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Marie  by gretassister

"Are you a Christian?' Philomena asked.

"A-yeah", I answered, just as Mrs. Purvis asked us to return to our assigned seats. 

i guess, I'm a Christian. I'm not a Jew or a Muslim. I may have never been born again or whatever that is that Protestants do, but I go to Mass every Sunday and confession once a month. My sister, /karen, don't even do that and she claims to be a Christian. I lost my train of thought when I saw Bill Taylor walking down the hall. He must be here to pick up his kid brother, i thought. Then I turned to Andrew and told him I'd invited Bill to come and hear the band play at the fair and that he'd accepted. 

"He's such a nice guy and so handsome," I said.

"You're really stuck on him aren't you?" Andrew asked.


"Yes," he said hoarsly," Are you doing anything Saturday night?"

I almost protested. Although Andrew and I already planned on going to the prom together, I'd always considered him just a friend. Now he was asking me for a date, because he was jealous of Bill, whom I'd never dated either.

"I know you've always considered me just a friend, but I've been getting up the nerve to ask you out for a long time," Andrew confessed.

"Nerve to ask me?" I giggled as the final dismissal bell rang and everyone rushed for the door, "But we've been friends ever since first grade at Sy. Mary's. 

"You're also the prettiest cheerleader on the squad, the captain even," he flattered me, "So, what about Saturday night?"

"Ok," I said, picking up my books. 

"I'll carry these," he said taking them from me.

As we walked out to our lockers I noticed Dean and Philomena leaving together and wondered why, when Fritz was leaving alone. Surely she hadn't lost interest in Fritz, my smart senior brother for Dean, a twice flunked, almost drop out tenth grader. I never could understand what me cousin , Margo, saw in him that she wanted to go to the prom with him. She was so smart that she got moved ahead two grades. She is the only 15 year old senior in our school, ever. It's embarassing to me being a junior and older than her. It's not my fault though that her school in California was so much more advanced and we're still in the dark ages here. Our school cafeteria still won't serve meat on Friday! 

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Date created: Jan. 2, 2010
Date published: Jan. 2, 2010
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Tags: christianity, dating, emotions, friendship, highschool, love, teenagers
Word Count: 474
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