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"the debate of factions, chapter 1: the beginning of everything" -> (3 skipped) -> "the debate of factions, chapter 5: a vicios cycle" -> "he debate of factions, chapter 6: rules of the game"

the debate of factions, chapter 7: adam turns against x19  by dr3arms
adam laughed his head off for some reason only known to himself. "oh! that was the name. cant believe i forgot that. ha! ha!" "yep. thats the name all right." dr. arms smiled for the first time since this whole thing had begun, he knew that x19 wasnt going to let any of them leave with out a fight. "judge eric, might i have a private meeting with you and the other faction leaders as well?" eric thought for a moment that this was about the debates that had been going on while he was fighting x19 in the newly named black fog room where x19 was waiting for them. "sure why not. FACTION LEADERS! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!" conte and jason looked at each other as smoothly as the other and nodded slowly. they walked side by side silently, but eaches thought were of the same caliber, 'hmm. i wonder why the judge has declared a private meeting with the faction leaders. must be pretty deep if its just us here. ugh...that smell.... do anarchists even bathe?' conte was having the same thoughts, but in a different manner. 'i shouldve bathed before coming here today... why was i in such a rush to get here again? oh right... the first meeting of the debate society was today. and i was running fifteen minutes late as usual because the idiots in my band decided to have a manditory practice. well.... at least i put on deoderant before coming here.'

the D.S.B had five classrooms in all. it was the first actual school in the city to encorperate the cross design. it had the theatre, where the debate society was staying for the moment, the polital scince room, where x19 had taken over. the computer lab was in the west section, the math room in the north, and the gymnasium to the south. its original purpose was a pyramid payment scheme game show. but after one of the contestants had a heart attack in the late fiftys, the building itself had been abandoned till 1968 where the actual school was first biult. though the theatre was at a slightly higher elevation the the other rooms, there was something surprisingly calming about it, like one could simply sit there without really noticing the passing of time. the walls were cracked and stained from the varios attempts at trying to redecorate the former gameshows walls. there were posters advertising the shows main theme, which was simply go around and grab as much cash before time ran out. it was that simple. there was a an entrance with a working escalator then went about onehundred feet into the air before connecting to the entrance of the theatre. judge eric and the faction leaders were in the math room.

"i have done some research on the rooms here, and with x19...unfortunately... taking over the political sciences room, that only leaves us with the computer lab, the theatre, and the math rooms as well as the entrance. which as far as i could tell, was in terrible shape when we came. no doubt the fighting has caused it to collapse. not that it really matters that much anyways." judge eric had a serios look on his face, considering the options he was faced with. "so what do you suggest doctor?" conte asked out of pure curiosity. "i suggest that each faction leader pick a room to go over different stratigies, while the judge and refferee take up residence in the theatre and monitor the fights and debates going on in the political scince room." jason was go over the schematics he had picked up just before they entered the D.S.B only five hours before. "and what you suggest we do for food?" "easy." dr. arms took our his cell phone and punched in three numbers and then held it up to his ear. "x19?" erics mouth dropped open, contes eyes widened and jason promptly started shaking. "yes thadeus?" came the overly mechanical voice of the black fog. "if you could kindly join us in here, the math room i beleive... wede like to have a word with you, non combative of course. i do beleive we have found a way to exist in peace with each other for the time bieng." dr. arms eyes looked up to a vent in the ceiling as black fog poured into the room and condensed into the form of x19. "so you say doctor. i have been listening to the conversation through the vents, as to your concerns about food and water, i shall provide you each, after you have chosen yours rooms, with a cellar with unlimited stores of food. that is the power of the black fog."

adam was bored off his mind, the faction leaders plus the judge had been away for more then two hours. "Bush would be 10 times cooler in my opinion if he listened to the song on my page!" he said without his usual smile. robbie looked up from his laptop, "dudes and dudets, you have so got to read my newest blog. its random as hell. could you imagine bush in a metal band? lol. that would freaking be awesome. go ahead bush, just try to soften the hard look of metal with your monkey like looks! dude i swear to freaking god hes a dang chimp!" soldier girl stood up and looked at brad with a concerned look on her face when he said something that threw her off. "this might piss someone off...but whatever. a friend of mine in kenya is a journalist and she wrote an expose on child prostitution and that **** has got to stop, with her permission im able to show you all a third of the article that she and two other writers for nation.co.ke put so much hard work into." he pulled from his left pocket several scraps of paper with a picture of a innocent looking child staring into the camers. soldier girl took the papers from him and read them aloud so the others could hear.

"Combat child prostitution, clerics urge tourism firms, Story by NATION Team
Publication Date: 12/21/2006.Tourism industry players have been told to urgently implement a strict code of conduct to reduce cases of child sexual exploitation. But Kenya Tourism Federation chairman William Kamunge yesterday said players in the sector were already implementing a code of ethics and a protocol that protects children against sexual exploitation. Speaking to the Nation on telephone, Major Kamunge said the industry had adopted measures to ensure that such crimes do not take place." adam looked at him with slight disgust in his mind. "**** brad! what the **** did you have to bring that up for? no one wants to hear this!" brad nodded his head a bit. "your correct my friend-" "im not your friend." "still... the point remains the same, i think it will keep our minds off the passing of time and our stomachs for just a little while. please continue soldier girl. your reading skills are most marvelos." she was a bit perturbed at his compliment but shook it off and continued reading. adam groaned.

dr. arms, x19, jason, conte, and eric all looked at eachother in an uncomfortable silence. "you know thadeus, i am unable to attain true knowlege of what will happen to you all during your stay here in the D.S.B" x19 stated with out emotion. "**** robots... knew they would be the death of us one day. why now?" "i do not understand the underlying stress in your voice, conte von verme. explain." conte was furios at x19 for doing this to them in the first place, he took a swing at x19 but his fist only passed through the robot without doing any damage. "hes mainly fog remember? anyways, please forgive him, hes been somewhat unmanagable since this whole thing started."

soldier girl continued reading the article that bradly had handed her."Industry players have come together to fight the vice. They include Kenya Tourism Board, the tourism federation, Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers and the Tourist Police Unit, he said. De-registered immediately. Mr Duncan Muriuki, the Kenya Association of Tour Operators chairman, said all the association's members are bound by a protocol that ensures that none engages in such practises." adam knew brad was right when he said this would take there mind off of things for a moment or two. though his growling stomach hoped the faction leader and the judge would return with food in hand. "Those caught are de-registered immediately. 'We have a strict Code of Conduct which binds our members and even when we are booking guests on excursions and safaris, we inform them of the consequences of engaging in such vices. We ensure that they remain in groups with their tour guides making it difficult to engage in such activities, ' he said. According to him, lone tourists are largely to blame for sex crimes but the law should reign them in as they are easy to identify."

x19 nodded in agreement. "i do agree with thadeus's comment. i have also witnessed the transformation of the one you call brad. he is a highly unstable person that wishes for a dick cheney to shoot him." eric nodded sadly at this notion. "yeah... he does that from time to time. we had to find at least one holy man in the group or else things wouldnt have really coagulated together with the mayor." conte, out of pure curiosity, pushed his hand through x19's mass with out much effect. "weird.. it feels like theres a thousand souls streaming through the black fog. all of them wanting to be set free. what are you made of?" jason decided that he needed to feel it for himself and was presently surprised to find that x19s mass wasnt anything surprising. "oh... hes made of antigravnano bots." x19 smiled just a bit. two more had been infected.

"adam. please come in to the political science building for a moment." called dr. arms voice. adam who was tired of hearing about the child prostitution ring. "sure dr. arms, ill be there in a jiffy. what do you need help with?" as adam entered the pitch black room, he saw two shadows dart about it like ghosts floating through the ether. "great... i wonder how this will turn out.. dr. arms? you there?" "come a little closer adam..." the voice said, this time a little less recognizable and more digitalized. "your not dr. arms... your that black fog everyones been talking about." "you are correct sire. i am black fog madel y-905666, model type moshert." "moshert huh? so you a part of x19?" mosherts form slowly condensed into a mirror image of adam but less solid. "x19? that model is obsolete compared to me. COME FIGHT ME! AND I WILL SHOW YOU THE TRUE POWER OF THE BLACK FOG!"

"Kenya Association of Hotel Keepers chairman Mohammed Hersi said the sexual exploitation of children thrives in lodges and boarding-" "HEY YOU GUYS! sorry to interupt, but naother one of those weird little cartoons just popped up again. it looks like adams going up against another one of the block fog guys. lets all watch!" just then lucy walked in to the theatre and sat next to robbie as they all crowded around his laptop. "i know i'm really late on this subject, but i thought some of you would find this amusing. its a banner that my girl and i put together the other night! what do you think?" "shh! well take a look at it later! right now theres a fight going on between a cartoon adam and another black fog thing... named moshert."

adam slowly flipped out his silver ciggerette case and opened it up with a flick of his hand. "so... you say yourbetter then x19? come on... no ones better then that bloated cloud of smoke. hell... i could take you on. in fact. i will!" moshert smiled a bit as he shot out a yellow cloud of fog that went into adams smokes as he took a breathe of it in. "then you will have to so better then thath uman in order to beat the squishadow." "huh... smells like a challenge. ok, so how do i change?" the yellow fog went into his eyes and nose and mouth, changing his dna for the better and worse. adam shook with out mercy, his mind reliving all the metal shows he had ever played and went to, from lamb of god to inch of blood to metallica concerts. his mind drawing up there arena as four speakers constructed of skin and bone and blood and veiwns, grew out of the ground fourty feet high. "AAHHHHHHHH!" was all he could scream out as the undead rose from the ground, now covered inthe fog and grew guitars, drums, bass, and keyboards. "this is getting interesting. i shall have to record this for future purposes." 

adams body was growing more intense by the second, his muscles bulged and rippled through out his body as a guitar made of bone and tendon grew from his back and two forty foot speakers erupted from his back and hovered like two wings behind him. his face became a sybol of all that metal was dedicated to. "**** the war. **** the debates. and most importantly of all" he began as he positioned theguitar in place and raised his hand icely and rammed it down the strings of his instrument of destruction and the speakers turned to face moshert. "**** you." the sound waves and mind erasing bass lines tore through the block fog creature with no mercy as it threw her like a rag doll. "your nothing to me." the undead rose by the millions as his fingers multiplied in fury as they each hit the strings as his other hand divided in two to keep in pace with the notes. "unless you can stand in place at a **** mosh pit and bash another guys face in with your body wieght." they stood there as more notes flew into the air in a furios pace, slamming into moshert as the other four speakers boomed and pulsed as the volume increased exponentialy. "then you arent even worth my time. HIT IT!" the creatures of adams mind strummed there intruments as the drums blasted out triple beats and high hops clashed with the drum sticks. "youll never acheiv your goal."

the others watched in exctacy as the lord of yellow fog was losing a drastic battle against adam, whos undead army had formed a mosh pit and began moshing like no one had ever seen. "oh hes good!" robbie stated ingunuinley. "hes damned good."

the band played more furiosly and ever more ferosiacly as moshert form began destabilizing and dissappating. "you...thin... you ha.. wo... ada... wai.. unti.. you... wha... i have in store FOR YOU!" just as quickly as adam had changed, moshert split into four beings and formed a band as well. "you think your the only one that can rip into the fabric of reality of music?" "yeah." "think again. this is the battle of the bands, the debate of everything. i am the lord of the yellow fog moshert. leader of the squishadows and bandleader of the oblivions retched heart. now face the true shredding of our might!" she raised her hands and threw down like a raging storm, the notes clashing against each other like nothing else. it was a war. it was a desperate battle between two raging mosters of rock in a mospit of undead. the two played each other for days on end, never ending. adams hands beginning to hurt as he grew more and more tired out from the constant shredding notes, the beating of the bass and the roars of the undead crowds as they ripped each other to peices from there blood lust. "huh... time to add words i guess." he laughed as moshert was furiosly finger picking her strings to no end. "words? shi-" adam stepped up to the microphone and let words of pure anger rip into moshert already weakened form. "die."
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