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Inferno's Rage Chapter 1  by fabo70

As  The Last Chapter Of Return of Two Chapters of The Return Of Martardoe leaves off Martardoe Takes Matters into his own hands and tries to Kill G-unit his self but lucky G-unit and the other were able to Destroy him Upset about there Master Destruction. His Warrior What's up next to destroy G-unit they fuse together as one hole monster to destroy them but they failed. and was Destroy Leaving Martardoe Power Master Inferno and his Four Power Warrior 50 Below Martdon and Sherrek and Riper Just when they were Celbrating Matrardoe and his Warrior Defeat werid Things start to happen the Power shut down then cut back one Radio comes on and off door slamst the computer Screen comes back one and a Shadow Figure of Llyod banks shows up.


What the Hell Says Fifty Banks how is this **** Possible your Dead. that can't be Banks fifty Yayo Yells out. Banks what do you want.  The Shadow Figure Disappears The Door opens by it self Whitebread Grabs his Blast Gun They see someone eyes looking at them it  walks out and it was Banks. Oh **** Banks Fifty don't worry i won't hurt you guys i never do nothing like that First i want to Controuglate you one Sending Martardoe and his Goons back to Hell where they belong but it not over Matardoe Master Inferno is a  even Bigger Threat than Martardoe is. But there is  away you can defeat Inferno how There are 10 Arabian Crystals and the Arabian sword All arcoss the World The First one is In New Zealand. That all i know if you get this you all will have More power than you can imagine not only one person no has alot of power. Inferno heard of this Power and will do  everything in his power to get it. Banks where you going see you soon my Nigga's Well Now what the **** do we do we go find these **** Crystals that what the **** we do  we got to hurry Inferno will go looking for them to Meanwhile back at Inferno Lare. My lord  the Arabian Crystals have Awakin yes i can feel its power every 12 Years the Arabian Crystal Awakin and the Arabian Sword givng off great power who ever has it will be unstopable my lord i got  word from the underworld that one of Fifty Failing Warrior has informed them about  the Crystals and sword sir and they will go looking for it G-unit D-block and Dipset are really start to get on my Nerves where is the first Crystal Located in New Zealand my Lord  its time i awakin the Five Dark Knights (Inferno Pulls out Five Black Dark Key Cards) The Five Dark Knights will Crush G-unit they can't defeat them with out the arabian power yes (Inferno Throws Key Cads into skull Mouth) awake my evil ones arise and live again Lighting Hits the Skulls Mouth. Thrax's  Dhrax, Sentrox Maliro,Thunder Bolt  (The Five Dark Knights Laugh) I am Free Thrax's yells out Shoots Lighting Beams from his hands. and to Serve you my Lord. what are your Orders Go To New Zealand Bring me the First Arabian Crystal. as you wish my Lord Riper Mardon Sherrek And 50 Below Go with them why not you my Lord i will Join the Fight soon. Now GO yes my master (G-unt arrives In New Zealand) Man i haven't been to this Country in awhile  i know last time i been here i had a show what are we looking for The First Arabian Crystal lets go my Compass tells me it somewhere in this area the Arabian Cyrstal Should be in this Area. what the **** what the hell you bitches doing here same as you (Lighting Falls from the Sky) Who are you Thrax's Dhtrax Sentrox Maliro Thunder  Bolt. where the Dark Knights and you are going to die.  **** that **** Fifty yells out pusing the button one his rolex watch power up his Aromer  The other powers up there Arome and Attack  Fifty Jumps in the air and Attacks Thra'x fifty pulls out sword Thrax Pulls out his and mashing with Fifty Sword Fifty Jumps in the air And Thrax hits him int the air knocking him on his Feet Thrax's then jumps in the air and shoots beams Fifty Rolls out the way. Riper Martdon and Fifty 50 below leaps off to sherrek to find the Arabian crystal Fifty were going after them Good Looking Jada. Thrax hits fifty five time with sworda and kicks him one Grown Yayo is fighting with  Dhrax Yayo Does a Flip  and power up to  his Ultra Suite with Claw Blades on his arome he tries to Grab Dharx but he hits Yayo knocking him back then he jumps in the air knocks Yayo Down Yayo Jumps back up and shoots beams Dharx floats out laughing and hits Yayo Three Time and then hits him with Speed Attacks Yayo Falls. Sentrox Fights with Jim Jones flys back shoots Beams at Sentrox he walks letting the beams hit him he runs and hits Jim Jones with Full Speed Attacks knocking him down the he  hits him Fifty more time with his Sword  Jim Jones goes into Cycle Mode and Power up a full attack and Fires a beam sentrox kicks it in the air Jim Jones runs after him Sentrox hits him Five times with his sword knocking Jones on his Back  Em is Fighting with Malrio. Em Jumps in the air pulls out two sword and  swing then at Maliro he hits Em Two Dimes with Daggers  Come  on  Malrio Yells out Em runs after him  Jumps in the air Malrio hits him with beams hits him with a full attack with his sword knocking Em Down. Dre is Fighting With Thunder Bolt. Thunder Glides in the air Shooting Lighitng at Dre Knocking him down.  Dre Jumps in  the air to Kick Thunder Bolt but gets shocked and knocked back down Thunde Bolt attacks dre hitting with  with his  Thunder Bolt Swrord Knocking sparks out of Dre.  Dre power up to Ultra Suite and shoots Two Huge beams at Thunder Bolt but he asborbs it. and laughes and blast dre down. Meanwhile D-beats Inferno Warrior to the Arabian Crystal Alright Good Job niggas we found the first. oh good now give it to us  i don't think so ****  Oh then we have to take it from you 50 below Mardon Shreerek and Riper attack attacks D-block. They get into a Big Fight 50 Below hits Jadakiss with his Sword three times then Dissppears he hand appers in the air wit his Staff in his hand and the beams hits Jadakiss knocking him down. Jadakiss gets up and does three Spin Kicks At 50 Below Fifty Below Swings Swod Staff and hits Jadakiss knocking him down. Riper hits Hits Sheek Louch with his Blade  Grabs Sheek Louch and throws him into a plie of rocks  Then runs after him hitting him five time with Blade knocking sheek Louch down and knocking Sparks out of him Styles P was fighitng with Mardon and Shreek. Shrerek Pulls Out Numb Chucks and Wraps Styles with it Yes it time to die he throws him to Martdon. he hits him with sword    They then blast him with a beam knocking him down. mean while back on the Other Battle Field Thrax hitting fifty with Combo knocking sparks out of him Fifty Calls his Robo Aromer to help he then shoots Beams at Thrax sparks fly out but it had no effect wht Thrax runs after him hitting him with Swrod about Five times knocking him down Fifty Runs after him throwing a kick  Thrax Does a Spin Sword attack knocking sparks out of fifty and knocking him down man these dudes are touch the Dark Knights shoots beams at the same time knocking them  down all of a sudden D-block come falling off the Mountion you niggas alright.  Yes Thanks you for the First Arabian Crystal give that **** back yes go Lord Inferno will be please (They Disapper) **** naw. (Back at Inferno Lare) My Lord we have the First Arabian Cyrstsal and it is your  yes this is the Begining of the End  once we have the other 9 crystals and the Sword this world will fall under my Feet (Inferno Laugh) back at whitebread Lab Man  we lost the first Crystal. Look we need to come up with a plan look therea are 9 more crystals around the world and don't forget the Sword. we got to move Quickly Before Inferno Does if he finds all the crystals and the sword this world will be no more. (Will G-unit get the First Arabian Crystal back and find the others nine and the sword keeping reading and find out

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Date created: May 24, 2009
Date published: May 24, 2009
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