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50cent vs Jarule (Round 2) Chapter 16  by fabo70

As Chapter 15 leaves off the fight between fifty and Jarule Begins. with Jarule winining knocking fifty out cold is this is has Jarule Finally got his Revange on Fifty. read and find out.

Fifty Get up nigga,I Guess i win **** you knocked out cold Nigga. Damn i **** one yes yes yes Jarule Dancing in the Street. Fifty get up nigga his not getting up.Hell Rell repiles how could this be i guess we got to fight Jarule Know. Yayo Looses his cool you **** bitch he flys over at Jarule and kicks at him Ja Dodges every kick Yayo powers up his Gun and shoots a big Huge beam around him and Jarule Yayo Flyes back.Jarule stands looking at him smiling im still here nigga Jarule pulls out his lazier gun shoots yayo shoot him five times making him fall to the grown. Yayo gets up and start throws kicks and punches Jarule punches yayo in his face about five time then kicks him about 10 time then Shoots him with Beam from his wings a big huge beam comes out and Yayo falls to the grown. Yayo. Banks jumps in and starts huge beam out of his gun then turns it into a sword and  attack Jarule. He jumps in the air pull out long jumps in the air and kicsk Banks to the grown he attack banks hitting him five times with the lancer then uppercutting him with it he falls to the grown.he shoots beams out from the lancer knocking banks to the grown  Havoc Shoots beams from his gun Jarule blocks all of them closing up his wingsd don't you get it you can't beat me give it up ****. Game looks over and sees fifty knocked out cold  yeah you bitch **** nigga how does it feel you got cold hopefully.Yo bitch **** is out for good ****. Jim Jones Pulls out his sword and starts sword fighting with Jarule Camron jumps in Juzel he all hits them knocking them down then shoots them all with beam knocking them into a brick wall. Eminem Shows up a huge blast comes from out of no where knocking Jarule back sorry i took so long these swat weapon or the **** what took you so long **** Dre yells out fifty **** no Yeah Nigga the same thing is going to happen to you **** in a second i don't **** think so Eminem Jumps in the air and shoots two huge beams at Jarule  he flys back to feet you got to do better than that he sees Dre in the air getting ready to blast Jarule Blast back knocking dre down. Juzels pulls out his skull sword and swings it a jarule Jarule pulls out his sword and hits Juzels five time then hits him again then kicks him Juzels he shoots Staic beam around dipset then he makes it close up on them BOOM!!!!!!!! they all fall to the grown man yeah, you niggas ok over there yeah Yayo gets up off the grown And powers up Power from the Lazier gun and shoots BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn Jarule slides back man he glides over at Yayo hits him with his sword with full force Yayo Falls he runs and kicks Yayo into a building banks jumps in the air like the martix and kicks Jarule three times but it does not hurt him he  grabs Banks foot swings him aroun and throws him into a brick wall Dre Shoots Beams at Jarule he blocks all ot them with his sword. Man we can't win with out fifty look he knock the **** out how he going to help you nigga nobody can help you lets fire all at the Same time they all put there lazier Guns Together fire.Jarule looks smiles and just stand theree a big huge ball covers from he flys back man what or  you trying to do kill me **** it didn't work Em Yells out of course it didn't Slim Shady you guys don't get it do you my weapons or more advance than yours or what yeah me and or equal that why i was able to beat him so easy. you guys i can kill you just like that then i be bored and won't have nobody to fight with we got to keep on this is the fight to see who will be king of the **** street im a one man army  my Goons Fell to kill you **** but i will not fell Jarule Power a Huge Engery Wave up in the sky and shoots it at them BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!! knock all of them down Yayo hits a brick wall  Jarule shoots a beam at him knocking him into the building you guys ok Damn B this **** is getting on my **** nerves  ok ahead and kill us if you have to i be glad to he runs over at Camron and hits him five times with the sword hits him with Full Force BOOM!! camron staic then shoots him with full force beams he staic BOOM!!! the swat weapon was destroy and Camron was knocked out NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jim Jones yells out now who wants to run ther **** mouths now. Jim Jones and the Dipset Attack they all jumps in the air to Fire Jarule Fires to huge Beams at them BOOM!!! destroy there swat weapons and they were all knocked out **** Naw!!! yayo yells out well its just G-unit by themsevles Banks,Yayo, Buck,Havoc,Dre,Emimen all of a sudden Jim Jones moves his hand  and so does Juzels what there still alive but there not a threat to me any more come on niggas let me get you nigga to safety hell rell crawls to safety and so does JR there ok thats a good then but cam he was a real nigga. now that i destroy there swat weapons its time to kill you bitch **** niggas time to die Jarule shoots all of them with beams shoots them again and again. Man i love this this is so much **** fun killing shooting you **** niggas all over the **** street Dipset can't help you know fifty sure can't help you know no body can't help you know we got to do what the **** we can we.if we die we  die trying at least we die real **** not fake **** Tupac Shakar Wannabe Be ****. OH no the **** you didn't **** you die next.  Jarule runs after try banks and yayo jumps blocks Jarule attack he hits all of them with his sword then shoots all of them with beams. Jim Jones,Juzels and Hell Rell and JR all watch the fight. saying come on niggas. jarule keeps blasting them. Now to end this **** enough playing around niggas.

(With Dipset Weapons Destroy fifty still knocking out G-unit or by themsevles can they hold on will Fiffty wake up keep reading and find out.)

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Date created: March 14, 2009
Date published: March 14, 2009
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