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Inferno's Rage Chapter 20  by fabo70

As Chapter Nineteen Leaves off Fifty and The G-unit faces off with the fuse warrior 50 below,Mardon,Shrerek and Riper. meanwhile fifty goes To Inferno lare to take him down leaving the others to fight with Destruciton G-unit Defeated Inferno and Destruciton leaving them to there victory. but it was not over Yet the Fallin Evil Warrior Inferno was back for on last round. he cracks the grown on and does  spell Release all his Falling Evil Warrior to come back from there Graves for one last fight Leaving G-unit to call on reforcements D12 The sKull Gang The other Member of D-block. now that they are all together can they Put a End to Inferno and his Warrior.

You Nigga I am ready to **** these niggas up alright Inferno Yells out Attack leaving everbody fighting fift tries to Attack. Infero put a fist hits him knocking him back Yeah Nigga were you going Game yeah nigga i am back you though you was going to get rid of me nigga you got another thing coming nigga i am going to enjoy killing you i Beat you once **** i can surley do the **** again Game Shoots a beam knocking Fifty down. the others were fighting trying to send the other monster back where they came from. Game Knocks Fifty unto a building  were people weere hinding in a bar watching the Fight on TV Fifty powers up to Ultra Robo Mode and Pulls out Lancer and hits Game Twice  Game Blocks with the Blades on his arms and hits fifty Three times and knocks him out the building fifty using his wings to pull him self up and look down and sees Thrax and 50 Below coming after him my Nigga's are here Game kicks Fifty 50 Below and Tharx Takes turns hitting him with there Sword  fifty powers up his Cannon Arms and shoots beam knocking them both back Game Comes at him Fifty Punches Game in the face Grabs his foot swing him and punches him in the back of the Head. Meanwhile The Others were still Destroying half the monsters in the City. and Already Destroy 2 of the Dark Knights guys Man there to **** Many meilie yells out  i don't know how much i can go on Yayo falls to his knees he half to another wise we are Finish  Thrax hits fifty with his sword fifty falls on a Trash can BOOM!!!!! Fifty Yayo yells he runs over one of the monster shoots a beam and knocks yayo to his knee to of the D-Block Throws some of the monster in the hole and they blow up.  Jada and styles shoot beam beams Destroy more monstr Em and Dre hits monsters with there sword. Look t fifty three against one not a good move its its time for what Arabian power Ultra Robo Mode Fifty shoots beam Knocking Thrax and 50below Down they attack him agian he powers up his Astro axes and does Three Final slasher attacks he knocks holes in both of them good by for good this time. they fall and blow up Game gets mad at attacks him  he swings his Blade Fifty blocks them and jumps in the air and kicks game in the face he hits game with his sword game falls. He powers up he Axes and throw them knocking sparks out of Game he powersup again two cannons appear on his hands he fires the beam hits game he falls and blows up. Fifty runs and helps destroy have the monsters in the City Meilie was fighting with Riper he jumps in the air and hits Meilie with his staff Lord Inferno will destroy you and this world will be our think agian. goes into arabian mode and knocks Riper back into the hole and he blows up all the monsters we destroy only leaving Inferno its over Inferno i don't think he shoots beams at them knocking them down they Power up the weapons and fire a huge beam knocking a hole him he falls and blows up alright. fire first wait a second that was to easy Lighting hits the sky Inferno laughes. he comes back Bigger than ever what he **** Huge one ofthe D-12 Memeber says he stomps his foot at them they roll out the way and shoot beams but they have no effect this is me in my True Form you can never beat me know he Asborb Power from the hole what is he doing all my falling warrior lend me your power's what going on (Inferno Laughes)  he shoots fire from his mouth it hits them they all fall man  you guys ready. They all fly at him he smacks them all Around he knocks D-block into a  mailbox knockinf fifty on a Car.  then tries to smash the car but fifty jumps out the way he hits meilie knocking him on  a roof then he swings his hand meilie jumps off and falls man  he shoots beams at D-12 knockint them into a building Em and dre jumps in the air shoots beam at them he smacks them into a tree  and they fall.  Fifty power up and shoots beam  man there is got t o be away to beat this guy what about the Arabian Gun Ready Fire the beam hitshim he falls and blows up. then he gets right back up and shoots beam right back  at them. they all roll out the way and shoot beams back but they just bounce off him. Man there nothing that can stop this guy he kicks one of the D-block memeber in the air and shoots a beam and it destroy him what Hell No Jada Gets crazy and shoots beam he smacks Jada on the grown picks him up and squeezes him die to die Fifty shoots a beam and he drops Jada but fiftty catches him he'll be alright just get him to safe bring him in here. Inferno shoots beam  Yayo Fires a laizer and hits him in his back. Inferno truns around and shoots Yayo in his back yayo falls and hits the grown. Yayo i am ok  Styles throws a kick he thumbs. him on the grown Sheek Louch gets ready to shoot a beam he smacks him on the grown. You can't defeat me Man i can't beleive it going to end like this Inferno will destroy everything Fifty gets mad and powers up to and shoots two big beam at Inferno it hitshim he falls and was knock out and the moment guys i figure it out what the only way we have to use all the Arabian powers that is the only way we are going to  defeat Inferno once and for all  Fifty you got the Arabian sword  Right Arabian Blaster Alright guys put your rolex watches in here  everybody Inferno gets back up i am going to crush you ****'s  guys ready yeah And Power up Arabian Blaster   Alright in his Heart Fire a big beam goes at inferno he be blocks it you can't defeat me keeping firing it has to work looks like The G-unit D-block and D12 and  Dipset are giving it there all but is it enough to defeat inferno oh shut up Inferno Freezes Sway .  Man we got to try another approach Inferno fires beams knocking them all down. Fifty fires a beam at it hits Inferno its knocks him down. alright lets give it one more try Full power give it you guys all Inferno runs after them Fire  the beam hits him in the chest No he falls did we get him  Inferno laughes no this can't **** be you can't defeat me give it up you lose   Inferno walks up to them and staic  and sparks fly out of him what happen to me  alright its working One more Arabian Sword Guys ready fire one more one time The Sword hits Inferno in the ches knocking a hole in him he staics no this can't be happen he Blows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sway deforsted that bitch froze me. but it looks like G-unit finally defeat the Evil Inferno i hope this sway sigining off the sky get un darking alright we did nigga yeah yeah. **** yeah **** em yells out yeah Jada looks laughes they **** did alright.  The grown comes back together.  This is sway Inferno is no more everything has gone back to he way it was before he came and took over. G-unit once again save the City from destruction. yeah nigga Fifty how does it feel to be the hero i am not the hero all the hero i couldn't of done it with out all these dudes man so what are you guys going to do next party. yeah nigga. They arrive at the Airport Meilie was getting ready to go back to India well it was good working with you guys i wish i can stay here in America with you guys but i got go get back here the rolex watch no you keep it  thanks man see you soon. So that was it Inferno was Finally defeated G-unit D-block Dipset went back to there Normal Lives

The End

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Date created: July 2, 2009
Date published: July 2, 2009
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