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Thou Shalt Not Kill (4): A Glimmer Of Hope  by expressionarchitect

Prisoner S183479 walked into a windowless gray room. 


“Sit there,” the officer instructed him.


He pulled out the chair and took a seat.  Moments later, Father Preston walked through the door.


“Miguel, my child,” he said, glancing back at the police woman as she closed the door.  “You’re looking good.”  Once he turned back to him, there was a fierceness in his eyes that should never be seen in a man of the cloth.


Miguel was taken aback.  “Father Preston,” he said, regarding the man, “or should I call you Damian?!”  Miguel said, mocking the priest.


“Listen to me and listen very closely,” Father Preston said, leaning in and beginning to whisper.  “We have a new problem.”


Miguel looked at him, quizzically. 




After picking up the medicine, we drove home in complete silence.  Paige, completely confused and embarrassed by my previous behavior, had immediately become engrossed in the latest gossip via her cell phone and I was left to ponder the events of the day.


“Honor your father and mother…ring…RING…RING!!!”  The voice of a killer.  I was sure of it.  It had been the one that the cops were currently looking for.  I couldn’t get his voice out of my head or the school bell ringing.  The school bell ringing!  There had to be someone that saw him if…no, when he was making the call at the school.


I pulled into our garage and Paige hopped out, oblivious to the utter and sheer terror that had gripped me all day.  I stepped into the kitchen, assaulted by the smells of a beautifully prepared dinner.


“Hi honey,” Franco said, warmly.  “How was your day?”


I merely waved at him and fell into his arms for a hug.  The smells were intoxicating!  Being married to a restaurant owner and head chef definitely had it’s advantages!


“It’s been a hectic one,” I said, keeping myself calm.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t talk earlier.”


He smiled.  God how I loved that smile!  “No problem.  I have dinner almost ready.”


“Thanks,” I said, heading towards the stairs.


I stopped short when I heard a blood-curdling scream.


I half-fell, half-ran upstairs, Franco inches behind me.


“Paige!  Paige?!  What’s the matter?”  I screamed as I got to her bedroom door.


What I saw next surprised and terrified me at the same time.  Paige was asleep; deeply asleep.  She looked fine.  Then who had screamed?


Franco got to Paige’s bedroom and stood in the door.


“Adara?  Are you alright?  I heard you falling up that stairs.”


Falling up the stairs?  Hadn’t he heard the scream?


“I’m fine, it’s Paige that I’m worried about.  She was screaming.”


Franco looked at me, puzzled.  He put his hand on Paige’s shoulder and gently shook her. 


“Paige, honey?  Are you alright?”


Paige slowly opened her eyes.  “I’m fine.  What’s wrong?”


“Nothing sweetie,” I forced myself to say.  “Go back to sleep.  Dinner will be ready shortly and I’ll come wake you up then, ok?”


Paige nodded and shifted on her bed, closing her eyes.


When I got to our bedroom, Franco was already there.  He stared at me as I changed out of my power blue pinstripe suit and stilettos into one of his t-shirts and a pair of oversized Tinkerbell pajama pants. 


“Adara?  What’s going on with you?”  Franco looked concerned.


“Nothing,” I lied.  “I’m fine.  Dinner smells great!” I added, in a failed attempt to change the subject.


Franco ignored the compliment.  “I’m serious, honey.  No one screamed.  I came running cause I heard you falling up the stairs.  Please tell me what’s wrong.”  His voice was desperate verging on terrified.


Franco and I had met at a particularly inconvenient time in my life.  A time where my dreams had finally stopped and I thought I’d finally be able to continue on with my life.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I shouldn’t be getting involved with anyone, not since Charlie, but the little girl longing for romance in me took over and I moved in with Franco a month later.  Then the dreams came back.  Horrible, dark images flashed through my mind and not just in my dreams. 


During a session, I had been “impaled”.  The vision had been so realistic that I was on the floor, clutching my side, while my patient stood and cowered on the chair in sheer and utter panic!


It was that day that I saw the murder of Franco’s sister.  However at the time I didn’t know who it was.  I didn’t tell anyone about it.  Why should I?  My visions had never helped anyone before.  The one and only time I had mentioned my visions to anyone, I had been told that they were the work of Satan.


Two days later, Amelia’s body had been found.  She had been deemed the victim of some kind of ritualistic murder.  Crude symbols had been carved into her body along with a note hung around her neck.  Thou Shalt Not Covet 

And now, almost two years later, it was happening again. 


Just then, the phone rang.




“I need to speak to Adara Davis,” said a woman, sounding urgent.


“This is Dr. Davis.  Can I help you?”


“No.  But I think…” she paused.  “I HOPE I can help you.  Where’s your daughter?”


“She’s in her room, sleeping.  Who is this?”


“My name is Esperanza Flores.  Nona was my sister, and if you don’t listen to me and do exactly as I say, your daughter will have the same fate as my sister.”


The phone dropped from my hand.  I looked at Franco, as I sank back onto the bed. 


“Go,” I mouthed more than said.  “Go check on Paige.”


I laid there on the bed awaiting the news that I already knew.  I listened as Franco called for her all over the house.  When he reappeared in the doorway, I allowed the tears to flow.


I reached for the phone.  “She’s gone.  Why are you doing this to me?”


“He doesn’t like sinners, Adara.” It was forced and it sounded like the woman was holding back tears. 


“What do you mean?  Where are you?  What have you done with my daughter?”


The phone went dead. 


“Esperanza?  Hello!?  Where is she?”  I screamed into the receiver.


Franco rushed to me as I tried to stand and quickly fell back onto the bed. 


“He has her,” I moaned.  “He has my daughter.  She’ll end up with one of those damned signs on her…DEAD!” 


“What do you mean, Adara?  Who has Paige?  What’s going on?”


I grabbed for my journal, hoping I’d written something that would help me find her.  Franco took the phone and dialed 911.


“Yes hello.  I need to report a kidnapping….no I didn’t see who took her.  My daughter was in her room and now she’s gone…No she wouldn’t just run away!” Franco was beginning to get agitated.  “Why are you asking me stupid questions when you could be out there, finding my daughter?!”


I didn’t hear anything else that he said.  At the moment, I decided to flip on the television.  Images of police cars and flashing lights assaulted my vision.


”Police are on the scene of what appears to be yet another murder victim in connection with the ComKiller.  No word has yet been released on if this is officially another victim.  Viewers may remember two years earlier when Amelia Degli was brutally murdered and adorned with the crudely written sign, Thou Shalt Not Covet.  With the latest discovery, police have officially stated that the city of Las Vegas has a serial killer on the loose.  More on this story as it unfolds.” 

I turned off the TV.  It was Paige and I knew it.  The phone would ring shortly and it would be a police officer requesting that I come down to identify my baby. 


The phone rang.


I stared at it.  Franco leaned over and grabbed it. 




“Hello, is this Franco?”


“Yes.  Can I help you?”


“Franco, this is Mrs. Doring from across the street.  I was watching the news and I saw the strangest thing.”


Franco spoke animatedly into the phone, and then told me to turn on the TV.


“Police have released the name of the newest victim.  Fourteen year old Eliza Crawford has been named the third victim of the ComKiller.  Found around her neck was the commandment, Honor Thy Mother and Father.  Back to you, Jack.” 

I went to turn the set off again when something caught my eye.  In the background, behind the overly made up news reporter was Paige!  She was alone and fine. 


I grabbed the phone and dialed her cell number. 


After two rings she answered.  “Hello?”


“Paige?!  My God, I just saw you on television.  What are you doing down there?!”


“Mom, I saw it.  I saw Eliza…and I saw her…he killed her, Mom.  I saw it…in my dream.”

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