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"Angry Black (Super Tanned) 34yr. Old Woman" -> (4 skipped) -> "chapter 1, part 5: the giant purple rabbit" -> "chapter 1, part 6: black plains and leather sofas"

chapter 1, part 7: a new twist in the fabric of reality  by dr3arms

Sherrice laughed as she took a swig of beer finaly. "Clearly, you are upset over it... because you mentioned it." camile could only scowl at wons insult and retaliated with something she hoped would clear the air up a bit. "I know... because I'm articulate, educated, and gorgeous. Let the haters hate. Clearly you hate yourself because you mentioned it." she stopped to sigh as she looked into the blazing inferno that seemed to be getting smaller by the moment. her eyes then quickly darted to wons like darts to a bullseye. "Logic is post AA... oh, thats right, you wouldnt know would you?" she added with a self righteous sense of satisfaction. won slung the mug of cold beer at camile with all her strength. "No, because you're a self righteous bitch who tries to cry racist if someone doesn't like you or agree with you." the mug missed camile by just millimeters, but the fat spray tanned woman did not move an inch. "I love every inch of myself...that's a whole lotta lovin." she added with a bit of distasted in her mouth. "Seriously...look into that fire thing." and with that, she left the ring of chairs. leaving everyone to wonder who would be the next to speak up.

king grad jun, the giant purple bunny from the previos setting of the magical suicidal singing carrots, spke up to break the tension. "I'm the blackest person here. It's true!" carcy had to break up the monotony of the conversation that had been going on for longer then he could imagine. but again he was intertupted by wes pal who tried to turn the subject away from racism. "Children are completely egoistic; they feel their needs intensely and strive ruthlessly to satisfy them. just like camile tried to with that show she just put on." wes yawned again before relining in his chair to look up at the endless black plain. wondering where they were, and even more to the point, who was this evil overlord that carcy kept mentioning. "is this really what we were originally meeting for? to argue over the simplistic misery of a lone woman? interestingly enough, it does pass the time, before who ever brought us here, sends us away. so we might as well take a break from the arguments and enjoy our company, no?"

sherrice wouldnt have any of it though. since she was right across from camile, she looked into her coked up eyes and made a perfectly logical statement. "Once again you mention the AA thing," she exclaimed. "I'm going to a University afterwards. But why do I need to tell you this?" she asked a direct question to which camile had no real comeback for.

carcy had slipped away during the argument and walk for a bit before stopping. a deep voice rumbled through out the plain and then stopped. carcy understood everything the rumble meant and responded. "this might be harder then it looks, perhaps if we took just a little step back then?" another series of rumbles to which the group took no notice of. "i know.... maybe we could throw something at them to test there devotion to the pointless conversation, after all... it wouldnt be very fitting if my master devoured them with out adding a little spice into the mix." an agreeing rumble from all around let carcy know all that he needed to add the proper spice into the mix.

"but i do have one thought on this matter master, what would thep oint of all this be? in the end it would only mean that you would be alone again for who knows how long before they instituted another debate society, and then everything would just happen again. tell me... is this really what you want to do?" light entered the black plain as a small orb descended from an unknown hieghth at an unknown speed for a long time, befre hovering in front of carcy's face. "no. i dont want to be alone."

carcy patted the foating orb on the top and smiled gently. "now why all this fuss over one doctor? its not like he got what was coming to him right?" the orb flashed red, then pink, then a deep dripping dark rust color. "very well then, ill make sure these people dont end up with the same ending as docotr thadeus three arms and his bunch of cronies. all though the elders wont like the news, but they never participate in these things anyways." carcy then put a finger to his temple and breathed in as the orb ascended much faster and the rumbling continued. "yes i know... change the scenery...."

carcy per teleported out of the monstrosity of the black plain and into a dark room with ten elders dressed in dark forboding robes, with ancient runic symols on them in an unknown text. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?" one elder screamed at the top of his lungs, nearly straining himself into a coughing frenzy as woman next ot him patted him on the back and handed him a glass of water. "what is the meaning of this... i dontk now, im just a spectator, and occasional commentator to this sadl ittle game you play with our place of education. cna you tell me what the meaning of this actually is?" four others dressed in black with white spots murmured amongst them selves.

"the true purpose of this, is a simple one at that, one that has been played out once before, in accordance with out tribunal customs, with our long forgotten past and prophecy..." carcy motioned the one speaking to continue impatiently. "we need another member added to our roster. the next elder elected shall be forced into a dual with a mighty and infinitely powerful beast that has been long since dormant." carcy had heard enough lunacy and turned away from the elders with a huff in his mind about what this could all mean.

"just promise me one thing... dont let this end like you let it end for my brother." 

the elders smiled evily as they waved him off with there bony hands. "you have no say in the matter, we shall do as we see fit to that group of people just like we did your precious thadeus three arms. now go! and continue to observe there bickering carcy per." the elder speaking paused for just a moment before continuing. "and remember to smile!"

as soon as carcy left the room, the elders were in an uproar about how they should finish off the newest members of the bebate society. "lets just have them fight the squishadow again, its not like we have anything better to throw at them." "the shuishadow!? is that really all we have to throw at them?" "i was thinking maybe using the giant purple bunny, or maybe the suicidal singing carrots" with that utterance the whole room was quiet for half an hour while trying to contimplate the meaning of that sentence. "singing... carrots... that are suicidal? i wasnt even aware they had feelings to begin with!"

after another half an hour of trying to think of a good way to end this debate society they figured out something very very true. they were all very very old, they had been stuck in that room for a very very long time, and one of them really liked the musical cats. "cats!?" "you have to be joking! a bunch of people glammed up like eighties rockstars, prancing about in tights and fake cat ears, screeching about how they want to **** this one female cat?" "my god man, have you lost your feeble old mind?" the doors opened again and much to there surprise, a man that looked like he had come from the gates of hell, while being stabbed in the face by a package of sourpatch kids, stumbled into the room.

"i have a solution." was all that he said before he succumbed to his wounds. 

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