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"the debate of factions, chapter 1: the beginning of everything" -> "the debate of factions, chapter 2: the black fog" -> "the debate of factions, chapter 3: planned coincidence" -> "the debate of factions, chapter 4: a new horizon"

the debate of factions, chapter 5: a vicios cycle  by dr3arms

"what are you waiting for jason? arent you going to pick your four people?" eric was sitting at the front of the stage as jason readied his selections. "well, it doesnt leave me much choice now does it? who we have left is lucy, lekie, idybidy and raulito and the other matt. i guess i can take them onto my faction. i dont know how much help theyll be in the debates, but life is full of surprises isnt it?" jason waited as the remaining five members took there seats next to and around him. lucy noticed the robbie was checking his email but didnt say anything about it. "um... jason? do you know where dr. arms went off to? he seems to be missing for a longer then nessecery time. isnt he one of the faction leaders?" jason looked around the old room and found that she was right. "well stated lucy! i do beleive we are missing a leader of sorts. but while we are waiting for his return, shouldnt we talk about what we should call ourselves judge eric?"

robbie was still reading email on his laptop, when he noticed a web browser opening on its own with out his knowlege. "hmm... this is strange." he said at first until the browser logged into an animation sire and downloaded a cartoon known only as 'the black fog speaks.' the cartoon was in stunning 3d animation, but what really made him shiver was that the first scene was inside the d.s.b. just as jason had finished making his selections. the cartoon lucy looked around the room and a speech bubble appeared over her head. "um... jason? do you know where dr. arms went off to? he seems to be missing for a longer then nessecery time. isnt he one of the faction leaders?" the cartoon jason looked around the old room and found that she was right. "well stated lucy! i do beleive we are missing a leader of sorts. but while we are waiting for his return, shouldnt we talk about what we should call ourselves judge eric?" adam noticed the animation as well as it sent shivers down his spine. "**** hell.... man this is weird. whats it all mean?" the scene then shifted veiw point and there was a cartoonish dr. arms standing in a dark room, filled with the black fog that they had witnessed only a few moments earlier. he was standing there, looking around, listening directily at the camera talking to him self.

"very true," he began, "but we cant really say that well break the cycle anytime soon. its more or less like the penny in the socket effect. it hurts like hell but well keep doing it just to see if the effects any different from the first time." he stopped for a minute, listening to only silence and then began again. "trust me on this, i know the feeling. like youve done everything in your power to break away from the same routine, but you find yourself at the next phase, and sooner or later youll find yourself back at step one on the next floor." the fog pulsated with a dim reddish light in anger and they all saw dr. arms reaction. he was perfectly calm, like he had done this many times before. "well, why do it at all then if the results are going to be the same as before. you say you arent designed for this planet, and yet, you fall down here, expecting everything to be fine. and then you break up in our atmosphere and try to contact someone from your planet." more silence. "well that isnt my problem is it? its none of my business why squid shadows want to hear our debates, and frankley its not your place to know. all your designed for is transmitting data back to where ever you came from."

adam gulped hard as he heard the conversation both on the laptop and in the hallway, "HEY! we have some freaky **** going down here, and i think this deserves everyones attention, even you anarchy boy!" they all gathered round robbies laptop to watch the conversation unfold, conte was the last to arrive as he yawned lazily till he heard what was going on in the other room and on the laptop. "ok...where the **** did this come from? is this sort of thing possible? it will be interesting to see how this whole adventure ends...wont it brad?" a preacher that was as thin as an anorexic and had the shakes like he had just down from a major withdrawal nodded solomly. "it is the work of our holy savior george bush! he has sent the black fog to cleanse our souls and deliver us from the tyrany of that you all have presented upon us!" a shoe knocked him out cold and there was much apllause. "um... thanks... can someone give me my shoe back?" eric said sheepishly. "thanks." there attention reurned to the screen as dr. arms continued to reason with the black fog, who had already started transforming the room into the arena they saw before, complete with the rows and rows of squid shadows chanting "GROMOFU! GROMOFU! GROMOFU!" instead of the creature materializing in front of dr arms, the black fog was transforming dr. arms into a creature of montrous proportions. "this..." adam began, "is so much cooler then a video game."

 dr. arms was fully aware of his rapidly changing body and size. so he waited until it was over with. he had grown a third arm to match the others. each arm had a four foot balde attached to the wrist that just floated above it. his glasses had turned into a black mask that covered his face and ears, as his clothes changed style as well. "this should prove more interesting then dr. nivag had originaly intended. i shall make full use of the resoures availible." he said, smiling under neath the mask. his black slack changed to baggy camoflauge as the lab coat he wore devoloped tears and varios holsters from which more blades hung, each of varrying lengths sizes and shapes. "most itneresting indeed. as i was saying, the only real way to break a cycle is just to cold turkey, that means to stop it in earthen tounge mind you." the black fog condensed into a shadow squid of tangibility and the same size as the now transformed dr. arms. adam freaked out, eric freaked out and started swearing his head off. conte simply stated "anarchy to the max. kick its ocean loving **** dr. arms." jason was rapidly taking notes on the situation and making phone calls to all the contacts he had in order to make some deals off there predicament.  the black fog finished condensing its form to that of the squid shadows and spoke in broken english. "we know of your experiments to contact us doctor. we have answered your call this way, just as we have answered the calls of others of your particular.... interests. and we have finished them off in quite the same manner. you and your debate society will fight each other to the death in your own unique avatars." dr. arms looked at himself over and felt the black mask covering his face, there were no eye whole and yet he could see without problems. what was more amazing was the fact that he could breath with no problems either.

"its simply amazing! how did you achieve so advanced a technology?" the fog only laughed at its oppenents question. "we ahcechieved it by adapting the latest squishadow robotechnology which utilizes d.n.a zipper signals to altar your very being with brain wave harmonacence. mind you, that effects only last as long as the battles and the damage to your nevous system has the unfortunate side effect of causing your blood to rush at high pressures through your body." "that sounds delightful, and im assuming that if i move during anytime while my heartrate slows down, the change in my form wuld rresult in a major loss of blood?" "no, you would still be able to move, but if you transformed again into the avatar state, the next time you would change back, your innards and muscle tissue would disolve, leaving nothing more then a husk of bones and flesh. so now you WILL DIE DOCTOR THADEUS THREE ARMS!" dr. arms postioned himself in a ready state, preparing his body for anything the squishadow would throw at him.

"when i was going through my teenager phase, i kept repeating the same thing, over and over and over again, this went on for years until i learned to just turn myself away from it all." "RRRRAAAAUUUGH!" the shuishadow swung its massive tenticles at dr. arms, knocking him against a wall, dr. arms rebounded and jumped high into the air, "it was a pain in the butt at first, beleive me, there were times where i simply had to just walk the other way but deep inside, i knew that if i went back there i would just be circling the track again! now take THIS!" he sliced through the ssquishadows first tenticle, sending it flying away as it disappered before any real damaged was caused. "its all a matter of persistence and metal conditioning, if it can be achieved, we humans will achieve it. hell, we were able to make the atom and hydrogen bombs. and those things killed off more people then all the wars combined!" his focused what energy he had in him into his third arm and the squishadow watched in amament and horror and a bright red ball formed in the center. "you really want to know the kicker here?" "what is it thadeus?" "that my friends are watching this on someone laptop right now, wondering why on earth they have to be the ones to go through this. were all going to pay for someone elses vicios cycle that they arent able to end." the ball shot from his third arm and raced towards the squishadow, splitting into a hundred before making its impact and the eplosion rocked the d.s.b's whole. again. adam woke up with a start, "are you **** recording this ****!? you better! this is so going on youtube! and myspace for that matter!" then faeinted again. "yeah, i am." robbie said with a sigh. "do you think he destroyed the son of a bitch or what?" jason said loudly, anony had fallen asleep for some reason and woke up as adam feinted again. "i dunno, those things seem pretty powerful. so that how were all going to go huh?" the eye that everyone could see was bloodshot with anticipation. "i cant wait to see my form."

back inside the arena, dr. arms continued firing shot after shot of energy at the creature. "if i can change the subject a little bit here. i love where this is going, i really do, were having intelligent conversation and thats just freaking awesome tibetans." the squishadow emerged from the smoldering crater and the heat coming off it was truly unbearable. "its amazing, you have learned to master your forms latent energy into projectiles, plus youve mastered how to control your extra appendage with remarkable ease. i must congratulate you on your achievments, doctor, but now is when the trial and error proccess ends! die you pathectic creature! burn in the afterfrost of my wrath!" dr. arms scratch his head with one hand while crossing his arms with the other two. "dont you mean 'afterburn?" "SHUT UP!" the creaure rammed into dr. arms again and again, each tenticle slamming into him harder and faster then the next till they were nothing more then blurs. "you know, i really hate to interupt you while your hitting a a hologram of me, but... IM OVER HERE ****!" a combine slice of all three blade ended the thunderous sound of tenticles hitting the ground, as more of them hit the ground softly, never moving again.

"it is truly amazing what you can accomplish once you get the hang of everything. by the way, what the **** is your name so i know what the carve into your grave?" the squishadow stopped for a moment as if considering the question. "i am only known as black fog dimensional transport, model number X-19.009KB, code name, black fog. series 9.3. but you may call me X19." "good, nice to meet you x19. im doctor thadeus three arms, born and raised in the good ol planet earth, a scientist by trade, working with dr. chris nivag, we have been researching black hole physics and dimensional boundries. i have a wife and i am soon to be a fther of a beutiful baby girl. i plan to see her. and your not going to stop me." x19 formed a smile and alughed it gargling, graveling laugh. "i must congratulate you on another miracle. the miracle of life, however, i do pose you this one question before we continue this entertainment for your friends in the room. is it true that if good does nothing, then evil will triumph? what is the true definative of good and evil, light and darkness. life and death and undeath?"

"man hes ****!" anony said with a slight laugh, soldier girl nudged him a bit in the ribs a bit too hard for his liking. "i only meant that we have no previos knowlege of him prior to this encounter, and we have very valuble data pertaining to these... squishadows as well as a name for the black fog and the effects of the transformations as well as the dangers." "THE LORD IS JUDGING US ALL! WE SHALL HAVE TO REPENT TO OUR GLORIOS LEADER, GOERGE W JESUS CHRIST BUSH AND GIVE HIM A SACRIFICE TO END IT ALL!" brad screamed out loud as he ran out of the room into the arena where he saw just how big the two actualy were. "dick cheney shoot us all! augh!" brad fell down his mind a torrent of rage at this atrocitie and the blood that poured down his face from the cut over his right eye from erics boot nailing him in the forhead earlier. x19 looked down at the new comer and smiled evily.

dr. arms looked down as well and saw who had burstinto the arena. "**** hell." brad despite his puny size to the both of them still shouted his messeges. " damn you to brittany spears hair you foul demon of liza manellis beer bottle collection! our loving and caring dictator goerge bush-" both of them had enough of the lunatics shouting. "go ahead, hes going to have to go some time time. so he might as well get it over with. hes all your x19." "thank you." x19s formed decompressed and the massive amounts of black fog reappered as it all went into the preachers eyes and mouth, making him grow in size almost to the hieght of dr. arms. the preachers muscles filled out till they tore at the skin revealing green pulsing muscle tissie, his eyes were stained yellow from the madness he endured as a ski mask enveloped his mouth and smoke poured from the mouth holes like a ghastly  red water fall. a gaint book with a picture of goerge bush as the new mesiah formed in his right hand while a massive shotgun formed in the other, his hair now a scragly tangling of wires and circuit that touched the floor and crackled with electricity. he stood up, eyes glaring at dr. arms with loathing for his very being. "i want to invite you to go hunting with me for pheasant. what is your answer to the master x19's query?" leanne was terrified at the prospect of the fight, but she could not ignore it any longer. "i cant sit here and watch this any longer!" "wait, just watch and see what happens." eric said calmly, his eyes calculating everything that was going on in the next room.

"i agree, if the good do nothing then evil will triumph. so its up to those with good hearts to unite as one and forget there differences." the preacher creature nodded solemly. "so what? **** happened that caused the whole of reality to change. you have to adapt to it no matter what. its one of the hardest lessons ive had to learn."  brad stood in silence while the doctor finished his thought. "you know? what if we were to switch places for a bit and see the world through each others eyes? to know what you go through on a daily basis and to know what i go through as well, would be an intresting experience to say the least." finaly he spoke, a combination of x19 and brads voice, over lapping eachother like a speaker syster with two audio channels at different pitches, saying the exact saem thing. he raised his shotgun  and opened his book and read aloud. "he without faith in his path shall perish in darkness, he without light in his heart shall never see happiness, he without life, shall come unto death and forever see the madness that dwells with in his own soul. so that all shall be as one in the end. so says my master and dictator, goerge w bush." and he pulled the trigger, releasing in slow motion a million bullets that dr. arms was only able block before the force of them hitting the blades broke one, then another.

"****, im going to have to dodge all of these? might as well try it out." bullets flew past him rebounding off the walls and sending them in different directions till they hit something, he bent backwards as one flew past his head, the another, one past his wait, another shattering his last blade and finialy one smashing into his mask, the hole only visible for a second while it repaired itself. but the effect was astonishing, a revealed right eye, golden in color and unblinking, shot the bullet right back at the preacher knocking him on his **** and sending the shotgun flying out of his hands. "shut it. you stupid" dr. arms got up, "son of a" he raced towards brad at an incredible pace, "BITCH!" and slammed his fists into brads chest, knocking the air out of him, sending him into the air as he grabbed the shotgun and took careful  aim. "im tired of you god damned preaching!" he pulled the trigger, sendingo ut a hail of bullets to there previos owner. "you are so out of mind and sight right now," anger brewed inside of him.

"that you only think of one perspective of life!" another round sends the preacher flying higher into the air crashing into the ceiling. "that all you can do, is botch at people... AND IM SICK OF IT!" round after round punch into brad, pushing him farther into the ceiling and finaly through it into the open air, the fresh oxygen  entering his system and purging x19 from his body, returning him to normal as he crashed through the roof of where the other had watched and landed face first onto the to first three rows of seats, fracturing his legs in four places, dislocating his elbow and shoulder, cracking his ribs near the sternum and shattering an ear drum on one side. "dick cheney...shoot us all..." was all he managed to say before falling into a coma.

eric panicked and rushed to brads side. "we need a medic here RIGHT THE **** NOW!!" dr. arms was changing back when x19 formed again, "you cant change the fate of everyone here, your future is already predetermined human, and your past is also unchangable because it already happened. your response?" the mask leaving his face revealing a smile with which he was armed and ready. "we cant really tell what the future is so we live our lives the best way we can, no matter how bad things get well always return to square one."

conte and anony mous wrapped the badly buirsed brad up in whatever supplies they had on them at the moment, brads mind  reliving everymoment as if he had reached his nervana, his body shaking violently as his mind tried to comprehend what had happened to him in the last four minutes of his life.

 "im a writer by nature, so ive got a couple of side projectsgoing on at the moment. if im mad, ill write mad and if im happy ill write happy. its all a matter of moods were in at the moment." x19 waited there in silence listening to the doctors response. "just because were in them one moment doesnt mean well be in them the next." x19 was curios at his one point, "but what have moods have to do with time?" "if a flash of anger resonates through out the ages,then the moment it occured in will seem like a second or five, even though the even lasted an hour, or ever larger amounts of time, like a year or four. as is the course with this war." "and of happiness? what of it then?" "if a flash of happiness only lasts a minute or two... then i would rather have the happiness. why you might be processing at them oment? think of the one time in your whole existence where you were truly excited and full of vibrant energy. that energy has a positive effect, it releases chemicals in all living things brains that relax them more, making them ever able to make smarter and faster decision that will keep us alive."

"leanne! soldier girl! go get the first aid kit from the tree where we all gathered! hurry! brads going into shock!" as leanne and soldier girl rushed out the doors they came in, passing dr. arms as they did and out of the room as well, brads mind finaly realized what he had been missing all his life. "focus..." he said silently as conte and anony mous finished wrapping his legs in there shirts tightly, so the bones would heal correctly.  "i dont know how much longer his going to last here! GET ME SOME **** MORPHINE FOR THIS CRAZY BASTARD ADAM!"

"if i meet a person that strikes my fancy ill say hi, no matter what. if ive known that person for a little while and there angry with me but they wont tell me why, and i try to get a least some reason out of them as to why there angry at me. and they dont? ill forget about them." "but why do that when you can just as easily destroy them? what would posess you to try an make an allie out of an enemy?" "its all about patience, those squid shadows that created you? who among them can you truly say is your father or mother or friend even for that matter? do you even have a circle of friends" "circle.. of friends? father? mother? creation?" x19 asked solomly, "i dont not know these terms, i was created for one thing and one thing only. those squishadows you see or saw as the term may be. are those my family? or friends? to me, all they are is a race of people that created me, programmed me for the singular purpose of destruction. i must follow that programming no matter what. i have no one creator since i am a combination of both nanotechnology and spiritual energy. i could be considered there god... but they do not treat me as such, or there child perhaps?" dr arms smiled a bit, because he knew had gotten through to x19s inner mind.

"thank **** god! i think hes going to be ok.. we just have to watch him for a few weeks while his wounds heal and we deal with this mess. robie! whats happening now?" robbie was still watching the progress of the match between dr. arms and x19. "the fights over with, dr. arms is back to normal and hes talking to x9."

"so theres not really a lot of drama in that circle of creators then, you dont know where you are half the time and of the other half you just want to get the job done because of your programming right?" "correct, you have my attentin now. i have tried multiple times to introduce a new theory to them, but everytime think think its just a malfuntioning line a code and erase any memory i have of it." "so its just like me then with my fellow scientists, you write something just a little out of there perception of you and there whole world falls apart..." x19 walked towards dr. arms casualy and extended a hand of friendship. "i am glad to have met you, thadeus three arms, if it had been anyone else, i might have not allowed for such interesting conversation, though i must follow my creators programming and finish you and your group off, i will think on what you have said and in the future, there might be a different encounter between us." "well, i iwould certainly enjoy itmore if it were sooner then later.

"i know how it feels to be enclosed in a tightly regulated enviorments, scientists are fact finder of the world, just like your the transporter of yours. its our jobs to do what we do best." "im in one of those worlds where things are always as they seem to be. where the rules of our people dictate our life, and where such banter would not be allowed and would be punishable by deletion of life enregy." dr. arms shook x19s hand hard and noticed a certain texture to it, as well as solidity to it. as he grabbed on on to the hand it felt as if he were grabbing at something not quite solid and not quite liquid. "i swear to god she has people watching what i say...

"who?" " my boss, dr. yollek...its just too hilarios. i dont mind what they say and everything. but sometimes it can be a little tiring. if its for a good reason ill go down with the ship on it no matter what. the thing im sick of is that i screwed up badly on an experiment involving high doses of electricty, valium and a cmeical only known as tridarius... it cost me dearly, i consider it both a blessing and a curse. i cant let myself forget about it." "what do you mean doctor?" "maybe another time x19. for now i have to get back to my group and find out what our plan is going to be. think on what i said today and things should work out for the best." dr. arms let go of x19's hand and turned to walk away when anotehr thought came to him.

robbie and the others watched as dr. arms shook x19's hand and continued to speak to him, then turned to walk away and stopped, turned back to the block fogs form and spoke again. "what do you think he forgot to say?" lekie asked curiosly as his black hair blocked one of his eyes. "i dontk now lekie,  let wait and find out." jason said, turning off his cell phone and paying more attention to the two that were on the screen. just then they saw leanne and soldier girl run back through the room, past x19 and the doctor and back into the room to brad with first aid kit in hand. "good to see you two in one peice still. cant say the same for the preacher over there." conte said smiling.

dr. arms put an arm around the black fogs shouder and looked at the hole in the ceiling that shown the night sky. "as i was stating earlier about the circle of friends x19? it always seems like someone from your past is spying on you and through that they make a decision about you. where will i be going in five years with this person? if i talk to him or her for that matter, how will things change for me?" x19 nodded his head in understanding of the new information presented to him. "we cant really tell what the future is so we live our lives the best way we can, no matter how bad things get well always return to square one." "you are correct in your thesis on time structure dr. arms." "please x19, call me thadeus, were more then two strangers now. so formalities change. anyways, i must be off to see to brads health. he put up one hell of a fight, ill admit that. i have a feeling it wont be the last time i fight him either." and with that, dr. thadeus three arms exited the arena, leaving x19 to ponder over what had been said that day.

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