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50cent vs Jarule (Round 2) Chapter 6  by fabo70

After The Dipset Saves The G-unit from getting there **** kick.fifty is up having them all tran harder Camron bought the Dipset To Train with them come come come run run run. ask 50cent and Camron yell running behind them.Meanwhile Jarule was doing the same thing with his Crew. Training them so they cane be able to take out fifty and his Crew in the Next battle. ok after the Training was over they all went to Fat Burgers to get something to eat man that Triple Cheese burger hit the **** Spot says emimen i want me another Hungry **** Dr.Dre yells out.  And guess who walks in while they all were eating Jarule and his Crew what up fifty was good don't worry we or not going to attack you today. we just here eating we were traning more harder than you bitch **** nigga's lets go dog. Eminem Sits down with his triple cheese burger and Milk shake and says the **** Ja rule and them dudes doing here. Eating Fat Burgers nigga. this is our chance to take them down Now we might not never get a chance liket this again look all of them or here. Let me get 5 Triple Cheese burgers A Large order of fires a snack wrap Griill. and that's it Fat joe orders yeah two Double Cheese burgers and a milk shake that's it lets go. See ya niggas. Meanwhile back at 50cent Mansion he down him banks and buck em had to go to a show. what the **** Ja was doing therre at Fat Burgers. well fify this is America he can go where ever he wants to go i know that nigga. but he did not attack me and ja use to fight everywhere meet up at it was like he something up his sleeves we got to keep our gurads up the next day fifty and them went on there Run and Jogging in the park all of a sudden. The Murder inc click came out of no where Black Child, Caddillc Tah Harry O, D.Gift, Chris, Free, and Ja Rule what fifty kick there **** 50cent runs after Ja Rule Jarule runs and then does a martix kick on fifty make him fly into a Tree. Come fifty baby you know you can't beat me nigga no more i been training and working out baby it is over Ja rule runs and knocks fifty back 5 feet then  he runs and then kicks him in the side making him fall in the beach water. NOOO!!! fifty Yayo Yells out Free Does a combo kicks and punch on yayo and then uppercuts him Banks Throws his Chain at Caddillc Tah he grabs it and Throws banks into a Tree. **** bitch. Dr.Dre does two flip and  blade at  Harr O He grabs it and throws it on the grown and jumps in the air and then kicks Dre down Jim jones is fighting Fat Joe he does his Crack Crusher and knock Jime Jones down Juzels is fighting Rick Ross he throws his skull head and Rick Ross Pulls out his Bill Club and breaks it and runs and hits Juzels Five Times with the bill club then upper cuts him with making him fall in the marry Go Round Ross Spins it fast and makes Juezls Falls off. Camron was fighting Chris Black he kicks Cam in his back then trys to stomp him Cam grabs his foot and swings to the grown but Black lands on his feet and then does  walking kick on Camron knocking him down Fifty who was knocked out in the water came to and bust up well you had fun nigga wigge wiigge wa Jarule does Lu kang Bicycle kick on fifty knocking him on his back. damn fifty its not looking good is it  Jarule pulls out the swrodtime to just it he runs at fifty hits him with the sword knocking him flat on his back  get up he hits him with combo moves with it and then kick him back down all of a sudden M&M hit Ja he fall Em i'm glad to see you Belly Bash he knocks Juezl down Damn B these niggas don't play give it up Young Money baby  he hits Camron Jim Jones  in the face with his guiar they fall did i do that  Birdman throws a bird knocking Banks Yayo Dre to the grown. then he throws one at Dipset knocking them down. Well the mihgty G-unit and Dipset can't even take down Murder inc i told you i have my revange i am sick and tried of planing these **** game with you nigga time to die the G-unit Van come and hits Ja rule and throws him into the water they all jump in and ride off this is not over nigga. i find you and when i do i **** kill you. Dammit. these niggas fight like they on steriods or some ****. i can't believe i'm saying this **** but it looks like it could be over for the Unit we minds well give up and tell Ja he won. Meanwhile at Jarule house they all laugh and toss you see how we had those niggas running man i told you those niggas was no match for me man.that nigga fifty he now my nigga. All of a sudden Game is out of the house looking down on fifty in his house with some niggas with him soon nigga soon.


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Date created: March 7, 2009
Date published: March 7, 2009
Comments: 1
Tags: 6, chapter
Word Count: 998
Times Read: 651
Story Length: 83
Children Rank: 3.1/5.0 (3 votes)
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