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"OKC IM stories!" -> "Timmy Troll" -> "Timmy Troll and the Wall Street Rape Whistle"

WSRW part 2  by dr3arms


The Baron looked at her pathetically, still licking his wounds from earlier. "Of course they're still having an effect!" He shouted, waving his hands around wildly. Videos smiled in agreement, "They are still attracting a lot of attention on the topic, that's good." Her eyes flitted around the room, trying to nail down any potential threat to **** CLOWN she thought they might pose.

August started laughing, his eyes rolling back into his head while his body started to shimmer and change right in front of her eyes. Videos was horrified to find in her fellow protestors place was a small, beaten up, dirty fox doll with stuffing coming out of some places, simply floating eerily. The two tails looked ripped in several places, the mouth looked rabid and frenzied, like it had just gotten through eating the still beating heart of a infant that thought it his friend. The one detail that Videos could never forget, were those horrible, evil, dead, soulless, empty eyes. The stitching was out of place, the ears floppy, blood stained and spattered, the mouth grinning maniacally, the teeth looked drawn on by a three year old.

But those eyes, those gleaming, heartless, all consuming eyes, unnerved her beyond anything she had encountered before. Its arms flopped around its body while its mitten like hands clasped at thin air, like it was mocking her, taunting her, daring her to try anything. And Videos might've, had it not raised its demented face to her, the red LEDs in its evil and disturbed eyes stabbing straight into her soul. Its voice, its horrible, disgusting, defiling voice, spoke in a psychotically evil child's voice, the innocent sound betraying its truthful intent.

'Can you feel the sunshine?' She heard the question echo around the room. 'Does it brighten up your day?' It said softly, but left none of the harshness of her nightmares out of them. It smiled wider, revealing the truth behind the dried blood that seemed to drip out of the sides of its mouth, out its tear ducts, spilling out from the wrists, and flowing down its legs. 'Can you?'

"It's great observing people defending the system that's using them like butt-wipes-" It was in that split second that Videos snapped back to reality, her ear piercing screams for mercy, for escape, for her mother and father or brother and sister to come help her, for anyone to help get rid of the destitute and demonic entity away from her. That unearthly, inhuman, animal like, soul shattering deep throated roar that called into question from those around her if she was even worth talking to.

August simply continued with his statement, wholly unaware of what had just transpired. "Stockholm syndrome on a national scale."  It seemed to be just timed right when James and Dizzeyup walked past them when August made his comment, looking at Videos with the same level of concern as one might for a injured child found guilty of psychotically murdering his family with a butchers knife.

Baron Divis laughed at the look on James face, smiling greedily of how much the man who stole his house, according to him alone, deserved whatever just deserts would be served tonight. It was also by simply placement that Timmyaintleavin was passing by, glass of champagne in hand, singing a joyful tune, which had no meaning, no origin, and no tune to anyone but himself.

"They get their 'scrambling to conserve' little brown reactionary shirts for free. Oh look who came by to pour a little salt on the family misfortune! Its the Cinderella story of the night, James, and look August! he brought along the whore queen herself, Dizzyedupgirl!" The Baron delighted in the moments where James couldn't think of anything to counter with, and simply relished it all until he realized that James wasn't even paying attention to him.

The host and the woman walking with him simply continued looking at Videos freaking out, screaming, rambling, ranting, raving and pulling her hair out in clumps as her eyes widened with terror.

"C-c... Can you..." She whispered, just loud enough for Dizzyedup's attention to be grabbed.

"Can I what?"

"C-c-can you come closer?" Videos asked, still freaked out over her vision of the Tails Doll. Dizzyedup knelt down beside the poor woman and was somewhat shocked when she grabbed her head and pulled it close to her face, Videos eyes blood shot, shaking, and traumatized. She put her lips close to Dizzyedups ear and whispered. 

"C-c-can you f-fuh-feel th-the sunsh-su-sunshine!? Does i-i-it br-brigh-brighten up you day!?" She stuttered as she tried desperately to get the words out. "He's come. He's inside the house! HE'S COME AND HE'LL KILL US ALL!" Videos screamed in panic till Dizzyedup slapped the living **** out of the insane person.

"Get a hold of yourself Videos. I've got a plan. Until then, just act like everything's normal."


"I dunno... Get drunk or something." James simply agreed, a little freaked out himself, but not to the extent that Videos had been.

"Um, August, can you please explain how the system is using me? Perhaps from some people's perspective the system is using them, but how can you define that to someone that is doing relatively well during this recession? I'm curious to hear your perspective. Also, **** CLOWN isn't going to be happy with this development in Videos condition." He finished as Dizzyedup stood back up and dusted herself off.

"August, if you would please?" She inquired soberly.

August was about to when Timmyaintleavin, more preferrabley called Timmy, a representative from the Testicle Rollers Octo-pellet Launcher League or TROLL, stepped drunkenly between the two different groups.

"James has a guilty conscience." He smiled, slurring his words and sloshing his drink around. James smiled happily, said nothing, and simply pointed to the one man from Wall Street who had a nervous look on his face.

"May I introduce you to the newly appointed Head of Wall Street, Mr. Barney Fife."

Timmy's face drooped in horror as the man looked over to his direction, and almost instantly, his lack of confidence disappeared. Barney walked confidently over to Timmy, pulled out his iphone, took a picture of the drunken man, and called someone very high up. 

"I found him, you know what to do right? Well, its not that simple, but essentially yeah, he'll get the same level of treatment as the other two." Barney stated with a somewhat disturbed shine in his eyes. "I'll be seeing you later Timothy!" The Head of Wall Street almost sang happily. Timmy, on the other hand, fumbled around his pockets for something small and shiny.

James simply continued to smile and wave goodbye to Barney as he exited the red oak doors. "Nahhh," he started, returning his attention to the matter at hand. "I just think that August feels that I've been brainwashed into thinking capitalism is good-"

August interrupted, "HE HAS!"

"Since he sees it as a system in which the Cons outweigh the Pros. Perhaps, he feels I am blind to those cons. In reality, perhaps I view certain things within said system as Pros where others view them as Cons.

Timmy shook his head, still fumbling around for the object he was looking for. "Where exactly did August say that he sees it as a system in which the Cons outweigh the Pros? Also, before James accuses me of nitpicking every little thing said on here, he claims that OKC is the highlight of my life again. FOUND IT!" He pulled out a bright orange whistle with a bright green dollar sign on the sides, and put the string loop around his wrist. 

August wasn't the brightest tool at all, stepped up to James. Once again, all the guests backed up, and the butler was annoyed that this happened every freaking time. The two men calmly, and somehow casually walked till they reached the center of the space. The man that had escaped Dizzyedup's vengeance callously walked through the red oak doors, the Tails Doll swinging lifelessly to and fro as though it was just a normal doll. Videos turned into, what August would later recall quite fondly, a stark raving, psychotically insane, murderous bitch from hell, if she were strapped to a table.

However, August had more important things on his mind.

"Here are a few questions to get you started, James. The first being, what percentage of your income did you pay the government in taxes? Secondly, for that money, has the government been increasing and or improving the services it provides you, or decreasing and or diluting those services? The third being, what's the prognosis for the coming years? On top of that, how do your answers for questions one and two compare to those of your parents?"

August smiled as James thought about the answers, but he didn't waste any time in rushing forward and slamming James in the solar plexus hard enough to know the wind out of him, felling him to his knees as the host coughed and sputtered.

"In addition to those questions, here are some more. How do your answers for my first and second questions compare to those of your parents?" A tightened fist to the side of the neck knocked him on his side, the bruises readily available for all to see. "What percentage of their income did people making ten times more than you pay in taxes?" August asked with out waiting for a reply, rolling the coughing host onto his back and climbing on top of him and raising his fists. "What percentage of their profits did the top fifty most profitable corporations in America pay in taxes?" James had enough breath in him to grab at augusts neck, but his assailent calmly deflected it.

"How do the answers for questions number three and four compare to those from twenty years ago?" August asked as he slammed his fist into the side of James jaw, the Baron relishing every impacted punch that landed.

'Die you son of a bitch!' He thought in glee to himself, unaware of the ragged man's presence behind him.

"Excuse me sir," Came the haggard and sickly voice of the ragged man.

"But, can you feel the sunshine?" T

The Baron, in his arrogance simply nodded in excitement as the fight between the two men continued.

"Does it brighten up your day?" The ragged man asked, the Tails Doll that hung limply at his side, like a dead man would from a noose. Again the Baron Divis Ion Byzero nodded. The ragged man smiled delightfully.

"Don't you feel that sometimes you just have to run away?" 

he turned around, annoyed that this digusting person would dare ask him, a Baron, such questions.

"Yes, yes, yes, what do you- Oh... Hi?" He squeaked in fright as he looked finally at his fellow conversationalists face, and saw nothing.

"Heh heh heh... Reach out for the sunshine! Forget about the rain! JUST THINK OF THE GOOD TIMES, AND THEY SHALL COME AGAIN!" The ragged man cackled loudly as the jewel that hung from the Tails Doll sparked and exploded to life, electricity being siphoned from the Baron's very heart. He struggled to cry out for help, but was mute. 

The dolls limp limbs shivered and grew slightly, from plush, cotton and mud filled tubes, to razor tipped claws attached to arms that could rip the sun in two as easily as one would tear wet toilet paper.

"Shhh Baron... It'll be over soon, and we'll let you live." Both the man and the doll spoke. "Just think of the good times, and they shall come again."

Meanwhile, the guests started to whisper about August's accusational questions, calling into question the hosts ability to lead a country wide flash mob of protest groups in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

"Starting in 2008, after a series of questionable moves and years of anti-consumer actions and lobbying, U.S. banks and other financial institutions were 'bailed-out' by American tax payers.  How have these organizations been repaying us for this life-saving maneuver?" August was enjoying the thrill of knocking the crap out of James, he hated the smug way his brother in law always got the better business contacts, leaving him with just the scarps. He never approved of James marrying his sister, he talked with his parents about the arrangement, but his parent told him that Dizzyedup was an adult and could make her own choices.

"Some other questions I'd like you to answer, BROTHER. Is it easier now for people with reasonable credit-worthiness to borrow money, thereby helping the economy? Are fees for basic banking services on the decline? Are financial institutions spending less of their income lobbying the government for more power and weakened consumer protections?" He spoke in hurried tones as he continued to throw punches and deflect others that James threw back at him.


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