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50cent vs Jarule  by fabo70

Its starts off a sunny Day In L.A Fifty just did a Show  Fifty Sees Ja Rulee Getting in the Car and walks up to him Ja and i talk to you for a Mintue what the **** you won't bitch. First Of all don't call me no bitch second of all i kick your **** **** like i did last time now i got a question for you says Fifty did you or did you not **** my baby's mother. 50cent replied yeah i did and i had her saying where will i be with out my Ja Rule Baby fifty Punches Jarule in the face grabing him sling him out the car kicking in his his Stomach punching him in the Face . Ja Rule gets up you **** that is why your **** Show got Cancelled so my music people still play that **** Ja Rule Trys to Ram Fifty knocking him to the Floor punching him in his face 5  times fifty grabs a wooden baseball bat hiting Ja Rule in his back 4 times then kicks him in the face picks up him up and throws into a store White Ladies Scream Oh God fifty runs into the Store kicking Ja Rule. He gets up its Murda he does a chung li king size kick. kicking fifty all up in his face. fifty falls to the Grown kicks Jarule in his nuts. OOOH its murder fifty stomps Ja Rule. Ja Grabs Fifty feet and makes him fall hitting a palm Tree . Ja  Rule Runs at fifty. he picks up him and throws him into spencerPratt Car. what the **** Spencer Pratt. Yells he pusheds Fifty he tries to do some Kung Fu  on fifty put it does not work fifty uppercuts the Faggot and he lands into a wishing hell Heidi sees the **** and gets piss she starts slapping fifty he grabs her by the Thoart choking punches in the face then kicks her into a another Store Fifty walks away sees Ja Rule knock out spencer pratt knock up. Ja Rule Gets up and jumps on Fifty Back get the **** off my back Ja Rule Stabs Fifty with a penicl in the shoulder Fifty Does the F U John Cena Move and Slams Ja Rule on the Grown then smashes his Stomach in AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Ja Rule Screams fifty walks away. Ja Rule is back at it again he jumps on fifty back you son of a bitch Fifty Yells out throws Ja Rule into a sword Store fifty walks in does the Tricylce kicks some silmar Lu Kang does in the move then he does a fly kicks down Ja Rule Over the Cashier Damn  Fifty puts on a Amor Knight Suite so does ja Rule what the **** you **** Faggot what do you think you or a mystic Knight. Ja Rule put his own they start sword fighting ja rule kicks fifty 5 times he does it like the Martix fifty flles back and hits a car they start to sword fight down the Street Spencer Pratt Runs into the sword grabs a sword and help ja rule kicks knocks the **** out of Spencer Pratt Cracking his Dome Peace No Ja Rule yells hits Jarule with the Sword five time then upper cuts him jumps in the air kicks him all over the street like they do in action move Ja rule falls to the Grown Now to you give up or do you want more **** kicking Ja Rule gets up you destroy my Rap Carrer Nigga that is your fault Call your self a murder and make Pussy Music so look at you Best freind hhahaahahhah Candy Shop. Tony Yayo does the Spining kick on Ja rule yeah yeah yeah yeah here we go Now Llyod banks Grab Jarule from behind they all kick and stomp the **** out of him Havoc Stand his as up fifty kicks him Ja Rule slides across the Grown Llyod Throws his 25 inche chain around Ja Rule Next Come here  then Tony Yayo does he SPinning Kick again.  God Damn Yayo **** him up Ja rule is dissy. fifty finsh  this nigga off so we can go to Canada Baby Fifty G-unit Gorrilla kick knocks Ja Rule Helmet off his face lets go the police came ja rule was knock out going to the ICU fifty was the Champion YEAH GGGG-unit Young Buck you next nigga Game You next Nigga Nas You next Nigga Fifty ups his hands in the air GGG-unit Yeah we go know ok yeah shut the **** up before i kick yo ****

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  '50cent vs Jarule' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Jan. 14, 2009
Date published: Jan. 14, 2009
Comments: 12
Tags: 50cent, a, and, between, fight, ja, rule
Word Count: 787
Times Read: 1754
Story Length: 89
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (6 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (256 votes)