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"50cent vs Jarule" -> (76 skipped) -> "The Revange of Ja and Omega Chapter 6" -> "The Revange of Ja and Omega Chapter 7"

The Revange Of Ja and Omega Chapter 8  by fabo70

As Chapter 7 Leaves Off with Fifty and the G-unit losing a Fight with Jarule and Omega and Vampriess. Leaving whitebread to come up with a idea that can help them defeat. Ja by making new weapons meanwhile Spawn and one of Jarule Monsters Megatron attack the city almost defeating Fifty and G-unit Whitebread shows up. giving them there new weapons they were able to Destroy megatron and Spawn.

(Back at Jarule Lare) Ok who got a plan to kill That Faggot Fifty Today sense my lord we have to becareful we can't taek another lost like we did with Spawn my Lord  I Know that Nigga do you have a plan or no my lord me and Zedd Have a Plan alright we going to take five Spears and throws them into the air what BOOM what was that come out side and see Robotic is his name yes he big and he can squash the **** out those G-unit Monkeys my lord. (zedd and crusher laugh) (Whitebread lab) what is this man  hold it hold it these are the zords what you mean those robots we had last time nigga the one that got destory by Inferno. yeah see this one is your  and these are the others put them togethr and they make the Unit Mega zord nice nigga. i like that **** is it done no not yet just got to  add a few more finish touches to it and it should be ready for battle soon. Meanwhile downtown in New York city people were walking then they see a big robot hit the grown what is that Zedd and Crusher shows up people don't be alarmed matter or fact  be alarmed people were running Robotic destroy this city he shoots beams at building blowing them up and everything.  (Alarm goes off) what going on nigga what the hell is that thing i look it up one of Jarule monsters  look he not alone zedd and crusher i do those **** the same way i  did spawn wait  i am not finish yet putting the finish touches to the Zords yet you might. its going to take some time so you and the others becareful man. alright man look at that thing you like it don't you well it does like you kill them the robotic monster shoot beams the jump out the way. Fifty  shootsbeams at the robot while he flying in the air looks it fifty Full Power Fire BOOM!!!!!!!!!!! alright did it  work the robot monster hits fifty with hand knock him into some boxes. Zedd and Crusher shoots beams and knocks the others down.this time you will not win this time you will die. Zedd pulls out Staffand shoots beams knocking them down. the robitc monster triesto stomp fifty but misses fifty shoots beams at the monster but it does not work he smacks fifty against a car boom fifty falls Jarule laughes while watching it on TV yes we are going to win this time its been nice knowing you fifty. man Crusher hits em knocking him on the grown. what is that noise. look guys say hello to your new zords alright  cool what is that one of the zords shoots beams by it self and fifty was a warrior zords hits the other with his sword alright lets give it a try. robtic destroy them  robotic shoots beams knocking  fifty zord to the grown man  lets get back up Yayo Zord hada cannon shoots beams  by dre turn dre zord puches the robotic monster and knocks it down. melie kick him alright lets put it together unit zord online (Jarule Appears on a city building)  the robotic monster jumps in the air and head buts the zord knocks it back and then shoot beams at it knocks it down.man Jarule laughes this better work omega says the robotic monster kicks the zord three times and shotos more beams knocking them back down.man we losing power  Zedd makes him self big so does Crusher  they fuse with the robotic monster this doesn't look good guys check this out Mega Zord Sword Arabian sword what are you doing  Mega Arabian Unit zord formation what is this  they hits them robotic monster with there sword twice knocks it to the grown you pay for that the zord powers up both sword and shoots lighting from it Knocks at hole it the Robotic monster zedd and crusher come falling out hiting the grown the robotic monster falls and blows up yeah alright **** what zedd and crusher got away. (back at Jarule Layer) well well look its the two failers they always messing up shut shut. all of you shut up now get out our site before we put you punishment chamber. man those zords were **** crazy  man. the zord are in repiar mode right now they took a beating in its first battle but nothing i can not fix. (now that g-unit have what they need will it be enough to defeat jarule keep reading and find out

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Date created: Oct. 7, 2009
Date published: Oct. 7, 2009
Comments: 0
Tags: 8, chapter
Word Count: 914
Times Read: 417
Story Length: 10
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (11 votes)