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The Revange Of Ja and Omega Chapter 12  by fabo70

As Chapter Eleven Leaves off Omega And Jarule Free The Dark Genreals The Dark Genreals Attack the City and Attack G-unit defeating them in battle making them retreat. the Dark Genreal Realease Dark Orbs in the grown everybody that Fifty Defeated in the past will Return.what evil plot does Ja and Omega have next Read Chapter12 and find out.

Back at Ja and Omega Lare My Lord i got the prefect Plan to kill G-unit Yes i am listen what is it. Your plan failed to much it our Turn you are no longer Genreals in what. Zellon Pulls out a Dark spear and throws it to the grown smoke appears and a woman. Come out laughing this is on of the Dark Monster Lady Devil and i only surive you Ja and Omega. Meanwhile back at Whitebread Lab well the zords are back at  Full Repair lets try not to let them get damged again i am sick of fixing them it's not our fault those guys are **** Tough. tougher than Ja and Omeaga there the Dark Genreals what yeah back in 16's Hundreds the was power source Four Knights try to get it so they can take over the land well what happen they were sucked in side a hole and cast away for ever. The Same Place Ja and Omega were sent to when we killed them. yes your right. and now there back and strongter than ever. so you saying these dudes are holding back there real power. So if they wanted to they could of destroy both those zords if they wanted to. man Meanwhile Downtwon Lady Evil was sitting on a building and she jumps down people see hera dn start to run yes Run  i feed of fear it makes me strongter. The alarm is going its them again isn't it no one of there monsters lets go. Where is the G-unit. Right here bitch huh. yeah we are right here good now i can destroy you all that what you think bring it on The G-unit Crew attack she knocks Meilie into some trash cans kicks Yayo into a car knocks Em and Dre into bricks walls hits fifty with her bow  watch this Bat Boomerang she throws it and it hit whitebread twices man man this bitch is tough Arabian Blaster Fire  she laughes come on you got to do better than that she runs after fifty he turns the blaster into a sword and began to fight with her she hits him twice with her bow then shoots a beam at him knocking him on the grown Meilie shoots beams at her  he reflect them back he jumps out the way andfalls man you ok do yeah. Lady Devil Laughes. man we  got to think of something yeah i know because here she comes again she knocks sparks out of all of them how to you like that. Ja and Omega sit in there Lare and Laughe yes yes yes  that what i talking about kicked that ****. she powers up  a  beam and shoots it at them they jump out the way man that it G-unit Blaster Gun input rolex fire the beam hits her she falls to the grown.  you'll pay for that she grows now try and stop me now G-unit zord. she runs aftr them does full speed attack on the grown grabs it by the feet and flips it over boom man  she jumps on its back twice then kicks it knocking into something  she hits it with her bow Arabain zord fifty shoots beam from it she dodges them she knocks the arabian mega zord down man there's is got to be away we can defeat this bitch wait second i am downloading this fill i am working on it just my workd combine both zords togehter they shoot work she knocks sparks out both meaga and seends a sound wave beam knocking both zords on it back. come finish alright its done. Arabian g-unit mega zord what this  Flame Fist the first knocks her on the grown she shoots beam and they block it with a shield Aarabian Saber Full power Triple Slasher Arabian Blaster missle mode the misslle hits her knocks a hole in her back she falls and blows up a Dark Orb is in the sky what is that he flyes away and into the Hole in the Bridge. Ja and omega lare what i can't beleive they wons those fools won. yes you say that monster of yours was going to win she ended up getting destroy like the other The Dark Knight approve Ja and omega warrrior stay out our wave are you will end up just like her They walk away laughing yes One Down Nine more to go. What kind of evil Plan does the Dark Genreals have next keep reading and find out

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Date created: Oct. 20, 2009
Date published: Oct. 20, 2009
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Tags: 12, chapter
Word Count: 845
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Story Length: 6
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