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"sogno della dinistia: infinito sentiero" -> (10 skipped) -> "EXTRA chapter 14: death with dreams" -> "EXTRA chapter 15: deom or rouge"

EXTRA chapter 16: they await the third  by dr3arms
"how do i-" he began, but was interrupted by the beast actions.

the beast stood up straight, and spread his arms out ward and placed his fee shoulder length apart. then morgan heard gears whir and click into place and parts of the beast become hollow. "this is the way it was meant to be." said nordafet, his mass already melting into the beasts open cavities. "but... why?" morgan said silently to himself as now it was nordafets turn to meld into place, his  form actaing as the armor plating over the beast in some places and reinforcing the joints and legs. the beast grew into immense size as his chest area became more and more like a cockpit everysecond with one noticable difference. it was a liquid core inside. morgan stared in disbeleif as the final product extended a hand for morgan to step on. "oh...snap." was all he could get out as the shell scoop him up violently, toosed him high into the air as hard as it could and then jumped up and swallowed morgan whole.

deep in the caverns, sarah was following the haunting tune of her shell as she wnadered the crevices and pathways till she found the burnt charcoal path. the shell was sleek and feminine as it was monstrous and huge. "we await the third. join us..."  it said it at last revealed its own black liquid core. "join us....sarah di le sogno dinistia... fight for the rouge deom against the leader of the dreamers gaurd!"

it shot out a hand faster then sarah could react to it and slammed her against the wall four hundred yards away,  then the core liquid shot out and swalled up sarah, pulled her backinto itself like a frog eating a fly and sat in silence.

the two shells, stood as still as the dead, not making a move, there hands jittering and shaking at some moments, while others it lay completely still. the scene then changed around them, the meteors surrounding them crashed into the central one, making the mass grow bigger and bigger, the shells taking hit after hit but never moving. the deom rising all around the sheel that morgan was in, changing his dna, growing him, expanding his nerves and muscle tisues to fit the shell. the rouge surround the shell sarah was in, making no effort to help or hinder. 'she will lead us to victory my friends...'

the shells rose silenty to the pilots calls. inside the swirling black liquid the two who would ultimately decide the fates of literaly billions of souls was about to begun. there joints creaked and clanked as they made there ways silently to the spot where the final battle would begin. the area had changed yet again to reveal a heavily metropolitan area with lots of empty tall sky scrapers and lots of over passes for them to play with, the area had once been occupied before, and signs of the previos battle were everywhere. cars wee littered in piles, some of them torn in two from the fearce battle that had taken place. while other were simply smashed in to peices. the owners no longer living, the smeel of oil, fires, concrete and blood filled the air as the two shell took there places in this battle. the rouge versus the good deom, the tension between the two forces had ultimate caused credion and nordafet to giude morgan and sarah to this point.

from the first moment that morgan had insulted himself, to the moment sarah had fought off the beast with the help of mike and kim, to even them accepting there roles in the universe as they were swallowed into the shells them selves. part deom and part human, part inner beast, and part inner good. the two  had never known that the dreams and fighting would lead to the decision. they didnt really understand the true meaning of these battles. nor would they ever know what it had been like for the deom and the rouge, living in constant fear of the other, always launching attacks at each other. always losing friends and fmaily to the other side. it was a terrifying ordeal that they had struggled with there entire existence.

morgan, iside of his hsell, manuvered around it till he reached the shoulder and climbed out from the black liquid that was once nardafet, his shell was in the shape of the beast. the beast itself no longer a thinking breathing thing, but now merely a machine to do its masters bidding like a slave. "it had to come to this...diddnt it?" morgan sighed to himself, looking at the oppisite shell that contained sarah inside. he wondered where after the fight, after everything was over with that htings would return to normal. why had the beast spared him? why had credion poisoned him? what did nordafet do to him? what was the dreamers gaurds real purose? who were these rouge deom that the beast and the captain talked about? he had fought them in the wars, and the beast as well. he had seen what they looked like and how they acted in any given situation. but who were they?  what was the struggling question that held the deom and the rouge in constant turm oil? he climbed back into the black liquid and saw everything from the shells pont of veiw.  "groovy..." he said to himself.

'where am i?' her thoughts scrambled like an omelette and she tried to find out where she was. 'aneeh?' there still wasnt any answer to her call. 'credion?' again silence. she reached forward and saw that her arm wasnt her arm at all. it was like a crabs,  the shell was a cold and stunning green and blue. intricate designs covered its like a maze, glowing in certain parts. she noticed that her hands as well had been covered like gloves with the shell. 'is this me?' she could only think and move this new body of hers until she saw him. 'morgan?'  he was standing outside the shell on the shoulder, looking like an ant to her own eyes. 'wait... my names is sarah delarose, im in a shell, im supposed to fight morgan nivag, but why am i supposed to-' with out a moments notice the shell burst into action with out her knowing why.  she suddenly regained her sense of self and all the memories of her adventure returned, as well as her current predicament. 'great... i get ot fight the idiot.'

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