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"the debate of factions, chapter 1: the beginning of everything" -> (5 skipped) -> "the debate of factions, chapter 7: adam turns against x19" -> "the debate of factions, chapter 8: the end of moshert"

the debate of factions, chapter nine: the birth of the fog lords  by dr3arms

the debate of factions part nine: the birth of the fog lords

adam was beat. his hands and fingers hurt from all that playing and his head wasnt feeling all that great either, but at least he got rid of moshert was all that he could keep thinking. "adam? may i have a word with you?" his faction leader said curtly. "hey dr. arms! did you see the way i beat that fog lord up! it was harsh on my hands but i played a killer concert!" "yes im aware of this." dr. arms said in a unusual tone of voice. "i also noticed that x19 had a particularly strong reaction to mosherts death, almostl ike they were linked some how. but none the less, call the others, the judge and the other faction leaders have been asigned our rooms for the duration of our stay. ill meet you and the other D3A members in the computer lab in fifteen minutes." adam nodded slowly. "we.... got rooms? oh well. HEY! ANYONE IN DR. ARMS FACTION FOLLOW ME!" 

electricity slammed against the walls of the political science building as x19 roared in anguish over the loss of  his love moshert. " NOOOOOO!" MOSHERT! ILL OBLITERATE THEM ALL!" he would keep his word to the humans until there demise. let them have there little debates, he would be watching and waiting for the perfect oppertunity to strike back at them, and then... the debate society would be no more then a distant memory. his memory of the day that the master and its creations were shoved into the fog realm still brang back the intense pain in his arms. "master..." the squishadows were unfair, evil, malcontent and most of all self fish in there quest for the unltimate weapons.  they had experimented with laser, holographic, stone and fire in thee unruly quest. that was, unitl the master showed up one day with a small jar of water with tiny cells flaoting in the liquid. the master was great in knowlege and dedicated to the preservation of peace in the galaxy.


the end.

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Date created: April 20, 2009
Date published: April 20, 2009
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Tags: 3, arms, cnn, debate, dr, faction, fantasy, horror, inellectual, jack, monster, psychological, sci-fi, slice-of-life, three
Word Count: 512
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