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"sogno della dinistia: infinito sentiero"

chapter 2  by dr3arms

“WHAT THE **** ARE YOU SAYING? I TOLD YOU ALREADY I CANT UNDERSTAND GERMAN, NIEN GERMAN SPEAKY YOU FOCKER!” THE Todesgreifertaifun ripped across the giants body, slashing huge chunkks of the body apart and felling it in one swoop as the huge tornado split into three as morgan transformed it again, “Todesgreifer-Blitzschlag.” the tornado of todesgriefer chains dissapated as the giants many peices became millions upon millions of tiny psychopathic german midgets with screwed up hair, and messed up mustaches. “Blitzarmageddon” all at once the army of giant midgets that looked suspisiocly like hitler looked up into the sky and saw seven skelital agnels  held together with bolts of lighting, each held two barreled missle launcher, each with a name of its own. the female giant looked at morgan with a renewed interest at his abilities and smiled.

“forse, è quello per concludere i re di incubo frena in avvenire. attende per essere veduto, non diverso del suo formato molto piacevole dei privates… anche! attachilo il mio esercito dei giganti, DIVENTI il VOSTRO FORMATO ALLINEARE! LO ORDINO! ATTACHILO CON LA VOSTRA RESISTENZA COMPLETA E NON LASCI NIENTE DIETRO!” the army of giant hitler ripoffs grew to there original size, fourhundred feet as morgan stood still and clamly called the names of the skelital angels.


the skeiltal angel in the middle flew into the direct path of one giants oncoming fist and aimed his missle launcher. “elektrischer Taifun” the launcher made a quick sucking sound as the fist was caught into the barrel, the angels head lifted and revealed a sickly and insnael ook on his face as his missle luancher fired all four barrels at full force to unleash the biggest tidal wave of electrical current morgan had ever seen. and considering that he hadnt really seen electrical current used in this form, he was pretty **** impressed. the wave crashed down on five million giants, frying the brains and causing hearts attacks among the lot of them, there smoking corpses turned to ash before the giant females eyes.

“is that the best you can do? giants? NEXT, UP TO BAT IS ERDE!” wasser fell to the ground and turned to a pile of dust which was sucked into erdes open mouth as his right eye became a bright and firey blue as he crashed to the ground causing a crater four feet in radius and confusing the remaining thirty million giants that were rocketing towards morgan with deathly speed.

“schwarzer Wald der Dorne”

erde shoved both of his launchers deep into the ground and pulled the triggers with his boney fingers as five million more giants fell into a cavernos underground forest. erde smiled again as he waited for the command from his master.

“erweitern Sie”

the screams of the giants could be heard as the spines from the trees shot out and poked through the ground four feet  and blossomed to reveal varios limbs in its blossomed state. erde laughed menacingly as it consumed its feast of death andgave a short bow to morgan before turning into a pile of dust and being suck into the next angel.


erdes dust was sucked into feuers mouth as his right eye became half firey blue and half forest green and flames shot out from his joints as  the remaining twenty five million giants  still coming at morgan full force with a blood lust in there eyes for there fallen comrades. “ER SPRICHT VOLLKOMMENES DEUTSCHES DIESER VERDAMMT LÜGNER! STAMPFT ER IN STAUB UND ZERREISST DANN DIESEN STAUB IN NICHTS MEINE BRÜDER!” feuer cast and blazing glow on the next five million giants as he eagerly awaited morgans next command. he spoke with a firey voice that caused the army to get sunburned and caused blisters to appear on there bodys. “KRANKE STELLTE SIE GANZ FUNKELND EIN, BEVOR SIE NAHE MEINEM MEISTER SOGAR ERHALTEN KÖNNEN!”

morgan smiled in eagerness as he let feuer get worked up for a few seconds before making the command. “kosmisches Inferno: Bomben weg!” feuer looked as if he had been given a new lease on life as he speedily blasted his payload carefully and precisely into varios pockets for maximum effect. “kosmisches Inferno: Bomben weg! kosmisches Inferno: Bomben weg! kosmisches Inferno: Bomben weg! kosmisches Inferno: Bomben weg!” he cackled as the bombs exploded with a blinding light as the four remaining skelital angels hung in the air like rag dolls, awaiting there masters call, the minds ablaze with feuers thoughts and emotions, but unable to act on there own untill called. morgan noticed this and highly anticipated the next two angels actions as twenty million giants started to comprehend what they were up against, but hastily ran to there certain deaths, as the femal giant watched breathlessly at the powers of the man that the giants were unable to get near because of the attacks.

morgan shook hands with feuer and watched with a kind of sadness as he fell to dust, as had the others and swiftly was sucked into the next two skelital angels, who were holding hands, one male and the other female, the only organic part of them was there decayed and dust ridden hearts. each had one eye missing, one on the right, and the other on the left. the dust from feuer flew into there open mouths as tere hearts resonated and activated. the empty sockets glowed blue, the green, the an intense and pulsing red. ’say it master…’ both thought as her heart grew blacker and blacker while his heart grew paler and paler till it was almost snow white.

morgan danced around a little bit before making a peace sign and taking a deep breath and stroke a ridiculos pose and smiled upwards and yelled at the top of his lungs again. “Geliebte der oppisites: helles und Schwärzungserscheinen, welches die Befugnis beider Seiten vereinigte! DAMN STRAIGHT I KNOW GERMAN YOU UGLY BASTARDS!”

licht and shwarzungs voices exhaled as they flew to oppisite sides of the next ten million giants and proceeded to dance till they were close enough to cause and black storm cloud to open up between them and start to rain upon the giants until the ground was saturated, as they eagerly awaited morgans command.

morgan looked up at light and shwarzen, unable to express his gratitude for all that they had done for him, and licht nodded back and prepared for the best thing they had coming to the giants. “ok… here we go. legen Sie nach thy Liebe, der Kuss, um alle Küsse zu beenden, und töten Sie die Riesen, die Ihr Hauptleben bedrohten: REGEN DER VERGESSENHEIT!”  all at once, licht closed his eye and gently caressed shwarzungs jet black hair and leaned in to give her a kiss, as his lips closed in to hers he whispered softly, “ich liebe dich ließ Licht… uns Rückhol von, woher wir zusammengerufen wurden.”

the wet ground hardened into ice, and as the giants fell from slipping on the ground, pillars punched through there bodies, some were still upright while others had been punctured while they were facing both upwards and towards the ground.

shwarzung savored the moment and whispered back to licht, “ich liebe dich zu meinem lieben Ehemann, lassen Sie uns von diesen miserablen Riesen frei sein, und zeigen Sie ihnen unsere Liebe für einander.” they kissed, a soft, longing passionate kiss, and as they kissed, the pillars had risen to even greater heights as to reach the stars and instantly expanded breaking the ten million deeply frozen giants into chunks of there former selves as the chunks burned up in the atmosphere. “master, our work here is done,” licht said in a german accent, “may we return to our rest?” shwarzung finished her husbands comment with a giggle. morgan loked up again as the two turned to dust and was sucked into the remaining two skelital angels, still hungering for there chance to shine, there thoughts racing with possibilities of the horrors they could inflict on there share of the remaining giants. the remaining two were linked togather at the arms and legs, by heavy thick chains that wrapped around there entire bodies until there master called there names with a slight hint of fear.

the giants that were still alive, now watched in terror as there comarades were being burnt alive, electrocuted, shattered, skewered like shishkabobs, and generaly not treated very nice. the femal giant had long since left, but kept an eye on the progress of things and in particular watched the last pair of skelital angels as morgan called there names with a hint of fear and regret in his voice.

“das Alpha und das Omega, der Anfang und das Ende, rufe ich Sie, da ich die anderen, aufrichte Ihre Köpfe zusammengerufen habe zusammen und beende diesen Kampf, wie Sie wünschen! dieses ist mein Befehl und Sie befolgen!”

as the chains that bound them together turned to dust and were suck into there mouths, along with wasser, erde, feuer, licht and shwarzungs dust, there eyes became like the rainbow, all the powers of the previos angels at there hands, and they had complete freedom to anihilate there enemy as they wished. alpha and omega, the two most fearsome angels at morgans disposal, disspeared in the blink of a eye along with the remaining ten million giants, never to be heard from for the next four hours, until morgan had a warm feeling in his gut telling him that all the angels were back to resting in peace, and that alpha and omega had been bound together again.

Morgan had started a small campfire in an old lava cave, but it was still bitterly cold. He still hadn’t found any clothes, either; nor were there any animals in the dream dimension domestic enough to lure to keep him warm. He had trouble staying awake, though. The last fight had left him exhausted, but not so much that he didn’t hear someone, or rather, something pacing outside the cave. Morgan immediately froze in place, ready to grab a flaming branch from his fire if need be. The steps came closer, & the shadow that crept in vaugely showed the animal’s form. Four-legged, yet strangely graceful despite it’s bulk. Morgan strained his ears to hear anything, & a low whine met him. ‘A dog?’ he thought, puzzled, just as the animal stepped into view. A huge, snow-white wolf with piercing blue eyes  stood before him, a smoky quartz crystal hanging from a silver chain around it’s neck. It gazed at him curiously, and Morgan felt a gentle female voice in his head.
‘I promise not to hurt you; don’t be afraid.’ Bewildered, Morgan could only stare open-mouthed. He felt the she-wolf chuckle softly.

‘I see you still haven’t found any clothing…’ her eyes flicked over his too-exposed body. ‘…not that I’m complaining. But no; I didn’t stop here just to ogle. Here,’ Morgan noticed a dark green bundle on her back, which she tugged free with her teeth and tossed in his lap. He undid the hemp rope that held it together. A large blanket made out of scraps of moss stitched together with what looked like stands of silver thread unrolled around him. He looked up, speechless. The wolf was smiling and wagged it’s tail. ‘That oughta keep your **** warm tonight. And yes, I made it for you, in case you’re wondering.’

‘YOU made this? How-’ ‘Not in this form, of course. I have to leave now.’ the wolf turned tail and loped off, but not before Morgan glimpsed strands of purple among the white fur out of the corner of his eye. He shook his head. “Great,” he muttered, “now I’m hallucinating.” he curled up under the moss-blanket, questions spinning in his head.

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