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EXTRA chapter 17: credianeeh vs nordabeat  by dr3arms
morgan slid back into the sphere of black liquid, his thoughts commanding the shell as it formed a cockpit where he could control the thing more easily. "groovy." he sadi to no one in particular as wires and plugs snapped themselves into place and a long need jammed straight into the back of his head, giving him more control then he thought possible. "its amazing, i can feel this things heartbeat, pulse and breath... andn ow im hungry. now to come up with some sort of fancy name for you. hmm...ghoster? nah..."

sarah also commanded control of the shell she was in as her cockpit formed and wires fastened themselves into place as her shells need jammed into place into the back of her head. there wasnt any ain at all, but it did feel weird knowing she was still alive while the needle moved around inside her brain. "what should i call you.. ... hmm... credianeeh. yeah that should do it. what do you girls think of it? the shell and the black liquid that supported it gave warm feelingso n the matter. "good. now lets show this guy what the power of the rouge really taste like!" credianeeh took a step and opened its eyes to see the shell oppisite of her still standing still, its arms crossed while pondering what to call itself.

"ahh screw it... lets just go with nordabeat! i like the sound of that! how about you guys?" the shell and black liquid gave a firey feeling that almost singed the occupant. "HEY! lets try and NOT kill the thing your placing your hopes and dreams on ok?" another feeling of sorrow with through him as his shell activated fully. steam venting from  varios vents. "LETS GO GET ER NORDABEAT!"

and so it started, the fight between friend that would change everything, nordabeat took a stance as he prepared to face off against credianeeh  as she ran past building at full speed sending shock waves with every step she took. nordabeat smiled the best way a shell with no face could smile and reared back and a fifteen yard lond blad shot from his arms, jutting out like spikes as he ran forward! "HA! YOU MAKE THE MISTAKE OF NOT BRINGING OUT YOUR WEAPONS!" came the voice of a combination of nordafet, the beast and morgan all rolledinto one. " no, i didnt morgan-" "THE NAMES NORDABEAT! GOT IT!?" he swung foward, slicing through the buildings at the sides of him as the blades hit there marks dead on. the shell of credianeeh  wasnt scratched at all as she caught the blades in each of her hands anf forced them back into nordabeats direction. "id rather use skill then weapons nordabeat." came the voice of sarah delarose, gretchen aneeh and credion rouge all rolled into one. 

"then shall we end this like civilized beings?"  nordabeat asked smiling again. "what? you mean like gaint hulking shelled creatures bent upon destroying each other as well as a heavily metropolitan area? sure why not!" credianeeh rammed an elbow into nordabeats face plate, sending him reeling to the biulind behind him, but not before aiming a kick at credianeehs chest plate, knocking her on her back and crushing some s.u.v's in the process. "ha!" he stammered as he jumped back into position and launed yet another set of blades from his arms at her, this time the blades stuck into the shelled carapace like darts in a dartboard. "ow! you hurt me!" "well duh!" nordabeat said as he jumped into the air and slammed down onto the still pinned credianeeh causing a giant earthquake. "oh yeah, like thats helping any!" credianeeh responded by giving nordabeat a hug, "what was that for?" he said still confused at the attack until he saw his own blade stabbedinto his abdomen. "ooh... smart girl!" black liquid leaked from the wounds and spattered onto the floor as the action coninued, blow by agonizing blow they traded each other. 

a freight train to face face plate of credianeeh cracked it in half,  smaller chips falling to the ground while a spidrweb patterned crack revealed more black liquid leaking in a smile amount. "huh... you dont look too hot. then again, your just a monstrosity. just like me!" nordabeat again slammed his hands onto her back and sent her to the ground. 'sarah, i think its time we revealed our weapons.' credianeeh spoke through grunts. 'sure thing' sarah thought back as the shell righted it self once agian and dusted itself off. "ok, enough with the stratigy, lets go hunting!" credianeeh screamed at the top of her lungs as her arms split open  and gatling guns fromed in there stead. "oh snap." was all the nordabeat could get out as the rounds she fired into him sent him through biuldings, bridges and other not so nice things. "ha!" you shouldnt brag about beating me if you know whats good for you!"
she said it too soon as he got up, the holes in his shell spurting black liquid as he moved and breathed. 'morgan ol buddy?' 'yeah?' 'how you holding up in there?' 'still alive and kicking. yourself?' oh im not doing too badly, im just a bit holey. should we just let us whup on us... or do we want to respond in kind?'morgan laughed inside the cockpit as a glaringly angery smiley face button showed itself. 'fire away good buddy!' the holes sealed themselves up and a large cannon shot out from the crotch of the shell. nordabeat looked down and was instantly not impressed at all. "come on you little bugger, move up to the arms NOW!" credianeeh could only stare in disbeilief at what just happened. "did... you just get a boner?" already embarrased at the weapons revealing, nordabeat swore under his breathe, the cannon sinking back into the crotching moving a couple of sections upwards and shot out again.

"now i thought i told you not to tell lies!" he was already ticked off as it as, but he was pissed off now. "OH SHUT IT ALREADY!" the resulting blast from the cannon took off credianeehs right arms but completly ripped off nordabeats head and sent it flying into the nearest biulding. the black liquid now gushing from the new wound. "ok...ok... i get the point. the headless shell walked over to where the head was and jammed its hand into the neck slot and fashioned an arms cannon. "ha! i may be headless but morgans still got control of the situation!"

morgan could only laugh again at his shells postion and decided enough was enough and hit the button labled self destruct, 'oh come on! whyed you have to do that?' 'cause your **** is getting handed to you and your nearly out of liquid. if you havent noticed.'

sarahs shell wasnt in any better condition, the shells arm had sustained heavy damage  and she was slowly losing black liquid all over the place. at last glance sarah saw that credianeeh only had a good three minutes before she was completly empty. 'sorry to do this to you aneeh and credion, but ive got no real choice. see you when i wake up.' 'damn you! we almost have him! we almost killed him! your giving up now?' 'hey, youve got three minutes before you crash anyways, and from what the beast has told me, that crash aint going to peaceful or quiet. so yeah i am. later.' she hit the button labled self destruct on the console and got out of there before anything happened.

morgan simply jammed his hand on the button and didnt wait for nordabeat to kneel down as he lept for the cockpit. the three thirds now only two on both sides, they simply just fell to peices, black liquid not holding form anymore, gushed onto the ground and peices of shell breaking off from the whole.

sarah landed on the ground with a hard thud. "get off my back please. ouch... youd think the rouge and deom wouldve come to some sort of agreement here wouldnt you? youve got blakcl iquid on your face." sarah slowly woke up to morgans voice and smiled. "as well... as you morgan. ouch. yeah i know, its almost as if they want to tear each others throats out." the shell and the liquid returned to there previos state as aneeh and credion reformed one pair and the beast and nordafet reformed the other. the beast now considerably more damaged then he thought he would be. simply looked at the two. "but... what about... you know... kaboom?" nordafet simply smiled. "sorry beast, no kaboom on other side. we simply have to work things out between the rouge and ourselves. come on, lets go join the two friends. maybe they can explain there actions."

credion looked in dispair and disapointment at sarah, and aneeh simply looked disgusted at the sight of morgan and sarah getting along. "well... no use getting all moody about it gretchen, lets go and said our dues to the two humans." "but im hman as well!" "oh yeah... sorry about that." the six looked at each other  and said nothing for the longest time, they didnt move, they didnt breathe. they just stood there, looking lbankly at each like a nude person covered in grease jsut ran by. 

"but...why?" nordafet asked boldly.
"come on... give me a reason not to tear them apart!" credion screamed in anguish.
"youve got to be kidding me. after all that? after all that fighting, you tow just gave up? what the hell is the matter with you two?!" aneeh asked insultingly as she returned to her human state.
"well... this is different." the beast simply stated.

morgan looked at the four, then back to sarah, as if she was going to comeo ut with the great speach, but she only looked back and expected the same of him. "well... to be honest, i just dont want to fight her. it was fun while it lasted, and we beat the snivels out of eachother... but heres a thought for you four.... WHY THE HELL CANT YOU JUST GET ALONG!?"

the beast coughed nervously.

"its because... well... both the deom... and rouge... are the spirits of slaves of two great lovers... and one day. jeez this is really embarrasing, not slaves in the way that you were thinking, but slaves to our own minds and hearts, the deom, of hearts, and the rouge.. of the minds. so when the two lovers fought each other... and broke up. we blamed each other and cause around.. what?" he looked at credion, still miffed that the beast lived. "fifty thousand years of war?"

morgan simply just sat down, thinking about everything that just happened. "you mean...to tell me... that your two sides, both the deoms and the rouge, are fighting for fifty thousand years... because two people couldnt get the romance in order and broke up?"

both nordafet and redion nodded stupidly.

nowi t was sarah turn.

"and the reason you brought us over her... to the dream dimension... was so we could  end this war...over a stupid break up?"

both the beast and aneeh nodded stupidly.

"wow... " he began. "simply. wow.  get your freaking acts together and play nice. come on sarah, weve got to wake up now. this is simply stupid. all over a friggin break up." a bright flash of light and both sarah and morgan were out of the dream world and in an entirley different country all together. "damn it! were in italy! hey look at the creepy old mansion! lets go over there and see if they got a phone so we can call and make some flights." they had walked for another fifteen minutes towards the mansion in the middle of the night when they got to the gates, and read the sign. "il meraviglioso casa di sogno dinistia." interestingly enough, there was a small boy thee who had bright orange eyes storing into one of the many windows of the house.

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