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chapter 4  by dr3arms

Caasi awoke with a start, banging her toe & swearing in Gaelic at the sudden pain. “Aobh! Daingit!” She felt her blood grow warm & a slight buzz in her head whenever she spoke in this particular language of her ancestors. French, German, & Danish only made her throat hum. But the old Irish dialect felt different. She could speak things into existence with it, like the pale green cloak that was wrapped around her body. It was still chilly, though, so she spoke the word for warmth.

“Blaths” The cloak grew as warm as if she had been sitting next to a fire. She smiled, then remembered what had awoken her. Eduardo’s voice in her head, asking ‘if the job was done yet? What the hell is taking you so long?!’ She frowned, then looked at Morgan, still snoozing away. ‘At least he didn’t snore.’

He seemed like a nice guy, too; Caasi didn’t understand why Eddie wanted this particular guy six feet under. But her had been her best friend for several months. It had been hard work, but he was finally starting to trust her, & she didn’t want to betray that trust. But, even so…actually killing someone? The mere thought made her stomach lurch; any type of violence or bloodshed did. She hadn’t been drawn to the darkness for the gore, it was for the quiet solitude… the beauty of the nighttime sky, full of stars. Caasi let the warmth fade out of her cloak, then added, “Sgail gun.”
A jet-black satin Mideval-style dress appeared on her body, & the pale green of the cloak deepened to emerald. The smokey quartz crystal that she used for shapeshifting was tied securely around her neck. She sighed deeply.
“May the gods forgive me,” she whispered, gazing at Morgan with tears in her eyes.

she whispered some incantations in gaelic as her fingers changed into sharpened icicles as she mentaly prepared herself for the task at hand. but something was off with morgans body, she didnt know what, all she knew was that he was demanding her to kill someone and she needed to go through with it none the less of her personal feelings for him.  “im sorry…” she whispered as she plunged all ten fingers into his chest, ripping them out and plunging them in again. she still didnt feel like it was real though, she continued screaming and tearing into his body with lethality nad venom, pushed on  by the ever encroaching darkness that edwaurdo had sent upon her. five minutes later it was done. THUNP THUNP.  she heard his heart beat again, surprised by this and also pushed on by mere curiosity, she repeated her assualt on him again and again, but for the life of her she couldnt hit his heart.

morgan still slept soundly and occasionaly mumbling something in german as his chest was nothing more then a gaping hole with shredded internal organs. and again and again she continued until she was both tired and exhausted. she raised her hand one last time to try to kill him off, and then she saw it, his heart and lungs… they werent there! she had carved him up like a roast turkey on thanksgiving day, and still he slept like nothing had happened at all! ‘what is he?’ she thought to herself and morgan opened one eye and smiled slightly, then started laughing while explaining it all to her. “i dont think youll understand or beleive me if i told you this…. but im a ghost. kinda.” she sat dumb founded at his easy going attitude and ignorance of the fact that he had just woken up with a gaping hole in his chest and an assassin in the act of attempting to kill him. “a… a ghost?” morgan sat back as he allowed his chest to heal up in a matter of seconds. “yeah, turns out im in a coma… i think. either that or i have two bodies, one here and one in the waking world. weird huh?”

“huh?” she was still confused, but he managed to explain to her the one stupid thing about it all. “i never get any sleep… or i might be dreaming in one body and awake in the other, or awake in this body and dreaming in the other. in other words, im both asleep and awake at the same time. get me?” caasi looked at morgan with earnest in her eyes, she saw the look in his and couldnt bare it anymore. “in truth im on a mission to find the third foro ur shell so that way we can fight off the deom in a war thats raged for thousands of millenia because of an aincient legend. and prince edwuardo dazzle has found out that your the deoms third, and he asked me to kill you!” morgan blinked for a few moments before getting his composure back to normal. “he asked you to do WHAT?” “to kill you.” “why?” “because he thinks with out the deoms third the rouge will win the war and he can succeed his father for the title of nightmare king.” morgan thought of this for a second and the landscape changed yet again as the vastness of space became a blank white plane at first, then golden brown dust blew across the floor as cacti shot out of the ground in bundle, an old west theme had taken root and was planting varios outcrop of the theme around them.

nordafet was still in his mech form and morgan felt it was the best protection for this era since he felt supremely comfortable in the cockpit surrounded by advanced weaponry and thick armor. “the old west? how cliche is this?” nordafet asked curiosly as a drunkard was trown from the window. “are you mad at me for trying to kill you?” caasi asked earnestly. “just a little. but thankfully i was dreaming in the waking world, so it really doesnt matter that much to me. they say that we only dream about five seconds for the whole time were asleep, but our brains extend it to around five seconds…” caasi quickly put two and two together. “so that means everytime you falls asleep in the waing world, the theme in the dream dimension changes to a random setting. this is going to be akward.” morgan nodded solomly. “hopefully im not thinking about a burlesque factory the next time i fall asleep.” caasi couldnt help but giggle at the thought of morgan wearing a two peice bikini. and suddenly he was. morgan looked at himself, then gave caasi a dirty look, then looked back at himself. “alrighty, lets get this over with…” he sighed as he adjusted his yellow top. “this is embarrassing enough as it is.”

they headed over to a saloon called slip n slidenhocht. wear it was both rowdy and chaotic as people were cheating at cards and getting shot for it, drinking whole pints of beer and then slamming it on a random persons head, after which they asked for another pint and repeated the process five more times. “great… im going to park the mech. try not to get killed in there alright?” caasi gave a nervous look as she shook her head and decided to stay with morgan through out the rest of the trip.

in the waking world another few months had passed as sarah continued to watch over morgans temporarily comatose body. it had been two years since there fight with the beast and still she couldnt for get his sacrifice to get mike, kim, and herself out of the dream dimension. aneeh came into the room with to cups of coffee and set them down upon a tray that was next to the bed before giving morgans sleeping body a worried look. “do you think hes going to come back agan tonight?” she said this not because she was worried about morgan personly, she wanted to know how her friend was dealing with all this. the last time that morgan had come out of the coma was a few days ago where upon for a few minutes the only thing he could and would talk about was the dream dimension and all the comings and goings that took place there. “i dont know aneeh, i think its tiresome to look after his body while he goes off and plays hero boy for some woman on the other side, because then i have to make sure that nothing happens to this body. i mean, what if another crazy person comes looking to kill him off because of there own idiocy?”

aneeh couldnt really grasp what her best friend was talking about, she herself was in the dream dimension for less then a fewdays before the beast made his attack known, and she just passed it off as a dream and nothing more. but the more she was forced to listen to morgans rabling, the realer to her it sounded that he needed serios mental care. but for her friends sake she would stay and watch over him whenever she could. being student council president was tough enough as well as taking classes. “sarah?” sarah looked up at aneeh as she took a sip of her coffee. “what do you see in this guy? hes brash and annoying, his thoughts and sentences are incomplete, hes nice enough when he wants to show it and he falls head over heels at the first sign of a single woman. i dont like him at all, never have, so why do you allow him to hang around you?”

sarah took a long look at morgans face and swatted a fly that had landed on his nose with the sunday edition and heard a slight thud as his arm flung itself to the floor before answering aneehs question. “i dont know aneeh, hes a laid back person, i mean, sure he does have his faults.. well all he has are just fault lines that criss cross his mind, it can be scary at times and im not sure somedays if i even want to see him again. but he has a lot more redeeming qualities as well. hes nice and sincere about his thoughts. he does things because he wants to do them, and i find that his quirks are a bit attractive, enough so that i dont end up hating him, and little enough so that i can keep him at a distance. its true that hes scary silent at times, that he doesnt say anything and just sits there like a bump on a log, but only because theres not really much for him to talk about. besides, i need to get some rest for the oceanography class tommorow, were having a test for finals next week.”

she brushed her brown hair out of the way and got up to go to bed as aneeh took her place and decided that she would rather not look after his body while he was supposedly trapsing around the dream dimension. after all, she had a life too. but before she nodded off, she heard a low a growly voice called out to her. “aneeh arhem, come to the dream dimension, so that you may fullfill your chosen task to kill off this pestilence called morgan.” she feel alseep with out a second thought, as if she was under some kind of spell that the darkness itself had cast upon her. she yawned, not knowing that she did so and put the coffee cup on the tray before colapsing on the ground. “not..again…”

it had been a few days since the space theme changed to the wild west, and there was conviently a small town theatre right across the street from the slip n slidenhocht where a new girl was supposed to be debuting in a song and dance simply titled ‘killer beauties.’ the theatre was a rundown place that was more then a fixer upper. but the show was going to be done by a famous irish german director linheber ed, who apparently had a thing for the ladies. morgan and caasi had taken the room two floors above the main lobby where the show was supposed to take place.

they were going to sleep one night when caasi had been meaning to ask morgan something, something that might mean there relationship might change forever. but she didnt care. she hadnt learned much from the time they had met each other. but as usual, morgan was asleep and presumably in the waking world going about his busines. she wondered what the waking world was like, how people acted, what they did, what they could do. all these questions kept ending the same way, she didnt quite fully trust her heart, as it kept leading to whether or not morgan had any urges in the dream world that needed to be filled. ‘well, hes asleep right now, so anything i do to him he wont remember.’ she felt a thrill of excitement build up in her stomach as she thought about what was about to attempt with the stranger that had been with for the past couple of days. ‘this is going to be interesting…’

she thought to her self as she got underneath the cover and slid next to morgan as her hand brushed his chest left to right, then up and down. she stopped when she thought she saw morgan move a little bit, then continued with heavy strokes of her fingers up and down is stomach till they finaly reached there mark and she felt it harden a little bit in her grasp. ‘not planning another attempt on his life are you?’ she heard a familiar voice crawl around inside her head. ‘no nordafet, im not. infact, shouldnt you be in mech form right now?’ there was a slight silence before she got her answer. ‘it ran away.’ she knew he was lying and was being al ittle bit perverted in watching her do what she was going to do. ‘well, just dont wake him up ok?’ she turned her attention back to what she held in her hand as she queezed a bit and looked back to see morgan staring at her with a slightly puzzled look on his face.

“so whatcha up to?”

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