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chapter 1, part 4: the evil overlord  by dr3arms
all of sudden time froze and carcy per smiled and tipped his hat. "i do believe its time for a change of scenery....HOW DO YOU LIKE THIS!?" all at once the walls, ceiling, and floor started shaking, the group of the newly established debate society still frozen in place as everything fell away to reveal a vast darkness around them all. "i see your doing well these days carcy, and these must be the new members of thedebate society?" a voice in suddenly cold tones spoke with a slight hint of malice. "yes, they are, and why are you always so damned cold and evil? why cant you be all nice, happy and fluffy?" the voice was slient and then the darkness evaporated into a bright and shiny field with cartoonish rainbows and bright green fields, and rainbows and deer that were frolicking. and right in front of carcy per there was a fluffy bunny with a cotton ball tail.

"see? that wasnt so bad now was it? and youve changed yourself into a nice bunny-" "AN EVIL FLUFFY BUNNY!" the rabbit spoke in menacing tones. "THE TIME WILL SOON DRAW NEAR WHEN I SHALL TAKE MY PLACE AS RIGHTFUL RULER OF THIS PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A CAMPUS! AND NO AMOUNT OF FLUFFY BUNNIES WILL CHANGE THAT! ooo! a carrot!" carcy per didnt know which was more confusing, the new members of the debate society, or the fact that his seemingly evil overlord had changed himself into a rabbit and hopped off after a magical singing carrot. "I SHALL CONSUME YOUR SOUL VILE CARROT!" "hi therw! do you want to sing?" the carrot asked in a cheerful tone of voice. "ABOUT CONSUMING YOUR SOUL!? MWA HA HA HA HA HA!" carcy knew that laugh. that carrot was not going to survive the sing along.

time resumed as if nothing ever happened, but it did, and no one took any real notice. leis netme was the first to unfreeze, "uhm, she hasn't accused me of being self-loathing or racist... why is that carrot screaming in pain?" leis netme was too distracted by what was happening in front of her to realize that a conversation was going on with out her. carcy per just sat back and watched things unfold and kept a careful eye out for any other magical carrot with a penchant for suicidal questions. but it was too late. "hello mr. bunny rabbit!" it said in a goofy voice and a bright smile on its face. unaware of the death it would soon experience. "would you like to sing a song?" the evil overlord turned fluffy bunnywith flaming red eyes pounced on it while the carrot sang the abc song. "I MUST FEED!"

camil took notice of the scene as well but it didnt really register into her mind yet. "Oh those poor white people." she began to rage at aden again. "It's called sarcasm idiot. So far I've only identified you and Sherrice as oreos," she point an accusing finger over at serrice then at aden with a look of indignation that there parents even thought of falling in love iwth each other. "so I don't know where these countless threads are." carcy per noticed yet another singing carrot happily bounce its way into the overlords open bunny mouth and then scream like myb lured being raped by arnold. "I like tearing people apart. It's fun, especially when they're all in their feelings and I'm not," camil caught a few insults hurled at her but kept on going. "so thanks. This has been quite enjoyable. AND WHAT THE **** IS UP WITH THAT DAMNED RABBIT!?"

ryan took no notice of the evil and cute rabbit waging war again the creatures of the magical story book that were seemingly dying in the millions. "nice angry black woman impression subtle, I see what you did thursday. um... should we help him out or something?" he asked carcy who just shrugged and and listened intently to what they were saying. "uh... do need any help little bunny guy...sir.. thing?" the bunny stopped its merciless slughter of bambi mother clones, blue birds, singing carrots, floating pots, pans, giants, elves, frog, rubber ducks, sporks and spifes. then hippety hopped up to ryan and stood on its hind legs while wiggling its nose. ryan couldnt help but pick it up and cuddle with it until the monstrous and utterly evil voice crept out of the seemingly harmless bunny.

"i will slaughter the innocent of this land, drink of there blood from there still beating hearts, and then bash each and every one of your skulls in to eat the ripe contents that lay inside. NOW PUT ME DOWN SO THAT I MAY GO NIBBLE ON THE EVIL ARMY OF MAGICAL CARROTS!! I LIKE CARROTS!" ryan did as he was told, and then promply **** and wet himself while at the very same instant, had a runny nose, and started crying because he had just truly discovered what the face of pure evil looked like. and it had whiskers. very, very soft whiskers.

aden was either really pissed or really scared of the bunny, either way she was oging to have the last word no matter matter. "leis netme, stop yelling at me. the title was continued in the topic. calm down." she turned her attentions towards the slightly mortified camile, "you're so quick to rip into me lately, and i have no idea why, i've never given you a reason?" "I WILL DRINK OF YOUR SOULS VILE ADORABLE CREATURES!" camile had just about enough of the rabbit and his evil talk. she ran over to him, grabbed him by the ears, "LET ME G- OH ****!" and punted him so hard that he simply exploded into a ball of fluffiness and rainbows.
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