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Inferno's Rage Chapter 13  by fabo70

AS Chapter Twevle Leaves Fights with Inferno and his Warrriors. First the Took out there Zoid then next Plan was to Destroy them all together. The Big Fight is about to Start Between Good And Evil Who will Win


As Good And Evil Stand Face To Face about to Square off Fifty Looks at Game Game looks at him the Five Dark Knights looks and Laugh at the The others so does Inferno Warriors.Then they all Attacked  Fifty Ran After Game Game Ran After him Fifty Throws a Punch at Game but it was just a Reflection. Nigga i am right behhind you Game Hits fifty with his Fist Knocking Sparks and knocking fifty on the Grown Fifty Powers up to Ultra Robo Mode and  Attacks Game  He throws a Bunch Game Dodges all of them Game Pulls out  two Astro Axes and hits fifty Two Times with them he throws the Axe Knocking Sparks out of Fifty Game Powers up His New Powers he has to Big Blaster Gunz in his Hand he Fires them at Fifty Knocking Fifty Down. Dre was fighting with 50 Below he jumps in the air to shoot a Beam at Him but it has No Effect. 50 Below Pulls out staff and shoots Blades from it the Blades hits  Dre he falls to the Grown 50 below  runs after him hitting him with his Staff he opens his hands and shoots staic beams around dre and closes his hand Knocking Sparks out of dre. Em Fights with Rioer He flys back and shoots beams Ems Rolls out the way shooting Beams from his blaster gun. Riper Lands to his Feet and Pulls out two Ninja Swords and attacks em he hits Em About five times with his swords knocking em to the Grown then he disappers his hand appears in front of em he opens his mouth and shoots beams knocking em to the grown. Then he throws Ropes around Em taking him in the air Shocking and then drops him. Yayo Jumps in the air shoot beams from his Cannon arms at Mardon. Mardon does two flips he pulls out his Big Hammer and throws it hitting Yayo Six Times knocking him to the grown he runs after yayo hitting him with Speed Combos hitting him in the chest knocking Staic out of him yayo fall to he Grown. Whitebread with Shrerek His Hands turns to two Sword and Attack Whitebread  he shoots beams from his eyes hitting whitebread then attacks him hitting him Five times with his sword with Speed Combo moves Meilie Fights with Thrax's he jumps in the air Thrax hits him his Whip Sword he throws the Whip Around Meilie and slams in on the Grown with hit  he picks him up and slams picks him up and slams picks him and throws him Meilie powers up his Magna Blade he jumps in the air Thrax Throws a Boomerang knocking him down hitting him 22 Times. Dthrax fights with Jadakiss  Jadakiss Does Speed Kick but he blocks it Dthrax Chest opens and shoot Staic Misslle Hitting Jada. knocking him down he pulls it out and it turns into a sword he throws it hitting kiss 4 times Kiss Falls.  Sheek Louch fights with Sentrox  he runs after him Sentox  pulls out his Umbrealla Sword and hits Sheek louch with it sheek kicks the Umbrealla and jumps back on his feet doing the bicycle kick  Sentrox grabs his foot and throws  him down he does a slasher move knocking Sheek Louch back down and he umbrealla turns into a blaster run and shoots a beam knocking sheek on his back. Styles and Jim Jones Fight with Mailiro Styles Jumps in the air and shoo beams While Jim Jones shoots beams from his Cannon Airs BOOM!!!!!  Mailiro Comes out laughing. You got to do better than  He he staics he pulls out two  Stinger Blades and attack them hit Jim Jones 4 times hits Styles 6 Times he shoots beam at them  knocking them into a building Mailiro runs inside saying come out come out whereever you are. Right here **** Styles P says and shoots a big beam at him he jumps out the way Jim Jones flying swinging his sword at him Mailiro jumps in the air and hits Jim Jones with his Stinger Blade. he falls down Thunder Bolt has Lighting coming around him Juzelz JR and Hell Rell was fighting with him he shoots lighting froms his shoulder knocking them down. He pulls out Thunder bolts and throws them  they rolls out the way he pulls out his new Thunder Sword and hits them one by one  Camron was fighting with Inferno Camron did a karate move and Inferno knocking him down picks him up and Throws him  Inferno picks him up and hits him with sword three times. Meanwhile fifty was fighting with Game. Game hits him with his Astro AXe Three times and does a Spin Move on him knocking Spark out of fity he does a spin kick hitting fifty five times fifty falls. Fifty Powers and shoots beam at Game. Game Laguhes and flys at fify and hits him two more times come back and hits him two more times Fifty falls to the grown.You guys alright lets end this **** once and for all we got to retreat while we can good idea there getting away let them get away. I don't think So inferno appear hitting Styles P and Jadakiss with his sword Yayo attacks inferno kicking at hm he hits Yayo with his Sword  Yayo fallls G-unit Van.  Thrax and Dthrax shoot a power beam at G-unit Van destroying it. OH **** hell no  yes Game sees fifty You know what time it is **** hits him hard with is Sword fifty flips on to the Grown lets end this **** get up Game hits him fifty times with blade fifty falls to his knees Game shoots beam at him 24 Times Fifty falls. Fifty in Troule G-unit Plane there it is lets go come fify there getting away. let them run they have been defeated. (back at the Lab)  you guys alright yeah man we almost died out there i know right how can we defeat these guys i  told you the only way its to get the Arabiand Sword and Cystral Back. I found the location that can lead to there lare. its in Central Park in Mannthain i just take this Computer and we should be there. who going i am going Fifty yeah i go with you no You have to stay here and look after the City Other wise Those Crazy **** will turn this City upside down. I only got one thing to say Be Careful Nigga. Alright i will lets get to Central Park. (Inferno Lare)  My lord what is the Next Plan we start by Taking over New York City (Inferno Laughes) The sky gets dark in new york Monsters runnig destroying Everything People of New York City you will all be my slaves if you refuse you will be destroy destroy this City make sure these humans have no place to hide the **** look what going on over there the Portal Should open right about Now. Fify be careful (Fifty suites up and walks in the Portal I be back. a monster grabs Meilie he throws it on the Grown. My lord G-unit and them are here they said that fifty just Enter one of our Portal and is going to  the Lare Sheklor yes my lord crush him as you wish. G-unit come out of your hiding are will destroy this city. guys what  do we do we stall into fifty comes back (fifty arrives in Inferno Lare) Ok where is the Sword fifty sees Game Rapping to him self. He hides Fifty walks into a room where he sees the sword sitting on a stone there it is You made a big mistake coming in here (will fity get the sword back in time and help his Conrads keep reading and find out 

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Date published: June 18, 2009
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