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The Dark Life  by f0osh

There he was standing on top of her grave because the love is his life was gone. They have been going out for 2 years now, and because of him, she died.

On July 5th, 2005, it all began when his friend, Jared, called him over to his party and he thought it would be fun if his girlfriend came with him. He drove over to her house and picked her up on their wait to Jared's house. Everything was going fine and he took a couple of shots and drank a couple of beers. She was disgusted by him, she just wanted to go home. She walked outside and then he caught her walking out and followed her.

She was talking to a friend of hers, Johnny, asking him if he could take her home. He came running and tackled Johnny thinking Johnny was trying to hit on his girlfriend. She knew that he was drunk, but didn't want to do anything about it. He yelled at her and told her to get into the car and she did. He got into the car, slammed the door, and began to drive. Just two blocks down from the party, speeding at 60 miles per hour on a 25 miles per hour zone, he crashed into a minivan, killing a mother and her two childrens. The air bags came out and hit both him and his girlfriend. Then he looked to the right and saw red. 

The ambulance came and brought both of them to  bothto a hospital, and two hours later, his girlfriend was pronounced dead.

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  'The Dark Life' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Jan. 4, 2008
Date published: Jan. 4, 2008
Comments: 1
Word Count: 275
Times Read: 1259
Story Length: 4
Children Rank: 3.5/5.0 (9 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (18 votes)