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EXTRA chapter 15: deom or rouge  by dr3arms
"something bad is going down. i need your help."  the captain  slowly stops in his tracks, thinking his life is about to end, looks up behind him to find himself face to abs with the beast itself.  the beast only looks at morgan pointedly and says it again, in case they didnt hear him the first time. "something big is going down... and i need your help."  the captain, much to everyones dissapointment proceeds to once again, insult the beast. " well, WHO  the hell do you think you are?! huh? mr. "oh look at me im the big nasty beast and-"  before the captain continues, the beast grabs him in his left claw, the nails scratching where they touched. "look.... im not... in ... the... mood... to screw around here. im only hear to ask for morgans help... and morgans alone. if you dont like me, then just dont like me. im not going to complain, ive killed better then you in the dream world, and since your just a puny human in a coma... if you die in the dream world." he smiled lethaly as he pulled the captain closer to his open mouth as he spoke. "that mean... you die in the waking one as well."

the captain fully aware now of the impications he was facing suddenly had the brightest idea anyone had ever heard from him since the war began. "hey! lets help out the beast! i want to live!" he said with a slightly sarcastic smile then managed to wiggle his way out of the beasts grip while it simply stared at the group of humans. "sarah... your protection of the dream dinasty is no longer required, you would only be getting in the way, along with aneeh. but since shes been corrupted by bredion, and i dont think sehs in the mood to let your friend go. i should think that the best course of action would be to fight her on her own terms. so i guess this means youll have to fuse with credion as well." sarah couldnt beleive what she was hearing. the beast sounded almost like morgan except for the growling tones, lower voice and deeply troubled tones in his voice. " and what will you do? fuse with him and nordefet?" "its the only way sarah..." morgan said with out much feeling in his voice. "i dont like having to fuse with the beast as much as nordefet, but thats the way its gotta be you know?"

nordafet was listening this whole time, deciding whether or not to let the fusion take place or not. he weighed the outcome heavily on what might happen in most cases, and what might not happen. there was a case of someone doing a tripple fusion with there inner bestie as well as there deom, and in the end he was killed, lost in his own madness because of the guilt they carried  in there minds about so many things. nordafet was almost too silent and kept out of the way during conversations between the beast and morgan, only taking over when there conversations got a little testy. and even then, the beast amlost always proceeded to attack the deom symbiot with out much caring what happened to morgans body in the process. but he was able to calm things down before morgan was torn apart completely. it had been five months since the beast plea for help.

it explained to them that there had to be a battle between two trifusiory ever couple of hundred years. the reason why was because even the the dream dimension was in its own right a reality, the dreamers themselves were under constant srain from dreaming at night. stresses, worries, heartbrakes were creating more and more rouge deom then before, and there numbers were well beyond counting. the good deom, who had to protect the dimension, proceed to make an agreement with the rouge, in that agreement, after five hundred years, two waking dimension creatures would be sleected to do battle with each other, no matter who they were in the world, what there relation, and how far apart they were.

there would also be two deom themselves to guide the two where they needed to be, but the two must be one rouge deom and one good deom, having been created by that very person that was selected. everything hinged on this proclamation to succeed or else there would be totalo anihilation of both worlds. forunatley for sarah, credion was the rouge deom as well as aneeh to an extent, while the beast and nordafet were good deom themselves. this news brought sarah and morgan both to there knees, the captain tried to stand, but he decided to go with the flow. "thats... impossible.... i cant fight him!" sarah shouted at the beast, pointing a shaking finger at morgan who in turn only laughed at the thought of yet another fight. "oh you know it off? im sure that once the fightings over well both be returned to the waking world right?" he turned his attentin to the beast who could only stand there, knowing what morgan knew, and still had no answer. "right!?" morgan repeated. this time only a little bit less chipper about the prospect.

the beast only stood there in the silence that enveloped the dimension for the longest time before giving the answer.

five more minutes of silence surrounded the pounding question that sarah had asked. would everything really be returned to normal? would it really matter to the beast? all it was was a plit down the middle from morgan, everything he wasnt, morgan was, and everything that morgan wasnt, he was. the beast contemplated in his own mind the reprecussion of his next words, the captians eyes on him. "well? answer the man beast!"

"im thinking!" the beast raored back, sending shockwaves across there  hearts.

"sarah, its up to you... weather you want this and your own dimension to be torn apart lies in your hands and yours alone."

in side the caves where aneeh and credion had been, there was now only silence, five minutes before, a strangling sound had errupted in the silents caverns and the last of credion and aneehs energies had ceased to be. there was a bright flash of light, and a wave of heat so volitile that the surface of the walls, celling and floor had been reduced to a smooth burnt charcoal. 

"we await the third...." a lone voice said, its owner standing as still as the dead, the sheen on its arms and legs was frigtening and parelos to all those but the third.  "we await her, the sarah di le sogno dinistia, to complete the change..." the voice had a sinister feeling to it, like a wolf with its mouth clasped around the rabbits neck, wondering whether it should kill the thing in its mouth or not. "the path shall be opened..."

sarah felt the chill go down her back, and then back up again. she looked at the beast and in turn its mechanical eyes looked back only in aceptance of what was about to be played out. "you should go..." its replied in gruff tones. "morgan, leader of the dreamers gaurd. i have explained to you your purpose here in the dream dimension. it is not a matter of what you choose and choose not to beleive from this point onward. its what actions you choose that will make your  win or lose the fight against the rouge deom.  are you ready for this fight?"

morgan looked back to sarah, who had already begun the decent into the newly opened path into the caverns with the two thirds waited her merging with them. "what does nordafet have to say about this?" a black sticky mass stepped outward from morgans scars that he had received from the numeros battles against the rouge and looked soley into his eyes. "i have already accepted this fate of ours, from the very moment you appeared in her dreams all those months ago. i wont mince words here, there isnt a good chance that the loser of this fight will come back to the waking world in one peice. " the beast smiled weakly at this. "but there is a way to  end everything altogether. these wars that youve been fighting with the captain. they werent wars, but training, training you would need in the fight."

"i dont beleive this."

"beleive it. even the beast knew, the moment you became him, all you hate and anger forced him to realize the truth, which was why he was so determined to kill off sarah." the deom looked into his friends eyes with sadness and heartbreak in them. you need to merge with us, just as sarah will merge into aneeh and credion. the good versus the rouge. this is what it was meant to be from the beginning." morgan looked at the backs of his hands. he was shocked at what was to come next. he didnt know what to do or where to go with his current line of thought.

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