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"the debate of factions, chapter 1: the beginning of everything" -> "the debate of factions, chapter 2: the black fog"

the debate of factions, chapter 3: planned coincidence  by dr3arms

the debate of factions, part three: planned coincidence

adam shook his head in confusion and took his seat, looking at dr. arms as he did so. "sorry man, i couldnt think of anything to say." "thats alright, what matters is you tried your best. ill finish it from here." anony and conte were starting to see the effects of the black fog all around them, the size of the room increased dramaticaly, the room became circular is shape and rows upon rows chairs seemed to morph out of the wall, followed by shadows of creatures resembling squid. "i dont think this is part of the meeting agenda conte." conte looked around, wide eyed as the creatures started chanting in some unknown language. 

"devratu foret ghot vong forru ti lu, deveret for tonudes es duex for liet. GROMAFU! GROMOFU! GROMOFU!" dr. arms took no notice of this or the factthat he was now speaking on a pillar of considerable height while wires and electrodes attached themselves to the base of his head, or to the fact that before his eyes a gaint robot was materializing infront of him. "very...good? i guess? are republican's this confusing all the time? or just in matters of war? anyways, i must apologize for my rudeness leanne and for that of my friend, vulgar. but you....are feally **** confusing to say the least."

the robots gears squealed and its joints rumbled into motion as servos and eletricity pounded through out its entire being. its shape in resemblance ot that who was on the podium. 

"i know that your probably a very intelligent person and that you have your views on whats right and whats wrong. same here, and im sure we can both agree to some extent that what your saying doesnt really make sense. so ill try to put it in perspective for you with a little story in first person perspective. just to give you a hint of why they want to get there butts home."

leanne took no notice either of the pillar she was on either as her creature materialized before her and wires connected to the base of her head as the creatures movements in synch with her thoughts.

"every night you have the same dream, bullets are flying everywhere as your troop leader gives the orders to move out. you peek over the car remains to check for signs of insurgents and then you hear it. the sound of an incoming missle getting closer and closer, and just as its about to hit you, you wake up. its been four horrible months since you were shipped to iraq, the hundred plus weather beats down on you in your heavy inform as your thoughts return to your family and friends, though youve made great friends here in your troop, you hear bits and peices of the politics going on in the states of bush pushing to keep you iraq. another five weeks pass and you and the rest of the contingent want to go home."

the squid shadows chanted there eerie chant over and over again, there eyes never leaving the two speakers as there creatures did battle while the two debated the current issue. adam was stunned to say the least as he leaned over to soldier girl who was astonished, amazed and slightly paralyzed with fear at the sight of two monsters battling it out fifty feet in fron of her, "hey...this is better then any godzilla movie. no rubber suits."

"i saw something on shellshock, where everything seems to slow down for one moment and all things are made clear in the mind. however short the period of time this event takes place, the effects are always the same, fatigue, nightmares, depression, and sometimes in extreme cases, suicide. however since the troop want to come home, so this way they can avoid have and or getting shellshock and lead normal lives."

"GROMOFU! GROMOFU! GROMOFU!" the suid shadows chanted in unison, there vioces sounding like the crushing force of a tsunami five miles high. the creatures fought, slamming, scratching, biting, hitting, kicking and flining each other like paper dolls, neither giving in and neither having an advantage over the other. eric ripped out his hidden camcorder and started to record the whole show as a squid shadow next to him chanted "GROMOFU!" "bless you." eric said in confusion, "you know, they have medication for what you have. the squid shadow turned to him in confusion shook his head, and pointed to the creatures battling it out with increased rage as dr. arms finished his statement. "gromofu, tienak deo fram, gromofu!" "....ok. and on that note."

"do you have kids? are they safe at home? well imagine that your a parent of a soldeir who has to wonder if theyll see theyre kid again or if theyll get a letter saying that they died in combat or went awol, mia, kia, became a pow, or a hostage for that matter, all because they were just doing there job. i think the death toll in this war already speaks volumes about what choice we should make. i think personaly that bush should get our troops out of there so they can get some well needed rest, catch up with there families see there kids and friends. wouldnt you agree?"

dr. arms beast slugged leannes in the jaw so hard the head ripped off and dematerialized back into the ground. "oooh...." she says as she falls back a little ways, the pillar morphing out another section of platform so she wouldnt fall off it. the pillars sank into the ground as dr. arms ran over to his beast, looked up at the creature looking down at him. "... damn you ugly. but you hit well, so ive got no problems with you." and continued over to leannes side while the squid shadows began to quiet down for a minute. "are you all right leanne? i wonder whats going on here? well have to do some investigating on the matter. but first lets get you taken care of. ADAM!

"get down here as fast as possible please, im going to need your help carring miss leanne over to her seat." "DO I LOOK LIKE A MISS?!" "well, you are a woman." adam raced down the rows of seats to the now admirable arena floor and helped dr. arms carry the woman to her seat. "you know, i wasnt trying to be rude, just trying to open her eyes. honestly i have mixed feelings about the war, for the most part I am against it, but i think the original cause was justifiable now its just obscene. there we we are... how are you dong leanne?" she looked up at the two of them for a second before answering. " im okay, rethinking my statement... I think I was having a blonde moment and what I was trying to say, was that I do support the troops and the war and even if you don't support the war... you should at least support the troops that are over there. and why are they staring at us like that?" adam sighed, "i respect them, but give them no support. i dont know.... hey eric! you know what going on here?"

eric who didnt understand a lick of the squid shadows language was doing his best to try to interperit what the thing next to him was saying. "we.. are... trying... to...summon...a... gia...no thats not it... a gold... golf... ball, " eric turned to his friend and shrugged his shoulders, "as far as i can tell there trying to summon a gold golf ball. what owuld they want a golden golf ball for? do they want to give tiger woods a gift or something?" a woman next to soldier girl was in fits of laughter over what dr. arms had said. "i love that comment about republicans... anywho.

"this is probably the first time i'm in agreement with you. my names crystal... but everyone calls me idybidy, back to what i was saying... i support the troops, my cousin is out there. i don't, however, support out president...enough said about that one..is it just me..or does anyone else get a kick outta the things that come out of his mouth?" she smiled at adam as he nodded slowly, looking at the places the wires had attached themselves to. " i agree, he is pretty funny when it comes to speeches...and doesnt he have someone to write them for him?" idybidy laughed again "ya he does... and yet... he's still funny... i just don't get it!" her laughter caused soldier girl to relax a bit more and gigle nervously.

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