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The Return of Matardoe Chapter 6  by fabo70

As Chapter 5 leaves off Matardoe plans was to kidnapped the dipset. and turn them into his evil warriors. he kidnapps. and turns there minds compelty evil giving more power weapons than before they were ready to fight with the. G-unit. and so far they or winning.


It starts off with the dipset gang knocking all the G-unit members to the grown. man what the **** wrong with  these dudes man.we all suppose to me homies Now Matardoe stands on top of the roof looks down and laughes. fifty looks up oh **** it that **** matardoe. its time to die fifty. get them The dipset members attack Juzels pulls out his gappler graw staff and grabs Jim Jones and start to run with  him throwing him to the grown. Yayo runs over to help Jones Juzels Sents shocks waves from out his claw knocking Yayo Down. Camron  attack fifty he hits fifty with his cannon arms then knocks him on his back. Dre kicks at Camron he hits dre with  sword.then shoots beams at him knocking him on the grown oh **** dre says as he hits the grown. Emimen was fighting Hell Rell he shoots Staic waves around eminem taking him up in the air and then Dropping him he fused with his dipset cycle arrow and has a beam arrow beams and shoots eminem BOOM!!! emiem falls. man **** Whitebread fighting JR writer he fuesed with his dipset aromer and attacks Whitebread he hits him five times with his sword then Power up his cannon arms and then shoots laizer boom!!!! knocking Whitebread on the grown. Jim jones gets hit five time with the grappler staic he  grabs jones by the waste with the staff then press a button and it send lighting out of it knocking Sparks out of Jim Jones Yayo power up his ultra he shoots beams from his cannon arms.but it has no effect  Juzels hits yayo five times with  grappeler grabs him with and throws him at Jim Jones. Meanwhile Camron was kicking fifty and Dre **** he throws them to the grown . Fifty fused with his G-unit cycle and Camron Fuses with his G-unit Cycle and then he attacks Camron punches fifty with his cannon arms knocking him on the grown man fifty ou alright then shoots staic beams knocking him and Dre Unto  a build he then runs in the building hitting them with full speed the **** Fifty jumps in the air Camron hits him with combo knocking him back down Dre. pull out his sword and camron hits him 5 times with his fifty jumps back in he shoots fifty out he Building and throws dre. out man the ****. Em attacks hell rell again doing the walk kick Hell rell jumps in the air hits him with his saber he fused with his Dipset cycle for more power and send a huge beam knocking Em down he then jumps in the air and then kicks em down. Whitebread does a flip while JR writer sends beams at him JR speed runs and knocks him into a brick wall. damn nigga we in ****. Finish them Dipset sends a huge beam down on them BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fifty and the G-unit was all layed out. They done it they must of finish them fifty moves his hands and so the the others camron steps on him so he won't get up and puts his cannon don at his back. all  of a sudden the G-unit van comes and knocks all of them down. and scoops the g-unit in what the hell you nigga alright Whoo Kid yeah its me. so were im taking you nigga to my lab alright. back at Matardoe lare. we were so close boss don't worry you get other Chance rest up it going to be along War. Martardoe starts laughing back at whitebread lare. how in the hell they do this to use suppose to homies. its time them there under some kind of mind control. he's making them do all this stuff get the **** out of here Jim Jones says mind control what the hell. this is to power rangers for me. getting my **** kicked like some **** bitch dude you was not the only one out there getting your **** **** beat em and dre replies we all did. and we almost were got klled again  ok how do we kill this **** and kill this **** for good this time i don't no fifty replies (Will G-unit surive there next incounter with the Dipset keep reading to find out)

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Date created: May 2, 2009
Date published: May 2, 2009
Comments: 2
Tags: 7, chapter
Word Count: 841
Times Read: 482
Story Length: 54
Children Rank: 3.7/5.0 (4 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (93 votes)