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The Chirstmas Love Story Chapter 4  by fabo70

Jake Walks in the Kitchen Dance then jumps in the air and grabs the box of Froot Loops. His Sister Lacey ask what is wrong with you me and Alexis went out last night yeah she told me. me and her shared a Kiss Get out of Town Lacey Says Really was she a good kisser Don't make me smack you. I'm just joking so is she your Girlfreind now yeah if we kissed good night.I guess we are a couple wow. i just don't know what she sees in you i got that Charm Just like Dad now Hold on my Phone is ringing. Hello hay Jake its me alexis what's up nothing my Dad saw you kissed me last night and he wants to meet you. He's not going to kill me right Jake Replies No he not going to kill you i told him you and me were dating. so you don't have to worry about it. he just wanted to meet you.

What time Right After Pratice Alright i'll be there. Man Jake Yells out What Lacey Answer her dad saw me kiss her now he wants to talk to me he might want to cut off your so you can't do anything to his daughter lets not make jokes ok this is serious Man i am so scared my heart is pounding.When are you going to meet him after Practice tonight.Well Good luck. when you come back your name might be Jackie Jake shakes his head i got to get ready for work. Soon as Jack walks through the Door Jake how did it go Mark Yells out. Jake Replies Well she is now my Girlfriend but her father saw me kiss her now he wants to meet with me Tonight at his house i guess at Dinner. Man i feel sorry for you the last i dated a girl and her father saw me he was like nex time you come near my Daugther i am going to chop  off your then you can't share no hoilday Cheer with my Daugther man i am scared. Well lets get to work and lets hope and pray Time flys by slow maybe he will not be home maye just his other.

Oh Dude he is going to be home come on you talking about his only daughter that his little girl, You don't mess with Daddy Little Girl a father love for his daughter is different from his son. a father would kill for his Daugther. ok i get it Look Check this out just when you walk in the door just tell him you sorry. For what for kissing his daugher. why would i do that i like her. Well you better think of something he might not want you around his Daugther anymorer please don't way anything like that Jake Replies. As the work day was over Jake went home watch TV there was a knock at the door who is it he looks through the peep hole it was Jesse and Gram what's up man nothing. So i heard you and Alexis are dating now yeah something like that you know Darnell not to happy about that what do you mean well he was trying to get at her. well he pose no threat to me but i'm in deep **** Jack Replies what did you do says Gram. Well last night after work i took Alexis to see the chirst mas light took her out to dinner then on the way home i kissed her dad saw it and got mad.

Man so your Scared That he is going to kick your **** now right Jesse Laughes soemthing like that. man you scared look at you shaking like a stripper so where is Lacey. he hasn't got home from Work yet she should be in soon Speaking of the Devil there she goes **** you. What are you guys doing here. we just hanging around until it is time to go to pratice well as soon as i take me a shower i'll be ready. At Pratice Before Jake and Alexis Start Singing. Alexis Jake Calls out was your dad mad when he saw us kissed he was alittle mad he was like who that boy you kissed last night i told him that it was a new Boyfriend. then he was like well i want to meet him i got a few words for him. but don't worry i take good care of you jake laughes. It's time Lacey Yells. After Practice Jake was in the car with Alexis he turns the car off Alexis ask him are you ready Jake Replies yeah i am ready well lets go.

Alexis Opens the door Mom Dad i am home his dad comes walking down stairs Jake Hearts stats to meet Fast when he sees a big Man Comes down stairs Hay Baby hay dad this is Jake the guy i told you about. Nice to meet you son have a sit i'm go up stairs and  get ready for bed. Night dad she kisses her dad good night on the cheek then she kisses Jack on the lips good night as she runs up stairs jack looks and smilings so. Have a seat son. So you want something to drank No sir so how did you meet my daugther well i meet her at the Coummity Church were my sister goes we both sing on the Choir.Look sir i know why you called me here and i sorry for kissing your daugther that night. that's not why i called you here i just wanted to meet you. to see if you right for my daugther are not because she had her heartbroking so many times by guys my daugther is the type of woman who wants to wait until she is married to have sex  and lots of guys dump her because of that she dating one guy he wanted to marry her just for the sex.

Really yeah you might now him Darnell. Jake has a flash back and gets angry that Alexis did not tell him that she date Darnell so how long they date about Three Years she was in love with Darnell. he use to come over and eat sunday dinner with us. then around Chirstmas that is win it all happen. my daughter is kind and open to everyone please promise me you will treat her right yes sir i will. alright now that we understand each lets play the X box 360. As hour pass Jake was on the phone telling Alexis how cool his father was and then he asked her about Darnell she tells him. what happen and then he tells her that Darnell stills has feels for her. who told you that. Gram and Jesse. Alexis replies well even if he does i only care about you not him he hurt me in so many ways. i'll never hurt you. well my battery going dead i see you tommrrow. Ok baby i love you. Jakes Cuts his phone off and goes to sleep

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Date created: Nov. 17, 2009
Date published: Nov. 17, 2009
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