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"Infinite Web, The charcoaled remains of the promised souls" -> "The Grefnu: Year One" -> "matt and monte fight the flaming skeleton"

The kingdom of Frostbitten Fire  by dr3arms

chelve had wasted no time in completing his kingdom. it was a combination of beautiful ice sculptures and dazziling displays of fire that were both beautiful and distrubing at the same time. the fire was never hot, nor was the ice ever cold. they were simply small displays of his vast power. the two souls he chose didnt have very much choice in how they were formed, since he changed them into the forms he liked best, which were a combination of the forms that the souls of monte and monte had chosen.

the area the chelve claimed was literaly four milles off the ground and floated above both kingdoms at random. but the ground it floated over was his and in the ten mile wide radius of the four pilles of frostbitten fire that he had imbedded into the groud, the castle never went out of bounds, it simply slowly bounced from one side to the next in a star shaped pattern. the castle itself was nothing more then a giant cloud, but the inside was the most beautiful and intricatly decorated place beyond your wildest imaginations. it was also lined with black cobbled stones so that chelve and his souls wouldnt fall the long distance and die from hitting the ground from such a height.

the first of chelves two souls was a combination of kim and rob, it was just a simple construct that could fly as high and far as it wanted, while it also housed many different sized tools for constuction and creation of supplies and armies. chelve found this to be extremly useful for a number of things, including the preperation of underground villages that were safe from either matt or monte. he named it kaboosh. simply because he enjoyed the way it could demolish anything he ordered it to with two highly oversized hammers. it didnt speak very often, and when it did it only offered solitary advice and reports of what either of the fire or ice kingdoms were up to.

the second of the souls that chelve chose was like a skeletonized version of gan and bones combined. mainly because its use was primarily for attacking and defending, and each of its hundred thousand bones could change into a soldier at the will of chelve. it turns out that chelve was the smartest and themost vicarious of all three kingdoms, and wated nothing more then to find out more about this wonderful place that he had been born into. chelve noticed that the result had ic

with this, chelve began maing plans against the other two kingdoms with regular reports from kaboosh, and learning much from the spys that icicles that formed and melted atthe most random times that could also be used as projectiles thatshe became very good at aiming with. unlike bones, she was three times his size, and because of this, chelve changed her one body into three with the ability to ocmbine to form one. he named her one form sea horse, while he named the three formsbased on there level of strength and speed.

dartfish was the fastest of the three, but had little strength. but it didnt matter since this suited her just fine, since dartfish could attack thousands of times in a single minute with out her target even knowing what had happened until it was too late. dartfish formed the legs and lower part of the spine, but she made good use of the many ones and made herself a body that she could make the most use of. sleek and unbelievably aerodynamic.

whaleshark was the strongest of the three smaller bodies of seahorse, but she was a bit slow and worked hard to create a martial art that over came this disadvantage. whalefish formed the ribcage and middle of the backbone. she used the eight rib bones to her advantage and gave herseelf six arms, two on her left, two on hr right, and two inback that were like wips. she had three heads that hovered around her body like rotating cameras. each head was controlled by the same mind, but controlled a different aspect of her body. it also maximized her sight range.

the third small form of seahorse, clownfish, formed the head, arms, neck and top part of the backbone which completed the single form of seahorse. since she already had arms that had a long range of motion and reach, thanks in part to the many bones she had at her  disposal, she didnt have any real need for strength or speed. so she was th most balanced of the three and doul work easily with she already had on her.

chelve was ready with his two souls, kaboosh and seahorse, he would just need to wait for another seven souls to join his cause before he could impliment his plans.

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Date created: May 26, 2009
Date published: May 26, 2009
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