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Dad, Daddy,and Father  by footbook789

I thank my dad he cute smart and cool calm and love me he can do anything and everything because he a good man. my dad is only person I  know in this whole little world.My mom died when I was two and  she had Breast canner for months  and she had been fighting  it for  a long time even while I was in her womb. Least that what my dad said but I don't know how true it was because as most of the time he was drunk and I think I'm about to go down the same path but my dad care for me and love me . He try to make my life best it could be and i'm thankful for my dad. not many be have a dad like my. He is just one of a kind.Now I will tell you the most not good looking meanest beast in the world that my daddy and i hated him. he made me clean my room and feed the cows and pigs and chickren and i hate that i love the pigs  and the cow but i hate that it just wasn't fair he act like he couldn't  help he said i had to do that alone when iwas child so do you he doesn't have to be so mean he get on ever-lasting never for that i want to just bite his hand off like that were candy worm but i knew it was all for the better. My father he is man that everyone as for and everyone who ever may call or as i tell them that is my father i love my father and care for him. Now my dad my Daddy and my father are all the same people but they are diffent to me. my dad is a mom my daddy is my father and my father is the leader of this smalll little famliy he does every thing for me .

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Date created: Nov. 26, 2009
Date published: Nov. 26, 2009
Comments: 1
Tags: dad, daddy-father
Word Count: 309
Times Read: 329
Story Length: 1