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Inferno's Rage Chapter 3  by fabo70

As chapter 2 Leaves Off G-unit sets off to fun the second Arabian Cyrstal But runs into all kinds of traps set up by Inferno and his warriors. Lucky G-unit escapea and with the. Arabian Cyrstal. whitebread tracked down 3 of the Cyrstals one in Inda,one in Aruba and one in China D-block sets off to find the one in inida Dipset looks for the one in Aruba and G-unit in China can they find the three before Inferno Does read chapter 3 and find out

As Three G-unit Air Planes Flys off three diffrenet Directions. Jadakiss sits and looks downn damn  i can't believe were splitting up.Yeah i know we are more stronter togehter. we can't beat not of Inferno Warrior any ways says sheek Luch you know what wake me up when we get there im listen to my Ipod Your new album kiss wake me up whe we get there. (At Inferno Lare) My Lord yes D-block is searching for the Second Arbian crystals what you mean. yes my lord they split up good we can destroy them one by one do you want me to send the Five Dark Knights my lord No  i send a creature down to keep them busiesss you go with him Riper yes my Lord Lizarborg come to life. what are you plans my evil one  go eat me the arabian cyrstal in india and if D-block gets in your way Destroy them. yes my lord.  (Dl-block arrives in India) Well were here get up man  so now what we start looking the Damn Crystals. soon as they get off the Plane people runs towards them shaking there hands telling how big fans they were of there music. they ask around about the Arabian Crystals people tell them about it where can they find it.  good alrights lets get looking dude i am hungry i am not going to look for no cyrstal God nows where in this country with out no food in my Body i got to eat alright  alright lets get some that Kery Chicken that good.  (After D-block ate a  good meal they started lookin for the crystal) alright if i was a crystal where would i go and where would i the tracker says it is in this Area. Hay wait are you looking for the Arabian Crystals yeah well me careful i was Two Bad man looking for it they were shoots Lazier beams at me and every thing i barley got away thanks for telling us  oh **** Inferno is here  Not so Fast D-block your not going anywhere  who are you i am lizardborg Master of the Overlord Inferno well **** you going to **** die today. Ready niggas (they power up there rolex's and go into aromer mode)  they then attack the monsters  Jada kiss jumps in the air and kicks  at Lizard born he blocks it  Riper Shows up and hits Styles P knocking him down come. Styles P pulls out sword and starts fighting with Riper.Riper Hits him with his skell blade twice knocking sparks out of him he then throws kumb Chucks around his neck throwing him.  he powers up a beam and then shoots him styles p falls. Sheek and jadakiss get6 throwin down. by  Lizardborg he pulls out two blaster runs rolls around shoots styles p kncoking him down Jada gets up he blast Jada kiss knocking him down. Sheek Louch gets back on his feet power up to Ultra Mode and shoots beams from his cannon hands  Lizardman punches the attack. come on you got to do better than that he then shoots a fist beam  knocking down sheek Louch. Enough of tihs Riper does a Combo move knocking styles p back into Human Mode. Lizardman runs after Jada and sheek louch does a final strike with his sword knockig them down and out of Aromer Mode. Lets get out of here yeah we get got crystals. to find You guys already yeah we got to follow those crazy ****. (The Little Inidan boy shows up again) You guys ok yeah where find man you guys got your asses kicked. you really should use your plane to catch up with them look its dangerous get out of here but i can help you. ok kid what is your name Meile alright melie wecomle to the team. alright sense for plane so how old are you 16 no ****. No ****. Inferno we are close up on the Crystal i can feel it power becareful those d-block Dude will come looking for it to don't worry we took them down they will not dare to come after us again. (A plane flys over Riper and Lizardborg head) what is that its time the plane lands and D-block comes running out alright **** its time to end this they power there Rolex's and go into armoer mode. They run after Lizardborg and Riper. Riper Jumps in the air and hits Jadakiss and Sheek with his Numbs Grabbing Styles P by the neck and throwing him.  Meilie see its it his chance to go get the Crystal Lizardborg sees him and shoots beams at him and goes after him. oh no Jadakiss jumps in the air and  kicks Lizardborg in the back making him fall he hits jadakiss with his tell then jumps and kicks Jadakiss into a pile of rocks. Riper throws changings around Sheek And styles neck shocking them knocking sparks out of them  they fall to the grown.Melie is in the cave where the crystal is he sees it floating in the air and he sees Lizardborg shadow.  he qucikly Jumps over a rope were the hot lave is  and sees the  Crystal he grabs got it no i got it Lizardborg smacks him with his tail knocking The boy down know i will destroy you  Jadakiss jumps on Lizardborgs back he throws jada into a brick wall you got in my way long enough he pulls out sword and hits Jadakiss with Combos and hits him with his tail Jadakiss faces to the grown. man he then runs and kicks jadakiss he stomps on him twice knocking out sparks its time to say good bye he  hands turns into a giant knife Melie throws  pushes a big swinging stick and it hits him knocking him into  the lave pit he quicky grabs the crystals i got it you ok yeah im good  thanks here you go good looking man i thought i was finish lets get out thanks no problem man. lets get out of here before he comes back. Riper hits Styles P and Sheek with his Death Staff nows its time to end this little game jadakiss shoots beams knocking riper down look what i got get me that sorry downloading sending it to the lab. Jadakiss Pulls out Sword its time to end this riper (They here a Loud Roaring sound) man hes huge alright Calling Zoids. Lets end this ****  The Lizardborg monsters runs after them hitting them twice with the sword making the zoid fall he kicks it making it slide across the grown on its knees man lets get back on our feet he swings tail knocking spaks out of them knocking them back down come you guys can do enough of this **** Zoid blaster they shoots beam knocking the Lizardborg monster down Thunder saber they power it up and does a final attack knocking a hole int the monster back he falls and blows up. (Back at Inferno Lare) Inferno gets red like Lord Zedd we lost another how the hell we lose another. so fare there are two on the charts my lord Arbua and China. I bet Dipset and G-unit will go looking for those and when they do we will be ready.we can not take no more loses to you under me yes my lord. good not go. (Back in India) Thank You Meilie for helping us. you said you want to be apart of the team yeah i do. well its up to your parents if you want to come. mom can i. i don't know mom i have a chance to change the world. if we don't get those Crystals before that Inferno guy tthis world is history. i guess take good care of my Boy don't worry we will. (Looks like melie is a new team member will he back a good one keep reading and find out)

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