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"Infinite Web, The charcoaled remains of the promised souls" -> (2 skipped) -> "the kingdom of ice" -> "the explosion"

Kims journey begins  by dr3arms

kim had been traveling for two weeks to the south of her location, the simple fact that she could fly as high as she wanted to meant that she couldve just flew straight upwards and discovered something marvelous about the great ball of clouds that seemed to be in perpetual motion through out the center of the sky. she flew through vast jungles, and trecherious mountain ranges, over vast expanses of desert and through the warm and ice cube filled oceans to complete her quest. along the way, she stopped in a town called nito mar, just a few hundred miles from her homeland. she noticed that there wasnt any people around and that only occaisionaly she would bump into ghosts that wre playing cards.

kim went through the trouble of exploring the whole city of nito mar to discover that not only were the only inhabitants ghosts, that there were seventy five thousand of them that seemed to be the only things populating the city. after a few days of wandering around nito mar, kim decided to get something to eat, and maybe ask a few questions along the way. she stopped in a little soup kitchen called "better then living", and floated to a booth that had vlue cotton popping out of the seats every where form the cuts and scratches. "ive got to findo ut whatm ightve caused that explosion to the south of thek ingdom. i know that ive heard rumours among the kingdoms people that there are other colonies out there in the world, andm y master only wants strong souls to join his cause." as she sat thinking, the ghost of a ten year old boy with no face sat in the seat across from her.

its empty eye sockets looking over her body trying to figureo ut if she was one of htei nhabitants of nito mar, or just a passer by. "have you decided on what you would like to eat? that is... if you have a mouth to eat with..." the waiter said suddenly, scaring kim just a little bit so that she hovered a few feet above the table. "your soup dell incubo sounds nice-" "it isnt." "well all the same, i will try it. by the way, have you heard anything from your patrons about an explosion to the south of nito mar?" kim asked with a slight hint of intrigue. the waiter, not really knowing why any decent dead person would even care about the world of thel iving, only gave her a slightl ook of suspiscion.

"here in nito mar, we try not to get involved with the world of the living. but we do get a lot of pulsers here lately wondering about that explosion. to tell you the truth," the waiter said excitedly, "im kinda interested in the situation now myself! if only i get out of the life beginning job, then id be free to go search myself!" kim nodded in agreement as she took notice of the  ghost boy who was staring at her. "dont mind him, he just does that to give the place a little more flavor if you know what i mean." the waiter smiled. this didnt tell kim anything useful at all. "tell you what, if i get you fired, will you come with me and tell me all youve heard from these 'pulsers'?" she asked again with a slight hint of adventure in her voice.

"nah, ill just quit and come with you. the last time someone got another waiter fired on purpose, they blew up the place. took forever to get the soup kitchen rebuilt. you know, with us being ghosts and all." kim sank back down into her seat again as the waiter flew off into the managers office through the door. the next few minutes it sounded like  there was a fight going onfrom the holes that were being knocked into the walls. "YEAH WELL I HOPE YOU CROSSOVER SOMEDAY TOO YA JERK! ok im ready."


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Date created: June 14, 2009
Date published: June 16, 2009
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