, I only enjoy the fun ones. I love telling stories. Thats just it. No book reports, anylitical essays, or any of that bull. Just stories. So i have decided that is what I am going to do. Write stories. My stories compiled in this certain "book" if you will, are going to be about my fifteenth summer on this glorious world. My combination of short anecdotes may evoke emotion, or they may not. Truthfully, I could care less. But for those of you who will enjoy my writing, well... Enjoy!

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Date created: Dec. 10, 2010
Date published: Dec. 10, 2010
Comments: 0
Tags: anything, fun, funny, good, learn, people, personal, prologue, summer, writing
Word Count: 133
Times Read: 364
Story Length: 1