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The Spider  by fifileigh

  Fiona wakes up at 10am and proceeds with her normal routine. After she eats her breakfast, she notices that she needs to go grocery shopping. She changes her clothes and drives to the local grocery store. She returns with her groceries, eats a late lunch, and decides to go for a walk for some meditation.

  She returns home, sits at her computer, and checks her email.  Then, she decides to pop into her other virtual reality site, a small town with less opportunities. She goes straight to her apartment, where she checks her messages, pets and her apartment. She answers some messages before she goes to her work. She arrives at the doors of the business and walks into the building with other avatars. After picking up her paycheck, she walks towards her apartment building and chats with some neighbors there. She does some extra jobs at her apartment lobby and sends messages to friends.

  As she chats with locals, she is told that there is some corruption going on in this town. This town is owned by the Mafia, and the Godfather has hired many scammers, pimps, hackers and phishers to control the inhabitants in this small virtual town.  The locals are getting sick of this corruption, and many people want to leave this town.

  Fiona just stares into space, wondering what she is going to do. She met someone here last time, and they seemed to have hit it off right away. Where is he now? Who is he? They were too busy chatting about their lives and common interests that she forgot to ask him for his name. 

She goes up to her apartment and turns on the TV set. Her show is on, and she decides to watch TV for an hour while eating a snack. She goes into her bedroom to wear a special pin, which was given to her for her second job in this town. Then, she goes downstairs and hangs out in front of the apartment building, chatting with neighbors. She sees a guy trying to attact attention by selling something. She gets closer to him to find out what he is selling. As they chat, she acts very interested in whatever he is trying to sell her, even though she has no idea what it is. He tells her to come to his apartment so that they can continue to chat about it privately. She follows him upstairs.

  His place looks nice and clean, and decorated like a bachelor pad. He has a cute dog. A guy follows us in, but he doesn't seem interested. He leaves soon after. As they continue to chat, she asks him many questions. He tells her that he works for the Godfather, and the Godfather pays him well. The Mafia recently bought this small town in order to help it grow into a big city. The Godfather wants to help the middle class inhabitants of this town have a better life so the town will grow. He has been hired by the Godfather to recruit people. The more she talks with him, the more she realizes that this guy is a pimp. He offers her triple the amount of money that she is already making in this town if she does some jobs for the Godfather. She tells him that she is not comfortable with the deal. But he keeps repeating the same thing over and over. He promises her a better life in this town. She replies, "And how do you expect to do that?" He gets on his cell phone and chats with the Godfather. Then, he replies, "The Godfather will also give you a house if you cooperate."She tells him that she doesn't really need a house. She is happy with her apartment in this town. She has many homes on her other virtual reality city. He asks her one more time, and she continues to tell him that she is not interested. He tells her that he needs to leave and find other people who are interested. She replies, "That is OK. I am wise. Go find someone who is gullible." She walks out of his apartment and goes down to the lobby. She tells some friends about him before she goes outside to hang out with a crowd of neighbors partying together. 

Then, she decides to go to the business building again to get her second paycheck. When she arrives at the front doors, she sees the pimp standing there and waiting. Was he following her all the way here and spying on her? She gets nervous, and quickly walks inside the building to meet her coworkers. While inside, the pimp notices her and blurts out something. She hears something about the Godfather firing her. She ignores him and goes to get her paycheck. But there is a sudden malfunction with the equipment there and nothing works for her. Frustrated, she decides to leave, and walks out of the building, feeling very pissed as she wonders what is going on here. She walks in the streets of this small town, stopping at some stores and the management of the apartment building on her way home. Then, she hangs out with the crowd in front of the apartment building again, chatting with neighbors. She hangs out Christy, further discussing all the corruption and scammers in this town. Suddenly, she notices the Godfather walking by, but he doesn't see her. A female, also with the Mafia, is standing by him, and they seem to be listening to everything because they are very quiet as they try to stay out of the social scene of the crowd. 

  She gets tired of listening to everyone complaining of corruption, while others threaten to leave this small town to head for the big city. She decides to leave the crowd and takes a walk to the business building. As she enters inside of the building, she notices the pimp isn't here. She breathes a sigh of relief as she proceeds to get her second paycheck. The machine works again. She happily takes her check and walks out of the building with a smile. She walks back to the apartment building and goes inside her apartment to watch her show on TV. 

  She is getting tired from watching TV, and she notices that it is 11:11pm. She decides to go to bed. She goes inside her bedroom to change into her cotton nightgown. She takes of the cute pin, which has a bug inside, and places it on her nightstand.

What this small town doesn't know is that she is a undercover spy for the govt, spying on them for the govt. to investigate the corruption in this town. She wasn't aware how deeply infiltrated it is, and by whom. But now, she got enough evidence, and she got it on tape, in this little itty bitty bug that is disguised as a spider.

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Date created: March 12, 2009
Date published: March 12, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: corruption, pimp, scammers, secret, smalltown, spider
Word Count: 1280
Times Read: 477
Story Length: 3
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (3 votes)