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"The Book Promo World Tour..."

The Addiction...  by fifileigh

Her wake-up call meows at 10:00 AM, wanting his breakfast. Fiona slowly rolls out of bed, and walks zombie-like toward the bathroom, still half-asleep, for her morning piss. As she turns on the light, she squints because it is so bright that it hurts her half-opened eyes. She goes downstairs, feeds the pets and makes her morning coffee to fully awaken from her grogginess and slumber. She needs to work on her project, but that Virtual Reality World has taken up most of her time because she has created a whole new and better life on it, with new friends, new jobs, new social environments and new way of life, a more exciting, adventurous and profitable life that accrues an everincreasing return. She must decide between real and fantasy, but the fantasy seems to always win, although the reality seems to be always there, begging for hope.

  She works on her graphic novel until 2:00 PM before she takes her lunch break and checks her email. Friends from the Virtual Reality World ask about her whereabouts and beckon her to come online so they could hang out together. She returns their email and tells them that she needs to work on her novel, but she will meet them on the weekends for Virtual Reality vacation weekend break.

  She returns to work on her novel and realizes how monotonous and routine her real life seems. But she presses on with work, her dinner break, then working out at the local gym, across the street. She returns from the gym, drenched in sweat and very relaxed, heading straight for the shower. The citrusy shampoo lathered on her head slowly oozes down her body, giving off a delicious smell as she rinses off the suds from her body. She feels refreshed as she dries off her body with a towel, smelling the citrus and feeling the coolness of the room. She changes into her camisole and boxers, combs her wet hair back, and goes to the kitchen to fix herself a cup of herb tea. As she drinks her herb tea, she checks her emails before bedtime. Virtual Reality friends beg her to enter the other world, but she feels tired after her workout, although she is wondering what they are doing. She notices they are all in another time zone, where they have daytime and she has nighttime, except one person who lives in America. She decides to chat with this one person before bedtime, for only thirty minutes. Well, as she chats, this thirty minutes turns into an hour, and all of the sudden, she looks up from her computer screen, turning her head towards the slide door on her left to notice that dawn has crept up behind her unnoticed. Time flies fast when deeply involved in entertainment matters. She finally tells the other person that she needs to sleep and logs off. She goes to bed and sleeps until noon, thinking she needs to stop this bad habit that she has before it affects her health. 

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  'The Addiction...' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Aug. 17, 2008
Date published: Aug. 17, 2008
Comments: 1
Tags: adventure, dreams, faith, fashion, fate, hope, models, sociology, spiritual, travel
Word Count: 572
Times Read: 483
Story Length: 11
Children Rank: 3.1/5.0 (3 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (14 votes)