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The "Woman"  by footbook789

    When I got back in the house I wish I was still outside the "woman" was there. I hate the "woman" she was alway in my room fiting thing. 'Nice girls fix thing like this and you need more light in you room  the "woman" said. She was like the bigest and dumbest wicth I ever seen . It was my room for crying out loud. She didn't have to sleep in it. She had small little ugly apartment and one bedroom. My daddy took me there one time. It was worst thing my dad did to me. The house was as if someone had put in hell and I felt like giving her hell because messing with Becky you are in for. She though that she was all fancy we get there and she said "please take you shoes off and don't sit on the red chair. It was some old beat down red chair . the apartment was like a prison cell. That is why I said it felt like hell. She painted all her wall black and gray and she told me I need light  and the floor look like a local outside bakestball court.  She gave me my daddy a beer I guess she didn't drink because  she didn't get anything and after that she sat down. That evil little wicth didn't even offer me any thing to drink so I went and got me something my self. I guess she didn't care because she didn't said anything when I went in the frige but there nothing but water and and beer and it was a six pack I thing she just bought  it for my dad. I wasn't going to drink water so I grab the miller light and drank half of it before I got to my seat. My dad just look and said" you better drink before I do" I said "I wish you tried" and he just laugh. the look was funny like what was wrong with my daddy. he didn't care he let me drink beer all my life. I really like the tatse of a nice cold beer. so what I was only Ten and maybe going down the  wrong road so what it my life. After that stop talking after three hour and all the beer was gone we left . thank god. Hell was over now to a mess room and a Father who would make me clean my room and this time deal with all the of the farm. 

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Date created: Nov. 20, 2009
Date published: Nov. 20, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: dad, daddy-father-beer-ten-red-chair
Word Count: 462
Times Read: 319
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 3.4/5.0 (2 votes)