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"Infinite Web, The charcoaled remains of the promised souls" -> "The Grefnu: Year One" -> "matt and monte fight the flaming skeleton"

the kingdom of ice  by dr3arms

it had been several weeks since chelve, matt, and monte first formed there bodies, and now it seemed that they were at war with each other.  or so it seemed.  it had been agreed upon that each person take with them two souls of there choosing and make a kingdom to combat the appropriate regions problems. monte found it slightly more easy to make use of his newfound talents as he was particialy made of ice.

the first of the two souls had a special side to her. her name was kim, but thats nots what monte prized about her, her form was just an orb, a plian gray orb that was always floating in mid air, bobbing up and down as if to let others know of her presence. he valued her because she could fly as high as she wanted, above the clouds even if she wished, and this was whee her vale ot him came into play, she was able to gather information from far away places and sending it directly to montes mind in a moments notice.

the second soul of his choice was also a an orb, but unlike kim, this one had fourteen drills that could extend to any length and size that it wanted to. its name was rob, and his value came to monte by the fact that he could in theory create a vast underground network of bottomless pits and well sized multi leveledd rooms if there was a need for it. but  at the moment, kim and rob were floating near monte happily as monte talked of the wonders he thought were outside the grefnus borders. 

"just think of it! all that land! all that availible space! i just cant wait to end this piti party by my brother and take what power he has away from him! why, hed be forced to join with me!" kim sighed a lowered herself to the ground for a little bit. "monte, if i may say so, but wouldnt the fact that you chose us, mean that you could find out whats going on in this strange place? it doesnt seem like much, but i think i heard traces of an explosion to the south of here. i wonder what could be going on?"

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Date created: May 25, 2009
Date published: May 25, 2009
Comments: 2
Tags: charcoaled, chel, fire, float, gray, grefnu, infinite, intel, kim, matt, monte, of, orb, project, projects, promised, proposal, propose, remains, rob, skeleton, skeletons, souls, the, ve, web
Word Count: 400
Times Read: 524
Story Length: 3
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (2 votes)
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