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sogno della dinistia: infinito sentiero  by dr3arms

morgan had been in a dimension where the strangest things had happened to him, he had lost his body, his mind, his dreams and his place in life. images flashed through his mind as he struggled to comprehend what had just happened to him. he fought with sarah, no… he fought the beast, a huge montrousity that nearly killed sarah, the deom and ate creadion… or did he kill her? his mind was wandering around more and more thoughts that seemed to flow out of him like peices of a puzzle. the peices were of varios things, trees, patches of dirt, rocks, roads, people and places. the peices flowed out of the surrounding darkness. more thoughts came to him, what happened to kim and mike? what happened to anneh? what happened to the deom? the last thing he remebered was that he was hitting the beast as hard as he could… but he also said something to sarah as well. it didnt matter to him anymore, nothing did. as far as he was concerned he had done his part and that was simply that. hed have to concentrate harder on getting the place around him completed. it was looking nicer and nicer evertime something was connected.

“Geist der Unterwelt, schließen an dieses, den Held an, der fortold, ein unsicheres Schicksal war, denn Versuch und Drangsal unwirsch ihn zukünftig erwarten. ich ersuche um die Geist des Feuers, den Geist des Wassers, der Geist der Erde, die Geist der Luft und des hellen und der Schwärzung. beachten Sie meinen Anruf.” the voice was light and airy, with a hint of untapped power added to it for theatricle flair as the darkness surrounding morgan seemed to split open for an instant, blinding him from seeing the beautifull world he was creating with his memories. this was followed by a gust of wind that pushed him back from the paradise he had so longingly created. followed by the intese heat that tickled his skin and left intricate scarring designs with the universes plan embedded into each and every bump and curl. followed by the cold and wet feeling that put out the flames and filled his mind with the strength needed to carry on. “wecken Sie das ausgesuchtes und fullfil das, das von Ihnen an der Stunde Ihres Schicksals erforderlich ist.”

his eyes opened as the light shined upon his jade green eyes and the wind brushed aside his shoulder length firey red hair. morgan stood up shakily as he looked at his surroundings with dumbfounded curoisity and a strange sickening feeling that caused him to vomit when he saw the bodies of countless deom and rouge scattered about like ragdolls upon the landscape. he took a step, trying to voice his thoughts and then another shocking sight fell into his line of sight. a peice of the beast lay still writhing as the wires searched for any other peices that had been scattered about. “what happened here? i thought i was going to be returned to the waking world once this whole fiasco was over with…wonder if sarah made it back alright… i know that kim and mike went back unharmed… and why am i naked? DAMN ITS COLD!” morgan was right, it was cold on the once bloody battlefield as the hills seemed to come alive in front of his eyes as two giants seemed to rise from the hills themselves, carving up giant chunks of earth and causing the earth around them to shake. “sind Sie das ausgesuchte?” one of the giants asked calmly. “what?” morgan asked in confusion, “i dont understand german.”

the other giant was female, a good deal shorter then her companion with dark purple hair and bright hazel eyes, she searched the tiny person in front of them and silently contemplated the amount of his strength. morgan still didnt know what the hell the first giant said, and now that the other one turned out to be a mute hottie, he was even more confused and felt even more naked then he already was. with a silent nod, she commanded her companion to go after morgan with a bloodthirsty rage. “ICH ZERQUETSCHE SIE KLEINER MANN” now not only was morgan naked, still in the dream dimension, and still getting used to breathing again, he had a crazy giant german coming to kill him. this just was not the way to start things off. “ok… might as well get started, heres a bit of german i know… come to me my Todesgreifer!”

the ground around morgan shifted and trembled as black magma shot straight up and formed a giant hand which wrapped itself around morgan and draped his body in a strange and weirdly shaped thousand foot long chains which had tiny blades tearing out of each link. “heres here it gets fun you gaint peice of crap!” he pulled hard on one of Todesgreifers links and the gaint was cut in two, “HA! THOUGHT I COULDNT BEAT IT DID YA, WELL I FOOLED you?” morgan was astonished as the two halves became two smaller giants half the size of the first one. “not good…ok lets try this instead. Todesgreifertaifun!” morgan shouted at the top of his lungs as the chains unwrapped themselves from morgans body and whiped themselves into three giant tornadoes filled with tiny blades that were sharp enough to cut the moon in half. “Sie denken wirklich, das gegen uns arbeitet? ich lache an Ihrer schwachen Energie!”

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Date created: April 20, 2009
Date published: April 20, 2009
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Tags: a, action, and, angel, blood, brawl, comedy, crack, darkness, demeonte, demons, deoms, dreams, end, engimatt, fantasy, fiction, fight, flying, four, game, ghost, ghosts, heart, hearts, horror, king, light, love, mind, morgan, nightmares, of, one, ox, part, pay, politics, psychological, result, round, sara, sarah, sent, slam, suspence, the, thriller, tie, two, unchained, victory, weapon
Word Count: 1188
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Story Length: 15
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