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"Infinite Web, The charcoaled remains of the promised souls" -> (2 skipped) -> "the kingdom of ice" -> "the explosion"

the three warriors of ice  by dr3arms

monte had given life into that which had not life before. the three warriors of ice looked at there creator intently. "what you like name us?" the first one said through a gash in the side of his head. monte had to admit, though he had created life, they were ugle as sin. the first of the threee was a bit stout looking with thin legs that ended in points. "well?" it questioned simply. "stupid. thats what im calling you. stu." stu looked at his creator with one large blinking eye that was located on his chin, while the other was simply in its rightful place.

the second of the three stepped forth like a snow man with one rather large foot. :well, my king, it seems as though stu is the leader of our little trio. what shall we be called?" monte didnt have time for this nonsense. "fine, fine, your big, and the shrimp over there will be pididiot. and i shall make you, big, the leader of team big, stu and pididiots." NOW SEARCH LAND SEE AND AIR FOR MORE POWERFUL SOULS,MY BIG STUPID IDIOTS! DO NOT FAIL YOUR KING,  OR I SHALL MELT YOU WHERE YOU STAND!"demeonte shouted as he stood and pointed a finger towards the door, hoping to the creator that the three would leave as soon as possible. 

so it was that team big stupid idiots, was formed. although, every time they passed through a town, they were horribly mocked. this made monte very happy for some reasion.

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Date created: June 17, 2009
Date published: June 17, 2009
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Tags: ar, arc, ch, charcoaled, chel, ed, fin, fire, float, gray, grefnu, he, in, infinite, ins, intel, ite, kim, led, ls, mai, matt, mis, monte, oal, of, orb, ou, pro, project, projects, promised, proposal, propose, re, remains, rob, skeleton, skeletons, so, souls, t, te, the, ve, web
Word Count: 289
Times Read: 531
Story Length: 1